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Hey guys happy Sunday it's me Carl I am Back with the skip the interview Non-phone work whenever you want Part-time job but before I jump into the Video if you are looking for more to Skip the interview non-phone jobs be Sure to hop over here check them out on The Non-phoneworkathome.com blog so today Guys it is live stream Sunday and we Will be coming live later on this Evening so we're going to talk about Some interesting side hustles that you Guys probably never knew existed so make Sure that you stick around for that be Sure to smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up These videos make sure you share because On our Channel guys we talk about all Things work from home related such as Work from home jobs side gig side Hustles and we do real giveaways so we Are giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers and they are absolutely free To you guys we've already give given Away 12 laptops on this channel so make Sure you go tell a friend spread the Word invite your people to the live Stream come back leave us a comment Don't forget to hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions guys this is a skip The interview work whenever you want

Beginner friendly company and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys Let's get into the video so the company Guys we've talked about them before it Is we localized and they are looking to Feel their Scout search quality Raider USA English position so it says here to Perform this job successfully an Individual must be able to perform each Essential Duty satisfactorily now the Requirements listed below are Representative of the knowledge skill And or abilities required reasonable Accommodations may be made to enable Individuals with disabilities to perform The essential functions so are you a Search engine Guru do you know how to Find what you're looking for with just a Few key words are you the type of person That already knows what someone is Saying before they finish their sentence If so we have a unique opportunity for You to put your skills to the test so we Localize they are seeking English Speakers to help support their client Project as a search quality Raider in This position you will use your unique Gifts of understanding people's Intentions to improve the online search Engine experience the main goal for this Project is to develop and augment AI Data So it says here guys that the job title Says search quality Raider the location

Says remote us-based hours saves minimum 10 hours per week up to 25 per week and You guys can set your own schedule now In this position you will be able to set Your own schedule to accomplish the Weekly goals however you'll only be able To receive support from the project Management team during business hours Monday through Friday from 9 00 a.m to 5 30 p.m Pacific time the start date is ASAP so they're looking to hire people ASAP this is a W-2 part-time employee The payment is made every two weeks and From my understanding the company pays Somewhere between I would say 15 to 17 Dollars an hour the work is based on Project need weekly hours it may vary Guys fluency in English now these are Some of the requirements strong Understanding of popular a culture in The U.S must be dedicated only to search Quality rating programs and not other Search or ad rating programs must not Have current or previous experience with The ads quality rating must be the only One in your household working as a Search quality rater web Savvy and able To work in a fast-paced environment Excellent online research skills Reliable computer system and internet Connection reliable anti-virus software As you will be surfing the web as part Of the work ability to follow directions And instructions in English and comply

With the project con conventions and Rules expected by the client and they Will have you guys to sign a NDA or a Non-disclosure agreement and this is Just to protect the client Confidentiality and you must pass the Learning modules and a required quality Test is designed by the client before You can start working so again the Company is we localize this is a Part-time W-2 work from home job and you Can pick and choose your own hours the Pay is somewhere guys upwards I would Say towards 17 an hour Scott Scout I'm Sorry Scout search quality Raider is the Position And again this is a non-phone part-time Work from home job that is posted on the Non-phone blog I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check it Out there is no interview required However you will have to take and pass An exam and I have no idea what the exam Contains because I do not work for Relocalize so make sure be sure to go Over to Google type in the company's Name do some research I know it's not an Interview but you still need to know What company you're working for you Still need to know all about the company So make sure you do that guys make sure You share my awesome video make sure you Hop on over to Facebook and join us the

Name of our group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us over on our Facebook business Page it is two chicks with a side hustle Because we're going to give away two Additional laptop computers over on Their platform and be sure to follow us On Instagram we are doing a pop-up Giveaway on Instagram so this increases You guys chances to win something from Our platforms and we do have quite a few Platforms and we do right now we are Doing a ton of giveaways so be sure You're following us everywhere make sure You share comment all of that good stuff My name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye

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