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Okay so earlier I shared cambly tutoring But now I want to share cambly's back And corporate jobs for those of you who May not want to tutor but you actually Want to work in an office setting so They actually are hiring Um in a few different locations across The world and of course you can go ahead And filter on-site hybrid remote which We will get to but for locations as you Can see here some of their International Positions we have more Asian centered Countries we have South American Countries as well and then your I'm Sorry not European American countries up Here so we're going to go and we're Going to filter remote and these are the Current remote openings so we have Korea And then we do have um the sca market For this city also over in Asia so U.S Based there isn't a lot here but I did Want to share this for my Asian viewers Who might be able to qualify for these Roles this is just a quick little bonus Video to share with you guys definitely Bookmark this job board too because they Will be adding more soon on here and you Want to make sure that you get all of The tea all of the time more of the Us-based and South American roles are Hybrid which means that it's part-time In office part-time at home you might be Able to talk them into switching to Fully remote for yourself but usually

When they say hybrid they are pretty Firm on that but I wanted to share this Anyways just as a bonus video for you so If you guys are interested in at least Checking out the full-time job board you Can do so and find the link in the Description box for my website if this One wasn't for you share with a friend On your screen or two other videos I've Posted check those out you might find a Better match for yourself there click my Face to subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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