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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this is a Non-phone work at home job lead because My channel is all about none phone work At home job these they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time and we're talking about Um online typing jobs which is the same As data entry so make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because I'm going to do a resume Demonstration that I'm going to show Your resume that if I was applying for This job this is how my resume will look Because I'm trying to get more and more People to get hired in 2023 so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're going to be talking about the Company CVS Health there are currently Seeking data entry operators to work From home okay now Um the pay is as you can see on the Screen is between 17.27.90 an hour which is around 680 to A thousand and eighty per week which is A great m-com Um for someone to actually do this job And to give me information about about What the job description is this group Provides support services such as Document image data entry administrative Support for Stateside and overseas mails They make sure these behind the scenes Business activities run smoothly on a

Daily basis basis so it is a really easy Job and then it just says right here Um it only requires a high school Diploma or GED or equivalent is required For the job really simple job and to Give you information about CVS it is the Leading Healthcare solution company okay So when we dive in a little bit deeper About the job the qualification is Microsoft Excel make sure you pay Attention to that ability to work well Independently as well as a team setting Strong attention to details customer Focus organization skills and see before Qualification when you go down here we Would you don't need to be concerned Really to be concerned about the Preferred qualification firmings if you Have it that's great if you don't don't Worry about it it's basic knowledge and Understanding of Microsoft program such As word excel and Outlook okay so if This is something that you want to do Make sure you go ahead and apply today Because these type of jobs data entry Jobs they do not last that long okay if You go and this job is no longer Available don't get in panic mode all You need to do is search within CVS Health they do have more remote jobs and Just go and check and see if it's a good Fit for you to apply but go ahead and Apply for these jobs again data entry Jobs do not last as long all you need to

Do is Click right here where it says Apply okay before I go into the resume Sample I just wanted to go over one Things because again I want to help you Out to the best of my ability here is Course careers if you ever wanted to get Into it or text sales this is your Opportunity to get into Um this field because it's high in Demand many companies are looking to Hire people to do it and in text sales But they don't have enough people that Have the experience so they have partner With course careers to train you on how To become A I.T or a text cell so make sure you Watch that video I did a full video Where I go into details about that that Information is the YouTube description Bar again it's very affordable Um to take this course so make sure you Go check that out and watch the whole Video okay Now we're going to dive right into how To do your resume how to get your resume To tailored to each job that you're Applying for okay I got this information From canva okay canva is a great Platform to go in and do resumes do T-shirts do a lot of things they have The free version I've done the free Version like I said before in my videos For three years and now I'm currently Doing the canva pro which is the paid

Version because I do it more than just Resumes in this platform so I suggest You to go in here and get a resume Template you need a just a simple resume Template like black and white corporate Resume because you're trying to pass the Applicant tracker system it's not trying To please the human eye at this Particular time so basically what you Want to do is you want to put your first And last name you can put your first Middle name and last name you need a Phone number where they can get in Contact with you and you need a Gmail Account account a Yahoo account with Your name like Suzy Jones or Susie doe Jones you need a Professional email address okay now You're gonna see me go back and forward To the job post because I want you to Understand how to get your resume Tailored to each job that you're Applying for it's really easy if you use These tools that I'm telling you you Will get past the applicant tracker System so if I go back to the job Description here you see data entry Operators I'm taking that job title word For word and implemented into my resume Data entry operator remote you want to Say remote because a lot of times Different companies not only hiring for Remote but they're hiring for on-site as Well so you want to choose remote job

And then your resume summary you got to Come up with your resume summary if you Don't have the experience in data entry Don't lie because they will give you a Test to see if you can you know pass you Know daily entry test and if you say you Can do something you don't do it then That makes you feel like you're lying And they definitely will not gonna hire You so this is a resume summary that I Came up Um daily entry again is just inputting Data into the system it's typing if you If you're on a computer every single day And you're typing that is your data Entry here okay so how it works here is That I said over 10 years experience is Successfully performing a number of data Entry and clerical tasks proven ability To collect and manage information Efficient and actually Excellent written and verbal Communication skills strong desire to Work hard and perform well okay so as You can see I took some of the keywords From the job post as well as I research Different things on Google and I came up With some keywords okay I want every Keyword in my resume summary and my Skill skills in everything I do so I can Increase my chances of making it through The African tracking system so on the Resume summary some of the keywords is Excellent written in verbal

Communication skills strong desire to Work hard Um that is one data entry in clerical Task collecting and manage information Efficient and accurately those are Keywords that you need to implement in Your resume summary now when I go to the Key components here when I go back here To the qualification here these are some Of the key words that you need to put in You can say Microsoft Excel or you can Say Microsoft Office Strong attention to details customer Focus organization skills and again Microsoft such as word excel Outlook I Would say Microsoft Suite so that means That you know all of word excel in PowerPoint so you want to take that and Implement those into your key components Again which is the same as the skills as Well as when you research or Google what Are the soft skills for data entry when You Google that this is what comes up Accuracy and attention to detail strong Verbal and written communication time Management and organization multitask I Will add the tools also if you have Enough room into the skills as well Those are the soft skills here are the Hard skills strong understanding of Microsoft Excel you saw that in the job Description or similar database Knowledge of word processor like Microsoft Word excellent typing and

Transcription skills including typing it Fast speed ability to research and Collect data those are the soft skills Or hard skills for data entry and you Want to implement those into your resume Okay so here you see is I put down Multitasking excellent organization Skills type and proficiency Professionalism research and collect Data customer focus time management and Organization skills Microsoft Office Skills confidential because you're Dealing with Um medical this is a medical data entry So you don't want to violate HIPAA Verbal communication I also put medical Terminology reading skills ability to Multi test detail on and reliability That's what I take from the job post as Well as researching to get this Information you got to understand when You are trying to find a job it is a job Looking for a job you do have to have a Resume that is tailored to each job that You're applying for because you cannot Have a one-size-fit-all resume meaning That you are just you know paying Somebody a hundred dollars to just Revamp your resume and you sending that Same resume today the entry customer Service account it doesn't work like That I reached out to hiring manager many Years ago and still do they said yes

They still want to resume tailored to Each job that you're applying for if I Go back into my resume summary it is Telling hire managers or recruiters what I'm seeking you know I'm seeking the day The entry job as well you want to make Sure you also put that in your resume as Well as that's why it's so important in The title because if you don't have you Know what the job title is hire managers Or recruiters are not going to waste Their time going through your resume Trying to figure out what job you're Applying for you know because they have Too many applications at that time so It's very important also to put what job Are you seeking they can look at my Resume and say hey she's applying for a Data entry operator so you want to have Those keywords in so you can go get past The applicant tracking system okay Now when you go to the professional Experience I know when you look at this It's in another language but this is Still something that you can get Um an idea of what I'm talking about Your resume needs to be Um Straightforward and it needs to be in Complete sentences and you need to have Bullet points there is a lot of times I See resumes it doesn't have bullet Points it's not formatted right Um you know it's just all over the place

And they're wondering why they're not Getting a call back when you look at This here it should you see how it is in Bullet points um the company's name and Your title is highlighted highlighted And it tells when you started you know What day you started and when you finish Or if you edit at present that's how Your resume need to be now basically What you got to do if I am a customer Service rep I'm trying to break it down And I'm applying for data entry you want To look at your bullet points and say What did I do on my current job or my Past job that is similar to data entry So basically you're going to rearrange Your bullet points to match that job Title if you understand so say for Example if down here it says I'm a Customer service rep and I say I am I'm Entering customers name and address into The system I will move this if up you Know because the applicant tracking System reads from top to bottom and then I just go through each one to say okay Which job that on this current job what Did I do that is similar to daily entry That I have Um the requirements and you do that on Every job rearrange your bullet points To match the job title okay and that's All you need to do that is very simple Like that to do and the next thing that You would do is your education your

Education go last okay so this is how it Works if you follow these tools you your Resume is going to pass the applicant Tracker system but again you have to be Consistent and like I want to tell you All the time I want to say this is to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but you Got to believe you got to take action Faith without works is dead you got to Use the tools that I'm showing you in Implementing yes it's a lot of work that You got to do but if you need a job You're going to do this this is what I Had to do years ago and I still try this Out at least once a month or twice a Month and see if it really works even Though I have a full-time job I still do This and my resume past Africa tracking System and I get a invite or a call to Say hey you want to schedule an Interview but I have to turn it down Because I have a job currently right now But this is I'm teaching you the way That hiring managers sat down with me Years ago and I was applying for jobs And I was getting rejection after Rejection after rejection and I'm like I Know I do have the qualification but What is going on and he sat down yes you Have the qualification but you're not Tailoring your resume made to the job Description or the job rack and he sat

Down and he told me this and I it Clicked and every job that I applied for I got an invite or call back you know I'm teaching you the way that I was Taught okay so make sure you take Advantage of these tools and use these To the best of your knowledge there are Tons and tons of work from home jobs out There but again you have to tailor your Resume to the jobs that you're applying For if you want to get a call back okay You have this is something that you have To do I know it's a lot of work but once You get that invite and you go through The interview and you get that job is Well worth it so make sure you go ahead And check this out again make sure you Subscribe to the channel making sure That you watch the videos all the way Through again because there are valuable Information to help you get closer to Landing a remote job this channel is all About none phone work at home job they Used to go out every single day at 7 A.M Such a standard time if you have any Questions leave them in the comments I Always answer every comments I love Answering your questions I love helping People Um get closer to Landing a remote job so Make sure you go ahead and shoot me a Message in the comments I will answer Your comments um right there because my Phone was set up where every time when

Somebody comment on my videos I'm able To go and answer that immediately okay So again take our time Do your part I'm doing my part thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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