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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another non-phone work at home job 2023 This company is hiring immediately no Degree is needed and this is a great Um pain for someone so let's go ahead And dive right into the job okay as you Can see on the screen we're talking About Insight investment it is similar To like a staffing service they're Currently hiring data entry clerks to Work from home this is a temp to hire Position and as you scroll down here it Only requires a high school diploma or Equivalent and then we're going to go Into details about the position here now According to Glassdoor the pay is 15.50 An hour it could be more depending on Your experience so that is around 620 Per week so let's go in details about This job here okay now the seeking They're seeking a daily entry let's go Up sorry about that seeking a daily Entry clerk to maintain a large quantity Of production data by entering new and Updated because customers and account Information prepare Source data for Computer entry by compiling and sorting Information established intro priorities Process customers and account Source Diagram data okay so what you would Bring to the table or what you will be Doing is you're going to transfer data From paper formats into computer files Or database system you're going to

Create spreadsheets with large numbers Of figures without mistakes you're going To verify data by comparing it to Source Documents and you're going to update Assistant data As well as you go to sort and organize Paperwork after inundated to ensure it Is not lost and then you're going to run Daily weekly monthly reports from Multiple sources and again they want you To have computer Proficiency in Microsoft Excel you know that I always Talk about 360 Microsoft 360. I'm going To take you there this is a free Platform where you can go and practice Excel all you have to do is click on Excel and choose what you need help with Whether it's rows and columns and it Would take you straight to a video where You can look at and you can learn excel In word and PowerPoint all for free in Less than 10 minutes so go ahead and Take advantage of that so when we go Back into the job Rec as they say that They want you to have experience in Microsoft Dometic ax don't don't never disqualify Yourself about this job all you need to Do is use Google as your friend and look Things up I went to Google and looked This up there is plenty of videos that Are free out there that will teach you On how to do this there are tutorials For this so go ahead and check that on

Your own time again if you don't Understand something research things Before you say you don't know how to do The job okay and then when we go back to The job here also data entry they Require typing skills so you have to be Able to know how to type so here is a Free place that you can go and practice Your typing skills for free it is a with Officialtypetest.com here is a part Where you could click on gen key test And this is what you will see you can Practice full 10 key tests which is Numbers and symbols as well as zip codes And then of course type a test so make Sure you go check this out so you can Get your data entry type and skills or Your 10 key where it needs to be and Then when we go down a little bit Further these are the skills when I say Skills this is what you need to think About these are the skills that are very Important That you need to look at in previous Experiences daily entry clerk fast Typing skills Excellent knowledge of word processing Tools and spreadsheet like Microsoft Office Word Excel I just show you a free Place Microsoft 365 to go to basic Understanding of database good command Of English both oral and written and Customer service skills great attention To details High School degree or

Equivalent if this sounds like something That you're able to do then make sure You go ahead and apply today all you Have to do is click this apply for this Job online and it will take you to a Information where if you enter your Email address then it'll walk you Straight to how to apply for the job and Submit your resume okay now if this Video has been helpful make sure you Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notifications So every time I go YouTube live you'll Be notified and that will give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they're no Longer available I want you to listen to Me I want you to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there for you but it starts with you You got to believe if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for a Job I know it's hard out there life is Like a roller coaster where many of you Up the next minute you're down but God Has a job for you but you gotta believe You got to stay in the race a lot of Y'all are just at the finish line and You just want to give up and throw in The towel and you just at the finish Line of a breakthrough where there is a

Job specifically out there for you but You got to understand sometimes in life Where you don't get a job there is a Reason behind a lot of things why things Don't go your way God could be Protecting you for a layoff of drama Um bad influence on the job or they're Getting ready to fire you you know just Hire you just to see if you're a good Fit and then they let you go there is a Reason for everything but you just gotta Keep praying you got to keep pushing you Got to keep applying don't give up you Got this surround yourself around Positive people remember the power of The tongue determine was life and death You got to speak life over yourself even Though people are not speaking life over You I am speaking life of you again I am Trying to build a community where we can Uplift and encourage one another on our Job search in everyday life because People need this people need this Because it's like medicine you're taking Your vitamins and help you to Um get that energy to move it's the same Thing about being around people that are Positive and give you encouraging words Is feeding life into you making you feel Like you can do all things through Christ Jesus that strength of you so Keep pushing and again I keep saying it Surround yourself around positive people That is going to uplift you if people

Not uplifting you you do not need to be Around them they're not your best Interests you need to be around people That are positive when you're around People that are positive it's gonna You're gonna pick up those positive ways Okay so keep pushing keep applying don't Give up you got this and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it okay I Believe in you but you got to believe in Yourself okay now you know that I always Talk about having a multiple strains of Income You have to plan I believe in not seven But I believe in eight multiple strains Of income because you never know what Could happen too many times people get So complacent on their job they feel Like that they're going to be there Forever to retire that's how I was Taught go graduate from high school get That diploma go off to college find Something that you're going to major in And then find your job that you can Retire on it's no more retirement people Stay on a job less than two years now People are just moving around different Jobs and you want to start a business so You can leave a legacy not only for you But your children and your children Children that's what you need to do you Need to install also in your kids that Hey be business entrepreneur

Have that entrepreneur's spirit so they Can go out there and Um had their own business and pick and Choose when they want to work and you Know how much their salary going to be And the start is with bookboat and for Those who don't know what book book are These are using this platform to create Low content books like journals Diaries Law books coloring pages coloring books It's too many to name as you can see on The screen Um in the back of me you can make word Scramble puzzle books maze word search And these are popular everybody is Buying these things and if you do your Research you can make anywhere between a Thousand to ten thousand a month but you Gotta work hard you got to put in the Work there's a saying what come easy Won't last and what last won't come easy But you will have to do the work okay Now where you can sell these books at is You can sell them on of course Amazon Kdb Etsy Pay Here Pay Here send out Um there's different free platforms that You can promote this on you can run ads In order to reach the right ordinance There's many ways that you could do to Make this happen okay so when we go in a Little bit further great thing about uh Bookboat is that you can always research The product before you actually buy it

And see if it's going to sell as well as You can spy on the competitors titles And descriptions keywords and you can Kind of implement those in your titles And description not the copy but to be Expired again bookboat has upgraded they Have a new studio they have cover Creators interior designs drag and drop Editors complete customer station and Over a thousand two hundred plus free Fonts more than one million royalty free Image as well as pattern scalable Designs filter and much more and this is All in football and again You're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and yes people buy These books every single day go do your Research people buy these books every Single day people are very successful on This platform selling these books and it Can happen to you but again you have to Put in the work okay now when you go Into interior wizard I do not have to Make my interior wizard it's already Done my interior is already made as you Can see there's career plan there's mood Tracker blank online shopping tracker You get the picture there is a lot of Things that you can do to make a nice Interior okay now for the sake of the Video I'm gonna do career plan you can

Choose to do paperback or hardcover or You could do both always choose Paperback eight by five eleven I choose 120 Pages you can always go and look at The tutorials if you You spend an hour a day with the tutors You can get to the point where you Understand everything and be successful On this platform I have made a whole Bunch of videos on how to make a journal Or how to make a coloring book go check Those out on your own time but I'm going To choose career plan and I'm going to Hit download and once I hit download and If I'm pleased with this This is what I would download to Amazon Kdb This is what I will download now I'm not A graphic designer nor you you do not Have to be that you don't have to be a Graphic designer no experience I go on Fiverr and I pay somebody anywhere Between 5 and 25 dollars in order to do A nice cover that's going to stand out And sell my low content books okay and It's worth a repeating of it and you can Download that because this is a PDF file Your cover will be a PDF file too as Well okay now when I go back in here I Know you probably saying what is the Salary what is the pay what is the pay How much do I have to pay I believe it's Very affordable remember you cannot Complain about a situation until you

Take action people that are Risk Takers Are the ones that are moving up down up And up and down the ladder the ladder And they are being successful and if That's something you want to do you're Going to have to invest you have the More you know the more you grow okay so We got you got to get this here Um the price is 9.99 per month for Newbie and the price is 19.99 per month For pro the only difference is with the Pro you're getting the puzzle creation Software included okay now if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat All in lower case that information is in The YouTube description bar you will get 20 off of the 9.99 per month and again That is Lifetime that's forever or if You choose the 1999 per month you would Get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime Forever you cannot beat that and plus The great thing about bookboat you're Able to try it out for three days for Free and I guarantee you're gonna like It I'm not just talking I'm walking the Walk too I am actually doing book too I've been doing book broke for like Seven or eight months now and I love it This is a very easy business opportunity That anybody can do with it Elementary Can do it of course a high school Anybody can do this once you sign up Today you can start creating your first Low content book upload it to Amazon kdb

And possibly you can make your first Sale if you put all your keywords where It needs to be so make sure you go ahead And have a backup plan comment below and Tell me what is your backup plan I want To know what is your backup plan are you Prepared if something go down in the Comment section put down what are your Backup plan what is your what are you Going to do if something happened to Your job today what is your plan put That in the comment section I would love To read that okay so When we go here too as well remember That my channel is all about non-phone Work at home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so if you're looking for a work From home job or no talk at work from Home job where you're not on the phone You landed on the right channel consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on all of your notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified plus when I go YouTube live which I'm going to start Going every month for work from home q a You'll be able to attend the live stream And we could chat in real time and if You would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you need to do is click that join

Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you don't forget to Check out your community tab that is Where when I upload new videos I posted In there Um when I go live I put that information In there when I give you quotes and do Posts I post in there as well remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you but you got to believe Everything starts in the mind if you're If you believe in your mind you can go Foreign life so keep pushing don't Disqualify yourself and apply for these Jobs not just one job multiple jobs you Got this I believe in you but you got to Believe in yourself make sure you check Out the next videos that appear in on The screen either at the top at the Bottom there are more remote jobs out There to help you found a work from home Job thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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