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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another non-phone work from home job 2023 this company is hiring immediately And no degree is needed so we're going To go ahead and dive right into the job Here as you can see on the screen we are Talking about the Company Asheville Engage there are currently seeking Healthcare Communicator data entry Specialist to work from home this is a Full-time position here and what we're Going to do even though you see Representing clients on variety of Projects by inbound and outbound Telecommunication you know that I always Reach out to hiring managers if I have Any questions and they were saying this Is only as a needed basis this is not Every day um it's every once in a while If you may you may not have to do that But I'm just letting you know you may Have to do a little inbound outbound Again it's not a call center it's not Every day it's only as needed okay so When we go more into details about the Job the job do offer competitive Compensation according to glass door the Pay is up you can make up to twenty Three dollars so I say around us 18 to 23 dollars an hour on this job and it Could be more depending on your Experience remember you can always Negotiate your salary here this company Do offer benefits this is a W-2 job and

When you go down a little bit further Here it only requires a high school Diploma is required Um a bachelor's degree is just only Preferred if you have it that's great if You don't know where about it and They're looking for someone Um that has knowledge of reimbursement For medical pharmacy and benefits again This is something that you can always Learn and pick up so don't be Intimidated about it because they're Going to train you anyway on the job the Way that they want you to do it now when We go more into details about the job Where we actually look in the job wreck Here you're going to maintain excellent Quality standards for all clients Programs adhere to program guidelines Accurately transcribe and data enter Information required by individual Programs and correctly capture in Specific program database and then when You go down you're going to adhere to All company policy and standards Operation procedures as well as she's Going to manage day-to-day activities of Patient and health care provider support Requests and deliverables across Multiple communication channels that's Facts chat and email And then also you're going to ensure Timely and accurate process of requests Including reviewing Source documentation

As well as maintaining excellent quality Standards for all clients programs Adhere to program requirements and Guidelines and then you're going to Transcribe and document information Received by form into client database Now when we go down Until basically what do you need for This position here it talks about Learning being proficient with Word and Excel you know that I always refer you To Microsoft 365. this is a free place Where you can go and learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft teams and Assets Now if I wanted to learn word all you Need to do is click on the word and this Is word for training this is all you Will see here and then if I'm interested In learning all of these so let me click On one layout Pages there is a video That is explaining to you how to learn How to change margins all of that as Well as a step-by-step tutorial where it Shows you how to do it so like I said Before you complain about the situation Like you're not qualified for the job Always use Google as your friend to Research things to get you to the next Level and don't just qualify by yourself Just use Google and when you look at it And go through the video you were like Yeah that job is learning how to change Margins that is really easy I can do

This job now we're going to go back to The job here now it talks about Excellent verbal written and listening Communication skills listening skills is Very uh important you have to be able to Listen so I did do research again and I Found some places where you can go and Do free listening tests and the first One is with this company best my test Again this is a listening test prepared With over 125 listening practice tests So basically what you can do is click on That and they'll start talking and then They would they will have you to type Out what you heard that's how you know If you good fit for the job as well Here's another free one Um listening skills test again you can Start taking the test and you can list Um the test okay so these are free here Especially this one is free Um the only thing with this one here if You want the results you may have to pay 6.95 you do not want the results you Just want to take the test so I would Say stick with this one here because This is free you can go ahead and do the Test here now again Um they're looking for analytical Thinking problem solving decision maker Make for sure you implement that into Your resume if this is something that You're interested in then you need to go Ahead and apply today by clicking here

Where it says apply now if this video Has been helpful and you want to see More jobs none from work from home jobs 2023 that is hiring immediately no Degree is needed and it's a very easy Job that you can do consider subscribing To the channel by clicking that red Button that says subscribe and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notification of all notifications So when I upload new videos you will be Notified plus when I go YouTube live Which I'll be going YouTube live if Every month the first of every month for Work from home q a you'll be notified And you'll be able to participate in Those YouTube live streams okay now keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but again everything starts in the Mind if you gotta Speak Life over Yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death you got this You go out here and believe in yourself These jobs are plenty of jobs out there You're gonna get rejected that's a part Of life objection is a part of life but It is not the end of the world okay when You fall down it's all about getting Back up with class and it's a learning Process when you are being rejected You'll be able to speak life over Somebody else when somebody is trying to Find a job and you can say look I've

Been there like I'm telling you I've Been there I've been rejected many times Again you have to make for sure your Resume is tailored to each job that You're applying for and you have to now Just apply for one job but you have to Apply for multiple positions out there There is plenty of jobs out there for You but again you have to believe again Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you just You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I am always trying to help you I talk about things that I believe in is Course careers it's a lot of people that May be thinking about going back to School to better they self and get a Higher paying position or you may know Of a high school student that is a Junior senior and is uncertain about What they want to do when they graduate From high school or you may know Somebody just been on the job for a long Time and they're not moving up or it Could be you course careers is for you We all know that text sales is high in Demand we know information technology Digital marketing these are high in a Man jobs but the great thing about Course careers you don't have to have Any degree or experience they have

Partnered with Fortune 500 companies That are willing to hire course careers Dropping the degree just only for course Careers graduates and again you can Finish this course within three months Or less as people have finished this Course within a week and they're out Making money anywhere between 60k to 120k per year and that can have to you You just got to put in the work and you Got to stop procrastinating and take Action today when we go down a little Bit further the courses that they have To offer is technology sales there are More than 300 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 60 to 80k a Year Tech sales is your on the phone you May be reaching out to potential buyer Safe example if you are working at Google you're reaching out to potential Buyers that are interested in buying Your product and you not only get paid Hourly but you do get a commission check If you go and check out the the The testimonies is people that are Saying that how much money they're Making they're making really good money And if that's something that you want to Do you need to do it Tech sales digital Marketing there's more than 200 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 40 and 60k a year digital Marketing is dealing with content Creators uh paid campaign analytics

That's what it's dealing with and that Is a non-fun work at home job lead now Information Technology there are more Than 200 000 opening jobs at restoring The salary is between 40 and 60k a year Information technology is more of like a Chat job where you're dealing with cues And tickets so if that's something you Want to do again I would do it again Information technology is not on the Phone Now here are the testimonies that I have Been talking about make sure you watch These testimonies these testimonies are Great if this don't get you pumped up Then I don't know what it will check out What everybody's saying about what it's Like going to course careers course Careers is very affordable y'all you do Not have to take out any loans you're Not going to be in debt or anything a Lot of times and then plus you're going To be getting the experience while You're taking this course A lot of times People go to college they get that Degree they come out and they apply for Jobs and they get rejected why because They don't have the experience and then What do they do they go back to college Change their major and do the same thing Over and over again get that degree and Still be rejected because they don't Have the experience you don't have to Worry about their course careers they

Will hire you just because you have Course careers on your resume and plus Course careers will be taking you to Through a internship of training so how It works all you need to do is start a Free intro course in that course it's Going don't tell you all you need to Know about Information Technology text Sales and digital marketing at that time You should know if it's a good fit for You so if it's a good fit don't Procrastinate sign up today so you Enroll into the class it is a self-paced Course and you complete the course in a Few weeks took a couple months depending On how much time you commit you will Learn everything to require to land your First position and then what you do is After you apply the skills they will Teach you exactly how to land an entry Level position through Insider knowledge Of how to apply to companies what they Look for resumes application and how to Interview and so much more because again They have partnered directly with Companies that are interested in hiring Course careers graduates so again when You scroll down here If I go into one of the courses I'm Going to go into Information Technology It basically tells you again what are The best companies or hiring I.T these Are some of the companies that are Hiring for it and then it talks about

When you scroll down the day in the life Of a IT person you're going to be Responding to any emails assigned and Accept any new tickets and work on Tickets or any projects you may have so Again that is more like a chat job and Then we scroll down here it talks about You know of course is a flexible Education but it talks about your Qualification your background and it Also talks about what you'll be learning In the class career mindset I.T Fundamentals I.T day-to-day techno Deep Dive I.T job hump that's what you're Going to be doing and also take Advantage of these testimonies these Graduates see what they have to say About this course careers everybody's Speaking good of it this is the price You again the introduction is free the Full-time the the price is just only a One-time payment of 499 that's it you go To college you cannot pay just only 499 You're out of fifty thousand hundred Thousand Um it's a lot of money when you go to College but at course careers it's very Affordable it's a one-time fee of 499 But if you use my coupon code which is Thoracic in caps 50 you would get fifty Dollars off of that there's no contract Or hitting fee along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee or you can choose To pay bi-weekly of 150 every two weeks

Uh four payments and again there's no Contract or hitting fees along with a 14 Day money back guarantee so if you're Interested in it doing this coming a Text sales or information technology or Digital marketing take those courses Make sure you go ahead and sign up today Don't procrastinate and you can start Actually taking the class today and be Able to take between 60 to 120k where it Is a life changer not only for you but Your family so go ahead and sign up Today that information is in the YouTube Description bar okay so you know Then my channel is all about no talk and Work from home job leads they go out Every single day so if you're looking For a no talk and work from home job Make sure you consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on your bell to turn on all Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and Never give you plenty of opportunity to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before They go just like this if you would like To support the channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of this Channel shout out to everyone that's Already a member of the channel again

Make sure that you watch the videos all The way through because there are Valuable information in all of my videos To help you get closer to Landing your First second third job even a side Hustle don't forget to check out your Community tab that is how I engage with All of my subscribers and Non-subscribers when I upload new videos I posted in there when I do posts and Quotes I post it in there as well as When I am going YouTube live I will post That information there as well remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you and don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you got this keep pushing Again you're going to find a job out There real soon make sure you check out The video that is appearing on the Screen either at the top at the bottom There are more work from home job leads None phone work from home job leads out There the companies are high right now Share this video with everyone you know They could benefit again a no talk and Work from home job thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye

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