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Happy Monday evening it is me Carl I am Back with the non-phone 20 to 22 dollar No weekend equipment provided work from Home job but before I jump in if you Guys want more non-phone jobs don't be Scared come over here look them up on The blog it is non Phoneworkathome.com make sure you guys Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Thumbs up the videos and share them we Are trying to clear out our closets with These 10 brand new laptop computers that We have if you want a laptop all you Have to do is Share my video make sure You come back leave me a comment down Below don't forget to go back check out All the videos and I posted a lot for Yesterday and four today so that is Eight videos and you don't want to miss The vote because I did drop a lot of Good ones today and yesterday make sure You guys check them out and share then You want to hop over to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section be sure to apply for Omni Interactions and let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comment Section let's go ahead and get into this Great video so the company guys is People share and as you guys can see

Here I don't make this stuff up they are Actively interviewing they're trying to Fill this remote billing rep position Now this is a Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 4 P.M the pay rate 20 to 22 Dollars per hour and this is based on Experience it does say contract to hire 100 remote roll with equipment provided And there are a lot of people here Looking for these types of jobs if you Know someone if you are not a good fit For this job and I know every job that We post everybody is not going to be a Good fit for it however if you know Someone please share the video or the Link to the job with that person because On our Channel guys sharing is caring so Let's get into the job description it Says now this role ensures a smooth and Complacent billing process through Timely data entry data monitoring of Units of service in the database spot Checks data Integrity Audits and Reconciliation of all billing related Issues with contracted external agencies To ensure complete and timely payments To the company you will also have to Monitor and reconcile provider entries And run remittance reports to ensure Proper billing and payment for assigned Provider accounts as a billing rep you Will provide data to and collaborate With the billing manager on the Management of billing platform quarterly

Reporting including but are not limited To to contractor cost service Verification notes or SVN from Service Delivery databases for Philadelphia and Chester now with this company guys it Does state that you must be vaccinated Now this probably is because the people That work in the brick and mortar inside Of the building they probably had to be Vaccinated so what the companies tend to Do they just put it across the board for Everybody no matter if you work from Home or not and I know that sounds crazy But I'm just guessing that this is what They're doing high school diploma is Required two years of experience in a Third party billing and collection Procedures which I do have that one year Of experience with medical assistant or M.A billing non-profit Human Service Experience is preferred intermediate Experience with Excel that is required This one is posted on the non-phone blog I will be sure guys to leave a link Right below this video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company again the company is People share this is a contract to hire Road 100 remote I did not see any state Restrictions on the website however that Is where you guys come in be sure to do Some research go to Google type in People share see what comes up know Something about the company if you apply

Get you a separate piece of paper and Start jotting down the information about The company because I'm telling you guys Right now nine times out of ten some of These companies are going to ask you in Those interviews what do you know about Our company when was our company founded Who is the CEO of the company you want To be prepared guys for those interviews And not surprised and I have messed up Before in an interview and they asked That question and I was looking like a Deer in headlights so you don't want to Be like me so you guys are going to go Over to Google and type in people share Get all of the good information before You apply for the job so that way if if You apply and you forget because you Might forget you will already have that Information readily available so again People share is hiring schedule is Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 4 P.M 20 To 22 an hour this is based on Experience and they will provide you Guys with equipment make sure you share The video because guys we are trying to Get to a hundred thousand subscribers Before the end of the year we already Have the laptop so we're trying to get These laptops out of our closet and into You guys hands make sure you hop over to Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye follow us on our Facebook Business page and it is two chicks with

The side hustle make sure you guys are Over there and following us because we Are going to give away two additional Laptops on that platform and you still Have time to hop on over there follow us And share help us get to a hundred Thousand followers on that page and then You want to follow us on tick tock Twitter and also on Instagram it is two Chicks with the side hustle guys we're Doing a pop-up giveaway on Instagram so We got a lot of giveaways going on with The two chicks we are going to do a Pop-up giveaway on Instagram this means That we are just gonna come over there Pop on the live stream can't tell you Guys what day but it will be between now And the end of the year we're going to Give away something don't know right now Could be a hundred dollar gift card it Could be a hundred dollar cash at we've Been known to give away money as well or It could be a brand new laptop computer You just never know make sure you share Us over there put us in your stories Invite some people to our page as well My name is Carol and I will catch you Amazing people in the next video YouTube [Music]

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