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Foreign [Music] Hi everyone this is melissia from Melissia at home and welcome back to Another video I'm so excited to be Uploading and sharing another work from Home content on this channel so if you Are not subscribed and you're watching This video make sure you subscribe if You are interested in remote-based jobs That are currently available that are Hiring and people just like you to get Started in working from home these are Real and legit opportunities that I Share on my channel so you do not want To miss out and if you are someone who You are unsure of how to get started Such as how to tailor your resume for These remotely positions then I offer my Assistance one-on-one assistance via Email as well as consultation via phone And interviewing prep now I can't Guarantee that everybody is going to get A job using my resources and tools this Is a highly competitive space you want To be sure that you at least have the Knowledge and the tools and the Resources at hand so that you have the Best chance I love to keep things Personal and connect directly with my Viewers as well as my clients definitely Check out my services you can email Melissia home gmail.com all right so Enough chair chatter let's jump into

Today's video so on today's video we're Going to be talking about cash app so Many of you I'm sure have cash up on Your phone if you have not heard of cash App well cash app is considered the Number one finance app in the app store So it's application an app that you can Download to your phone and you can send And receive cash okay you can also do More with cash app like you can bank if You want so you can invest uh they also Allow you to buy stocks as well as Bitcoin so if you are never aware of the Different features that cash app offers And it's definitely a great idea to Explore cash up in their app and Download them and download cash app to Your phone and start using it especially If you're interested in the remote based Position because you would have first Hand experience using their app they Also have remote based opportunities so We're going to jump into that as usual I Love to show you how to find the jobs on These company websites in order to find These remote-based positions you can go To cash dot app and then you want to Scroll all the way down to the very Bottom of their page okay and then You're going to select where it says Careers once you select careers it will Take you directly to their careers page And if you're interested in learning a Little bit more details about what they

Offer in regards to their remote piece Positions along with other job Availability then you can scroll down And read information that they have here About their team the products they offer Where do you want to work definitely Read all this information if you are Interested in finding out about the Benefits so working for cash app they Offer paid time off work from home Opportunities Wellness Health Care Retirement Etc etc okay so just make sure you read Through all this information is very Important for you to know this if you Are interested in working for this Company So let's go to the jobs that they have Available so once you hit see all jobs It will drop you down to their career Section on the page and where it states Location you just want to click on that And then select remote basically Majority of these jobs that they have Listed here do have remote work options Okay so for example if you click on they Are a machine learning engineer will State employees can work remotely so Even if you see other locations are Listed on any of their jobs posted they Do offer remote options as well so again Employees can work remotely no matter Where you are now if you're in a Specific location that they have listed

For example they have Sydney Australia Listed for this job this may be Available to you remotely remotely or on Location okay but if you're not in Sydney Australia then you can work Remotely because again it says employees Can work remotely so let's jump into the Position that I wanted to highlight in This video and that is their voice of The customer specialist position this Position is a non-phone-based job and Just to give you a heads up it does Require you to have some experience so We're gonna jump into the details for This position and if you're interested Just click where it says I'm interested In the drop down bar in green right here And get started in submitting your Application okay so let's jump into the Job description for this particular job The voice of a customer team quantifies And drives the resolution of customer Issues across the business as a VOC Specialist you will take a data-driven Approach to identifying their customers Biggest pain points and partner directly With the product engineering and Operations leader to drive resolutions So you will analyze and synthesize data From multiple sources to understand Customer support case drivers and the Underlying causes leverage your Expertise and Partnerships to escalate And drive resolution of the most

Important customer pain points and Experience gaps deliver reporting on key Customer support metrics contribute key Insights from customer perspective via Key stakeholder and potential product Manager for various cross-functional Projects now now it states that off Sites with your team may require travels So there may be some traveling required For some of their jobs if the traveling Could be within your own location or to A different state so just be prepared For that so as you can see majority of The position requires just analyzing Data that you collected from multiple Sources to understand customers and then You're going to collaborate with the Team to find Solutions and to figure out The gaps And basically figure out how to resolve Certain issues that customers might face Using their products okay you also Contribute your insights from the Customer's perspective so you'll be Gathering and analyzing data and just Getting together with team members to Discuss your findings and then you're Going to work together to resolve Whatever issues is occurring okay so That's basically the gist of this job It's not customer service type of job You will be doing some communication as It pertains to a team Dynamic so if You're a team Dynamic individual that

Work well within the team this would be An excellent work from home position for You so it is non-phone-based in the Terms it is not phone based meaning that You will not be on the phone dealing With customers or dealing with any type Of issues with products slash Engineering in a VOC or similar role as Part of a support operations team two Plus years experience and demonstratable Expertise tease with all the following Analytics and Reporting tools issue Tracking and project management software Large-scale crms strong understanding of Customer support operations strong Cross-functional communication and Prioritization skills they do prefer That you have experience in fintech and Or personal finance so if you have that Experience then that is preferred now in Their additional information they do Break down how much you can expect to Get paid for this job it is a very high Paying position okay because it does Require you to have some Advanced Knowledge as well as some skills and Experience notice it did not mention That you need to have master's degree or Bachelor's degree or any of that okay so No degree is listed here Now pay may vary depending on your Location in the U.S locations are Categorized into one of four zones based On a cost of Labor index for that

Geographic area the successful Candidates starting pay will be Determined based on your skills your On-the-job related skills experience Qualifications work location and market Conditions again nothing about having Any sort of degrees right these ranges May be modified in the future so to have The pay listed here as it mentioned is Zone based so for instance they have Zones a through D all right and you can View the salaries from 85 000 K it's From 85 000 K to 139 000 dollars per Year for this position and that is just The average salary and again depending On the experience level as I mentioned Will determine your exact pay okay now To find a location Zone designation you Can refer to the resource that they have A hyperlink here you can click on where It says resource if a location of Interest is not listed then you can Speak with a recruiter for additional Information all right so the benefits That they have they have health care Coverage retirement plans uh Wellness Programs paid parental and caregiving Leave paid time off they also cater to Those with disability they offer paid Life insurance a d and d and disability Benefits all right so if you're Interested in this particular position Then go ahead and get started in your Application process you can click where

It says I'm interested to start Submitting your application once you Click that you are interested in the job You'll be taken directly to this page Where you will have to upload your Resume directly from your computer fill In your personal information Etc etc if you have a LinkedIn accounts Then you can can fill it out Automatically this again is coming from Cash app for voice of the customer Specialist I love the title because it Fits the position fairly well so once You read this title it gives you a great Unders it gives you a clear Understanding of what it is that you'll Be doing you'll be the voice of the Customers well that's it for this video Make sure you check out the link in Description section it will take you to More opportunities that are currently Hiring so make sure that you do not miss Out on any of the opportunities that are Posted and I will speak to you soon Happy work from home

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