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After Katie work and grow work and grow Ideas off-grid living become Self-sustaining learn to work from home Grow your own medicines from cabbage to Cannabis Okay so this is my milk pencil And it's in the middle of the summer so It hasn't started producing flowers the Flowers will actually have the seeds in It which will be the seeds that I'll Grind up but today what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start clipping watch my Feet baby I'm gonna clip these and I'm Going to utilize the stem of this here Basically So that's what I'm gonna do today And so because these have a little Stickies they're sticky all over I'm using gloves and I'm gonna go down Here and I'm going to go beside the Stem and cut that leaf off here Okay This side We'll go down this side and I'm Left-handed so You guys share with me and we'll cut Them Leaves off just like that And you can eat it just like this but I'm learning not to be a germaphobe so Right now I'm gonna wash this off And I'll show you what you do you Basically just Good for cleanse cleanser your kidney

And your gallbladder okay So this summer will show you how to Harvest the seeds from the bloom how to Grind and um dry the seeds and how to Mix them with pepper for the ultimate Results to encase them in capsules so Thank you and we hope you would Subscribe and like thanks Foreign

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