How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts | Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

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Africa at work and grow off grid we work From home a few hours per day we grow Our plants a few hours we grow our Medicine a few hours prepping for Off-grid living becoming self-sustaining Learn to work from home grow your own Foods medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About how to grow broccoli Sprouts Benefits of broccoli sprouts Okay Cancer food alternative Brussels sprouts anyone So today we're going to be growing Brussels sprouts with no dirt And this is also good for um you Doomsday people who believe that you Need to start um prepping saving food Storing food and stuff because you can Actually grow this in about three days With no dirt and it's good for salads Now you may not get full off of it but It's very very nutrient dish nutrient Um rich Okay So what we're going to do basically Is very simple we're going to be using Mason jar you can use cheesecloth but I've got clean stockings and I use those The same as you would your cheesecloth Got me some water here And my little measuring spoon It's very very simple so where we're Going to start off doing

So I'm gonna take this here You can do the same With um alfalfa sprouts which I use at Alpha sprouts To actually Um use as nutrient to water my cannabis Plants so you can do it with alfalfa Sprouts bean sprouts any Sprouts they're Very very nutrient because it's these Sprouts it's like when you take the seed And as it becomes a sprout it's the most Nutrient dense at that time so this will Go from the um seed to the Sprouts to The start to the florets which they're All very nutrient they have all have Very a lot of nutrients in it but the Most nutrient part of it is the Sprout So that's the same thing for alfalfa Sprouts So with this broccoli Sprouts Um Basically you're going to be getting That see you're going to be getting Fiber Protein vitamin C vitamin A calcium And what else iron and there's also a Compound in it they call it glucino Latate And it converts to suffer suffer how do You say that sulfur Refiner it's S-u-l-f-o-r-a-p-a-n-e and that is a Compound which is a cancer fighting Compound so I'm going to put a link to a

Research study that was done in my Description okay so basically what we're Going to start off let's open this bag If you're into um food storage you can Buy maybe one one of these per month and Put it in your little storage prep In here because once it starts to sprout It's a whole lot I'm just gonna do Enough just to show you and maybe make Me a salad or something let's take this Off first Take that off I'm gonna put Maybe About a tablespoon in here And then what I'll do Take my water spring water I'll pour it in here I'm gonna rinse it off rinse it off From the country so A lot of times I'll say words that other People don't say So we're gonna remit fat real good I have my little soil that's down here And then I'm going to pour that out Shake it on out like that Okay So the first day what we're gonna do Well let's leave that over there see if I can pour it through there First day we're basically Gonna Leave This setting Inside of the water We're gonna leave it sitting there Overnight

24 hours So that's the first night we're gonna do We'll just leave it sitting overnight The second night we're going the second Day we're going to rinse it about three Times per day And then lay it to the side So Okay so I'm gonna leave that sitting There I'll put it here maybe in here but I'm Gonna Keep it inside and you know Maybe like a cool regular room Temperature Um not in the light and I'll just leave That setting and so tomorrow I'll come Back and show you the process of rinsing It shaking it laying it to the side and Then you'll start to see the Sprout Scrub so I hope you've enjoyed this video please Subscribe and like Okay so this So the two of growing our broccoli Sprouts in a mason jar with no soil so What we're gonna do is we're going to See what it looks like So this actually has been sitting Overnight For 24 hours And so we're gonna actually pour The water off I'm gonna use this soil That I have down here I'm gonna pour that water off Okay

So we're gonna pour that water off See what it looks like As you can see There's a few Like if you look right there That's sprouting in less than 24 hours Let me see if I can actually Take some out So we can get a better look at what We're working with So it's only been 24 hours and it's Beginning to sprout S and then from here First of all let's wash this off make Sure that we're working with clean Tools So a few more I can get to it See that it's Changed colors there Okay So let's look at it Up close if we can you can see there Where it's trying to sprout I don't know if it's very clear Right there See the pieces that are yellowish and Then you have some right here they're Trying to sprout In less than One day Okay So I'm gonna put that back in there and What we're going to do now is we're just

Going to do a continuous wash Throughout the day So I'll pour some more water in here And I'll do this maybe three times a day Put some fresh water in it Pour it out So let's do a good rinse here And Pour that out So you see the little white specks those Are the Sprouts starting to grow let's Do it one more time And then this time We'll pour most of the water out but we Want to just leave it moist inside So we'll pour that out Leave a little bit of water in you want To kind of shake it like this so there So it's not on top of each other And then you want to lay it In something like this sort of stay you Don't have to be flat I I really don't Like it to be flat I like it to be made Something Well not exactly like that that's a Little bit too high let's take a paper Towel here Lay that end up like that a little bit And just lay it there and let it sit Like that overnight But maybe you're gonna rinse it maybe Three times a day so this is day two so I'll come back tomorrow and we'll see What we have

So this is a very quick update video on The broccoli Sprouts as you can see There are more and more broccoli sprouts Germinating This is day three so therefore Um I guess I was wrong about the three days My alfalfa Sprouts in three to four days so it Looks like this broccoli sprout is going To take a little longer so we'll be back In maybe two days Okay so we are finally at the last day Of germinating our broccoli sprouts and Here is what it looks like So it has been six days And this is what we have So I'm gonna pour them out in Pollener I still have a few seeds that were left In there Remember this was only one tablespoon And this is how much we have So right now what I'm gonna do Is just pour some water over it clean it Clean it clean it up Shed some of them seeds off Try to get some of the seeds out So we have a lot of the C's in the Bottom of the bowl Okay let that drain some I'm gonna wash this out you know Put the remainder

Back in there And store it refrigerated See if we can get a few of them [Music] And put it right on top of my salad Like so So that's it for the broccoli sprouts Like And subscribe

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