How to Replenish Soil with Fruit and Vegetable Scraps | Soil Replenish

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Africa at work and grow we work from Home a few hours per day we grow our Plants a few hours we grow our medicine A few hours prepping for off-grid living Becoming self-sustaining learn to work From home grow your own Foods medicines From cabbage to cannabis spinach to Shrooms today we're learning about how To replenish soil with fruit and Vegetable scraps Okay you guys That I created last year from just Little things that I had around the House and what I'm going to do today is I'm going to put some old vegetables and Vegetables that I've stored in my Refrigerator in my garden to replenish The soil So basically You feel better here What Just some old things that I had in my Refrigerator It's like kale bok choy Taught a flower Bananas It kills just different things Because I don't have a race A race Um bed garden I need to replenish my soil every year I think maybe next year can you see what I'm doing maybe next year I'll um Invest in some raised beds but you know

I'm pretty cheap I try to keep my costs Down So I'm just basically mixing This stuff up so when I put it in the Ground It'll have different nutrients all over The garden okay So basically what I want to do is I'm Going to plant my I hope you can hear me I'm gonna plant My tomatoes Right around this area here is where I'll be planting my tomatoes and so I'm Gonna dig like a little Trench In this area and then I put my fruit Scratch in there This this soil is Pretty fertile Because last year I didn't plant Anything here I planted my tomatoes over There last year I'm gonna plant probably about Four tomato plants And four pepper plants Also this is really Good Foreign You guys still watching me I already see some worms down in here So what will actually happen Is once I put the fruit the vegetables Inside of this trench here The worms will come up and eat it and Help it decompose

Okay So I'm gonna level it out in these Trenches That I just made Up under here Just another place where I um Put some food maybe a month ago it's now March And our last frost here Is at the end I mean not March is February So our last frost here is the end of March so I'll start planning out here in April So that'll give it a lot of time To actually Decompose Okay So you can see actually How I have that Right around that pole So Maybe if I put this down a little bit Okay No just not down enough Okay let me see if I can kill this song There we go Okay I put the vegetables over there I'm Gonna go back in here And put as much dirt over it as I can Let's just uh You can go on help the worms come up When the worms come up they'll start

Eating the vegetables and that will help It to decompose And also the worms Provide worm casting basically Worm poop Egg shells will take a longer time to Actually decompose The rest of this stuff Should be decomposed by By the time I start home So now what I'm going to do Is I'm going to water it want to keep it Nice and moist That allow the worms to come up So that they can see I'm gonna take my plastic here It's an old plant suit that I had on the Windows in my grow room Foreign So putting this plastic on it will help It to stay warm and the worms will come Up and they'll Have their food so I'm going to Basically put something on here just to Keep it down Here And put this on this side also helps um To keep animals From entering here even though this is a Closed space so thank you Like And subscribe

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