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Foreign And welcome back to another video on Today's video we're going to be talking About my favorite topic so on today's Video I'm going to share another work From home opportunity this is a hot lead It may not last for very long so keep in Mind if you are new to my channel and New to this video and just viewing this Video that job leads to expire so if you Came across so if you do happen to come Across this job lead let's say within 24 Hours or 48 hours or a week later and The link no longer works that just means That they have received enough Applicants and the position is closed Okay so these are job leads that I share On this channel and of course we know That job leads don't tend to last so on Today's video we are going to talk about Prudential and this amazing opportunity That they have available for you who are Looking to get started and working from Home especially if you're someone who Doesn't have experience whether you Don't have experience in remote work or Just experience in general but you may Have the knowledge and the skills that Is needed to succeed in a position now I Know you are familiar with Prudential They are in the financial insurance Industry they basically help individuals As well as institutions improve their Financial Wellness through life and

Health insurance so Prudential is a Well-known company I'm sure you know Someone who knows someone or you Yourself who are familiar and use Prudential Services okay so this is Basically a summary of who Prudential is If you want to learn more about this Company which I always encourage my Viewers who are interested in it in a Position to make sure that they do their Little background research on a company Okay even if you are familiar with the Company you may have heard they are this Insurance company but you may not know The full details to know that they're Not just an insurance company but they Also offer other you know services and Benefits and they have specific company Goals that they are looking to achieve So again it's important that you do some Background research and become very Familiar with the company that you're Looking to work for now the position That I want to highlight in this video Is their customer service associate Position which is remote based they are Hiring only in the US and they have the Locations listed here they have over 40 Locations so you just hit that drop down Menu and it will populate all the areas In which they are looking to hire so They're looking for a customer service Associates and we're just going to Quickly go through the job description

Okay so for this particular job the job Classification is an operations Insurance operations the Responsibilities includes reviewing and Evaluating incoming documents and routes Them to the appropriate workflow below Handle situations that may require Extensive research utilizing prudentials Various business platform for reference Handle fallouts and escalations Associates must adhere to service Productivity and quality metrics ability To learn multiple processes and Transition from task to task so those Are the responsibilities in a nutshell So usually in responsibilities you have Keywords and I talk about you know Including these keywords in a job post In your resume so that your resume is Tailored specifically for a position Okay so make sure you include these Keywords so that your skills and your Experience is directly related to what They're looking for so if you're someone Who may have experience in reviewing and Evaluating incoming documents then That's great if you have evaluated any Me sort of document then that shouldn't Be difficult for you to do now there's Very little indication that you would be Taking calls so I'm not 100 sure that This is a non-phone-based job if it's a Customer service position usually you Will be on the phone so those are the

Responsibilities I just want you to Handle situations whatever those Situations are could be multiple types Of situations so be prepared that may Require extensive research utilizing Their platform for reference so you'll Be doing some researching based on Situations that may arise for you to Resolve reviewing and evaluating Documents handle fallouts and Escalations okay so those are keywords And honestly handling Fallout and Escalations may require someone who has Patience and you are experienced in Handling and your experience in handling Difficult situations in being a problem Solver okay so indicate that you are a Problem solver so you can indicate that You are good at solving problems and Reaching resolutions and you can also Mention that you are a quick learner Because they do indicate that you must Have the ability to learn multiple Processes so definitely pay attention to Those keywords the qualifications for This position it indicates here that Zero to three years of experience in Insurance industry customer service is Preferred but it's not necessarily Required so if you happen to have zero To three years of experience in Insurance industry Which relates to customer service then This is preferred you still should go

Ahead and apply for this position if you Have customer service skills even if It's not in Insurance okay strong Written and verbal communication skills Must possess excellent organizational Skills you want to listen to all these Keywords they have listed here to Include them in your resume documents Must be self-motivated Experience with Microsoft Office is a Plus Ability to communicate with peers and Team position requires Great attention To detail and accuracy so those are the Keywords for this position and those are Kind of like cliche buzzwords I Mentioned buzzwords in a previous video To avoid them but there are some Positions and some companies that don't Mind that you use these buzzwords and Keywords okay so for this particular job Feel free to do so because it is Mentioned in your qualifications and if You're interested in getting your resume Up to up to par for remote-based jobs But then check out my resume remote Ready templates in the description Section below this video also if you are Someone who just wants someone to just Completely redo your entire resume just Give it a complete makeover then hit me Up at melissia home I can take A look at your resume and offer my Services okay so make sure you check out

All that information in the description Section in the description section below Below this video so that's basically it For Prudential in terms of their salary The range is forty four thousand to Sixty six thousand dollars per year Specific pricing for the roll may vary Within the above range based on many Factors which includes geographic Location candidate experience and skills So again it's very important that you Highlight your skills and experience as It relates to this job so that it can Verify that you deserve to get the Highest pay that you qualify for the Maximum pay now of course they do Mention that location also plays a Factor in how much you get paid but but The pay is between forty four thousand To 66k per year and not too bad for a Position that does not require you to Have much experience right so this is From Prudential they are currently Hiring in the US and again they have the Different location Listed at the top of the job post so Make sure you go through to see if your State is listed here okay I will be Posting other remote-based positions on My website so make sure you check out The link that states remote-based jobs That are currently hiring for a list of Opportunities and the link to this job Will be posted as well so you can read

Up on more information and get started In your application now if you're ready To apply click course says apply now and It will take you to this particular page This page is where you will apply for Their position so it's sort of like a Third party page click on apply again And it will bring up this box start your Application you can autofill with a Resume so if you already have a resume Prepared you can autofill it with your Resume by uploading your resume they Also have an option for you to apply With your LinkedIn account which I Mentioned in a video in the description Section below this video where I talked About five important keep key things That your resume should have and I Mentioned that you should also consider Including a LinkedIn on your resume for These types of opportunities especially For remote-based positions okay and if You don't have a LinkedIn account then It's free to sign up and get started on LinkedIn these are the options they have For you to apply for this position quick Easy options so you can get started with Prudential with your application right And that that's basically it for this Video I wish you all the best of luck in This position as well as other work from Home job that you are applying to and Don't stress out about it just keep Plugging in those resumes and

Applications eventually you will hit the Mark utilize all the tools and resources That are available to you and thank you Again for watching I'll see my next Video Happy work from home bye

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