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Hi everyone this is Melissa from Melissia at home and welcome back to Another video so if you are someone who Just came across this video or this Channel make sure you hit that subscribe Button and hit that notification Bell Turn on your notification Bell so that You are notified whenever new videos are Posted on this channel so that you do Not miss out on any of these amazing Work from home job leads also make sure You check out all the information and Resources and services that are provided To help you gain the confidence that you Need in order to apply for these amazing Opportunities okay so I provide some Resume assistance I have resume Templates that you can use on the go for Jobs that are quick moving and I also Provide some other resources for Beginners to get started in working from Home my full guide called work from home Simplified is also available so make Sure you check out the links in Description section let's jump into Today's video I'll be sharing doing Three work from home remote based Companies that have positions that cater To Quality Assurance okay so they are Currently looking for people who would Prefer to not talk on the phone but Maybe you would like to just listening On phone calls eavesdrop on phone calls And quality assurance Specialists are

People who make sure that phone calls And call centers are you know are Following company guidelines okay so That's basically what you will be doing Making sure that the quality of a cause Meets a company's standards all right so Let's jump into it the first company That you're looking at is the IMA group They specialize in providing health Insurance and dental insurance for Employees So they have been around for more than 30 years they have three fully Integrated divisions which have provided Clinical evaluation and screening Services to employers payers and Government agencies as well as Clinical Research Services to pharmaceutical Sponsors and cros if you'd like to learn More about this company they have Additional information on their website That you can feel free to browse through And I highly recommend that you do this I don't go through the whole company Website on my videos just for time's Sake but if again you would like to Learn more you can always visit their Website and just go through their main Page and in order for you to feel Comfortable applying for a company and This is also beneficial when it comes to Putting together your resume and cover Letter and if you make it to the Interview process then you'll be very

Impressive that you have studied the Company and know exactly who they are Who they serve and what you can bring to That company okay so very important that You make sure you read through all this Information before you submit your Application and your resume so that you Can stand out as an applicant alright so Let's jump into the position that They're hiring for they are currently Looking for a quality assurance Specialist and this is a remote position Remotely only this is only available in The US so for this position it is a Full-time remote role they are not Accepting applications from Colorado Washington or California states at this Time so if you are located in those States then they're not currently hiring For this position okay now of course There are two other companies that I'll Be sharing with you in this video two or Three others that may be available in Those States now if you reside in all Other states then you're good to go Duties include but are not limited to The following act as the last sum Between insurance adjuster and provider To resold report conflicts addendums and Clarifications in accordance with NYS WCB guidelines prepare Report with Appropriate report carbon copies and WCB Required headings review report prior to Doctor's signature follow up with

Doctors for status signature review Outstanding review outstanding reports Lists charts pending dictations resolve Any problems with submission perform Other related duties as assigned work Overtime as required so there are some Overtime hours involved in this position If you hear some noise that's my Daughter in the background Okay so now as you can see this job Requires you to do more than just Listening in on phone calls okay but That's the main job Duty that you'll be Doing in order to do the rest of the um You know the duties that are listed here Okay so for Education now for the Educational requirements they require High high school or GED equivalent they Do prefer background in medical Terminology so if you have a background In medical terminology to your college Or business school program related it's Related to medical or legal field LPN That would be preferable experience They require background in medical Terminology and Report processing so if You just have a background in medical Terminologies and Reporting processing That's basically all they're asking for Now they do prefer someone who has two Years experience within claims Environment as an LPN experiencing Workers compensation no fault claims Disability insurance and so on okay so

The experience is pretty minimal the Benefits for working for this company They have a fantastic benefits package Which includes Health dental and vision Insurance of course they are an Insurance company right 401K with Employer contributions and so on and Again it's a remote base full-time Position so make sure you go through all This information this position is Currently accepting applications now in Terms of how much on average this Company will pay for this particular Position well you can go on different Sites and research the average salary For their pay now in terms of how much Exactly is the average salary for this Position of course would have to do some Research because they do not list or Provide that information on a job Listing so I was able to pull up their Information that was posted by prior Employees and they you know gave some Information of how much exactly they Were able to get paid in this particular Position so you can see the average pay For multiple jobs that they have Available available we're going to Scroll down and we're going to look for Their quality assurance into this number Eight on the list okay if you can see it It's number eight quality assurance Specialist and the average pay is Seventy thousand dollars per year at

Thirty four dollars per hour so that's The average of course it may depend on Your experience how much years of Experience and if they have statements That say preferred LPN Etc et cetera if You have those preferred qualifications Then you will make the maximum salary so This is just the average and again the Salary can be based on different factors Experience years of experience and if You meet the preferred qualifications Okay so keep that in mind so that's it For this company let's move on to the Next this is coming from above lending As you can see is in the loans industry They provide personal loans with your Needs in mind and again you can always Go through their website they are four To five star right did company on Trustpilots so you can trust that they Are a legit company okay so make sure Again you go over how how it works Etc To fully understand what it is that they Do in how they service their clients all Right so they do have a position Here listed here for quality assurance Specialists and for their position Particularly it states that it is Remotes and there's no State Restrictions on this position so unlike The last job there were some State Restrictions but none is listed here for This company and what will you do Perform quality assurance monitoring for

All departments within call center Including operations enrollments Customer success and settlements team So you'll be monitoring calls in their Call center of course there's other Duties that you'll be doing as well all Right so you'll evaluate customer Interactions via phone social media Email chat Etc Excellence to measure Performance create and track accurate Timely quality monitoring reports Protect and Implement appropriate Controls and processes for Organizational growth communicate Detailed feedback recommend policy and Procedure changes stay current with Contemporary technology special projects Assigned as necessary okay so you'll be Doing all these amazing and wonderful Things as a quality assurance agent so Again it's not just listening to phone Calls and of course you're going to have To do some additional things once you Listen to those calls make reports and You know participate in feedbacks etc Etc in order to make those calls better Okay now what are they looking for Okay What are they looking for bachelor's Degree or equivalent related QA Experience one to three years Q Experience is preferred if you have one To three years it's preferred but it's Not required commitments excellence and

High standards excellent interpersonal Interpersonal communication skills High Attention to detail strong organization Organizational skills commitments ensure Integrity Professionalism those are the Requirements and what they're looking For so you technically don't need to Have experience to apply for this Position but if you do have one to three Years of experience as a QA ex as a QA Then that is preferred okay so no Experience is necessary for you to apply For this job it's not required now in Regards to their salary They offer now of course I have to do Some Googling because they don't have Their salary listed on their site Uh so I had a few here we can so here we Can see a few salary listed we have one On Glassdoor that states 38 000 to 63 000 per year on average for their Quality assurance specialist and it has Specific States they have Houston taxes Listed here so that could be between so That could be specifically for Houston Taxes but this is a remote-based Position it's not just in Texas so that Can be the average for anywhere in the US okay so between 38 to 63 000 per year Would be where you want to put this Salary range for this particular Position with this company Alrighty so that is for above lending

Quality assurance Specialists the lack Next and last company I want to share With you is T-Tech they are currently Looking for a temporary specialist in Quality assurance of course many of you May have heard of T-Tech before their Well-known company good for you know Finding work from home positions so they Have a quality assurance job that they Have on their website you will report to Quality assurance manager you will Contribute to the success of the Customer experience as well as the Overall success of the team during a Typical day you will pinpoint areas of Improvement through monitoring calls for Customer satisfaction and client Requirements use your thorough knowledge And understanding of client specific Call and product knowledge bring your Time management and organizational Skills to manage multiple complex and Ongoing tasks What you bring to the role they are Looking for someone who has high school Diploma or equivalence six months or More of customer service and call center Experience understanding interpreting And manipulating data for reporting so This is basically what they're looking For you to bring to this role okay so High school diploma and six months or More of customer service and call center Experience is all you need as well as

Understanding interpreting and Manipulating data for reporting now with Ttag all the competitive compensation Performance bonus opportunities benefits You you'd expect and maybe a few that Would pleasantly surprise you that's Great T-Tech but it'd be nice if you you Know shared the salary on your job Listing for this particular position but We can do again another Google search to Find the average salary for T-Tech Quality assurance uh positions right Here on salary.com the first listing the Base dollar for quality assurance Specialists in companies like T-Tech Holdings range from fifty nine thousand Dollars to seventy five thousand dollars With the average base based salary of Sixty seven thousand dollars per year Okay so that's their average Um 59 to 60 to do this video girl 59 000 to 75 000 per year is the average Salary for this position so we're gonna Go with that All right so those are the companies That are hiring presently for you know At the time of this video for quality Assurance positions if you're someone Who's interested in this area of work And working from home listening to calls Monitoring calls Etc then definitely Check out these amazing opportunities That are available at the time that this Video was posted these jobs can go at

Any time so keep that in mind all right And check out again all the links to Resources and information provided for You to get a jump start and in these Amazing opportunities and thank you so Much for watching I'll see you guys next Time happy work from home bye

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