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Lumen pays up to 32 dollars per hour Work from home customer care specialist Review Africa at work from home jobs Pronounced AF free KEYT before we get Started what type of work from home job Are you looking for put it in the Comments section and AI will get started Scouring the web for the perfect Opportunity for you This is about lumenlink in the Description job title customer care Specialist one this is a remote work From home job for anywhere Do you have customer care experience I'm Sure you do check out our work from home Experience video to see how you can use Real life experiences as customer Service experience This job pays up to 32 dollars per hour Starting pay as 29 970 per year up to Sixty six thousand eight hundred forty Dollars per year working from home Lumen is Guided by the belief that Humanity has added s best when Technology advances the way we live and Work next Lumen has customers in more Than 60 countries so for those International subscribers asking for International work This is for you next the role of Customer specialist as an entry-level Position in which you provide General Written and verbal customer support for Internal and external Lumen customers

You will be responsible for answering Inbound calls chats and emails providing Service level to customers delivering Exceptional customer experience actively Discuss products and services and more Next collaborate with customer care Managers utilize systems to properly Authenticate customers solve complex Customer issues validate customer Request identify and document root Causes of customer issues and other Duties as assigned next candidates Should have high school diploma GED or Equivalent one year of experience strong Computer skills with MS Office Experience strong written and verbal Communications and strong customer Service skills This is an opportunity you don't want to Miss next indeed rates Lumen 3.5 stars On reviews jobs salaries benefits and More over 6 000 reviews with 1500 rated 5 Stars 1800 rated 4 stars 1500 rated 3 Stars 670 rated 2 stars and 624 rated 1 Star one employee rates three stars and Says it's a job it pays the bills but They are not consistent in grading this Was in 2020 so things may have changed Another former employee rates three Stars and says management willing to Assist you with tools and succeed due to Varying ratings let's read and see what Others have to say [Music]

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