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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another video for you guys and this Is going to be another inside scoop Video okay I'm gonna be talking about The interview process with the company What I think about the company you know The pay the job I'm gonna be talking About all that for you today so let's go Ahead and get straight into it so the Company that we're going to be talking About today is the company Riverside Insights okay so I've probably featured This company on my channel maybe one Time and I think that this is a really Great company and we'll get more into That later okay so basically to get into The details of what Riverside insights Is they are a publisher of clinical and Educational standardized tests in the United States okay okay everybody so Here is Riverside insights website and I Do want to go over a few things with you So first of all make sure you study Their mission and their values if you do Make it through the interview process One of your final interviews will Involve you being asked about their Values so make sure you study those and Then these are some of the products that They do sell so some of the different Assessments that they sell so you would Need to learn about these and of course

They're going to train you but you will Need to learn about those assessments Because we'll be assisting customers Regarding their assessments okay let's Take a look at their career section at The time of me doing this voiceover they Have the group customer service Representative to have the clinical Support agent which is the job that I Applied for and then they also have the Customer support manager and then they Have a few higher end jobs as well if You qualify to do those type of jobs Definitely go ahead and check those out So let's get into more of the details of The clinical support agent you're going To be providing effective service and Support to Riverside Insight customers By responding to inquiries received Through a variety of contact channels It's going to be chat email phone and You will have a specific focus on Riverside's clinical Suite of products Including but not limited to and then They go into the different assessment Names there you're going to be Supporting the ordering process from Start to finish across a variety of Channels they do promote self-service V Online ordering but of course some Customers would like to order directly With the team so that's where you come In before orders can be processed they Must be screened against a set of state

And local restrictions and qualification Standards so some orders will need to be Changed or denied based on the screening Process the order process may include Communicating with customers to get Information about the requested products Pricing or even troubleshooting the E-commerce experience so the different Type of questions and things that you're Going to be addressing are going to be Like order tracking order fulfillment The test Administration and scoring Process you'll be troubleshooting Results you will need to become familiar With Riverside's clinical products so That's pretty much the gist of the Clinical support agent you will need to Have excellent oral and written Communication of course organization Skills experience with my Microsoft Office that's going to include Word Excel and PowerPoint be able to quickly Learn also have a high level of comfort Interacting directly with internal and External stakeholders across any contact Channel also be able to work well Independently and multitask you're going To be working between 8 A.M to 6 p.m Central Standard Time you don't need a Degree or anything you just need a high School diploma previous customer service Experience high-speed internet they are Going to provide you with the equipment An associate's degree is preferred

Previous teaching and education Experience is preferred in working Knowledge of netsuite and freshdesk is Also preferred they are stating that the Pay is going to be based on experience That part is not necessarily true at Least when it came to me that wasn't True okay here are the company benefits Right here they have PTO they have all The benefits and you will also be able To check on your job applications so That's one thing I really liked about This company as well so if you guys know A little bit about me you know that I Have been working seasonally leave with The company Pearson for many years and With Pearson you score standardized Tests so I pretty much have experience a Little bit with standardized testing and Things like that so they did have a Customer service rep position I did go Ahead and apply for that I did apply Around Christmas time I did get an email On January 26 so it was about a month Later asking me to complete a video Interview so when you receive an Invitation for the video interview I Believe you have about three or four Days to do the video interview a super Quick video interview Um I answered those questions with no Issues so after I did the video Interview the next day they responded

And they requested another video Interview this video interview was with The person that would have been my Supervisor and then there was also the Trainer in there as well and both of Them just took turns asking me questions Those questions are going to be those Star Format questions Foreign Just those basic interview questions Nothing crazy and then at the end of the Interview they did tell me what the pay Would be and she said that the pay would Be 21 an hour and that they send you Equipment okay so after that interview I Did get a response a few days later I Think it was like the next business day I wanted to do a final interview with me And the final interview would be with my Supervisor supervisor so anyway I went Ahead and did that interview again a Video interview super laid back super Relaxed and with this interview she was Asking me more holistic questions asking Me you know about the company's values And things like that so make sure you Study the company's values and be Prepared to tell them you know which Value resonates with you it was those Type of questions it was super quick and Then that's when she discussed the pay Again and when she discussed the pay With me again I did ask if we could Negotiate said it would be no problem

Because I wasn't asking for a lot and I Have quite a bit of experience so she Said that shouldn't be a problem then After that they said it would be a few Days that they will get back to me well They ended up getting back to me the Same day and they asked me if I could Get on a zoom call real quick and so I Was like sure and so I got on the zoom Call and that's when they offered me the Position and when I received the offer Letter the offer letter wasn't the pay That I discussed with the hiring manager In the interview and so I you know Politely you know let them know that There was a discrepancy in the pay that We discussed and that's when the person Said that Unfortunately they will not be Able to negotiate the pay because they Close out the budget for the year so I Didn't accept that position but I still Want to come to you guys as I always say To let you guys know about this company I think that they are a great company I Felt really good about the company you Know they're friendly you're not going To feel like a number because it's not a Whole bunch of people on your team they Make you feel really comfortable the Hours are good you're going to be Working Monday through Friday you're Going to have the weekends off you're Going to be doing email and phone so You're not going to just be stuck on the

Phone all the time so I think that it's An amazing opportunity for those that Are interested they don't have your Typical training where you're in a Training class with a bunch of people It's more so like one-on-one training And you know with the customer service Group it was only going to be about Eight people on my team so it's not a Huge you know team so if you need to be Able to talk to somebody reach out to Somebody something like that you Definitely won't feel like it's just too Many people and that you're just another Number so that's the vibe that I got With the company and I really like that I highly recommend them definitely go Ahead and apply if you're interested if You're not hiring all the time for their Customer service and that's a good sign Because that would mean that they don't Have a super high turnover which is the Type of company that you want to work With Okay so I'll definitely link their Information in the description bar if You guys are interested if you guys have Any questions or any comments you Already know you can leave those below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching and I'll see you in my next Video

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