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What's up two chicks fam I am back with Another skip the interview 9 phone work Whenever you want job but before I jump In if you are new welcome to the channel Make sure you subscribe like and share The video because on this channel we do Real giveaways and we are giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free so if you want to Win a laptop all you have to do take my Video put it on your social media Platforms go tell a friend spread the Word But be sure to come back and leave Me a comment down below don't forget to Check out the four videos that I posted On the channel today I did drop a high Paying data entry work from home job Also guys I dropped a company that Nobody else is talking about make sure You guys go back check out that video And apply for that job tonight also hop On over to the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog look under the spotlight Job section look for Omni interact Actions scroll down and look for tell us Both of these companies are on a hiring Spree so be sure guys to get your Applications in share it with a friend Don't forget to look down below in the Comment section and sign up for Branded Surveys again the link is down below in The comment section let's jump in so the Company is quick taped and tan and I Both used to work for this company and I

Was able to make around maybe six to Seven hundred dollars a month I really Can't just remember because it's been so Long ago their sister company is I Dictate so with this company guys you Will have to pay a twenty dollar Non-refundable background check fee they Are legit you can go over to Google type In quick tape they have been in business For a long time so it says that quick Tape transcribers voicemail with a Transcribe voicemail messages memos Letters legal files medical files Recording of phone calls conference Calls and other other audio files this Is an easy one where you don't need a Foot pedal quick tape also all this Summarizes evaluates and analyzes out of Your recordings and phone conversations Now some audio files like the voicemail Messages May average just two to three Minutes in length while other recordings May be significantly longer perhaps Several hours if you are not a fast Typist I can't remember if you would Have to take a typing test or not but You can always go over to a free website Typingtest.com and you can practice Practice practice practice every day This is what I did to pick up my typing Speed and on a good day I probably can Type 80 to 85 words per minute on a slow Day it may be around 60 to 65 so what we Require of our contractors again this is

A contractor independent contractor work From home position accurate spelling and Punctuate Asian individuals that know How to follow instructions typists that Can listen to voice files and accurately Type what they hear experienced and Professional transcription is now that Being said not really they really are Not looking for experienced and Professional transcriptionists if you Are kudos to you but I was not and they Still hired me anyway the type is with Their own equipment supplies facilities Work office space honesty Integrity Reliability no convictions of a felony Or misdemeanor on your record do not Proceed if you have been convicted Because again there is a 20 Non-refundable background check and that Is the fee you do have to pay the fee Because you are an independent Contractor taking uh take a typing quiz For each language or specialty that You're interested in and they do give Some examples if you can speak Spanish Or French or you know the terms the Language then you can apply as well take A test to ensure you understand quick Takes requirements depending on how you Score it on your quick take test typing Test you may qualify to be tested to Also offer you services to I dictate and Like I said I dictate is a sister Company and they do pay a little bit

More so you will be an independent Contractor guys you can select your own Hours work whenever you want you can Work as many or as little or as few Hours as you want to they are open 24 7 365 as some people would say so how to Get started to determine if you qualify To receive typing and or analyst Assignments and they do have a list here As you guys can see background checks After you pass the quiz and the typing Test we will run a background check on You you agreed to pay the twenty dollar Cost of the background check this may be Paid using PayPal or a credit card and It is non-refundable so the following Must be done in each in this order each One of these must be completed review And follow all procedures and Requirements outlined in the help desk And you can click here to get to the Help desk review and follow all Procedures and requirements outlined in The HIPAA business associate agreement Fill out the form below tell us a little Bit about yourself this will create a Typist account in our system I wonder is My typist account still active probably Not because this has been years ago when I applied and got hired with quick take So again guys this is one of those Skifty interview side hustle eggs you Can work it however you want to it could Be a part-time job for some people not

Sure if the money will be good enough to Make it a full-time job but it can most Definitely be a part-time job the Company is quick taped if you do a good Job they will invite you to the sister Company which is I dictate and they do Pay a little bit more than quick take Quick take is for beginners so if you're Someone that is new to transcription or You want one of these types of side Hustles or part-time jobs and you're new To this this is a good company guys to Start with you don't have to stay with Any of these companies but we just Consider this one to be a good side Hustle egg for beginner or beginning Typist I would say that or Transcriptionist so this one is on the Non-phone blog there will be a link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you go over To Google always do this on whatever Company that we talk about even though This one is not an interview it does not Matter you still need to know who you Are working for I always Google the Companies because I need to know that Information just make sure you guys do That make sure you share the video Because somebody out there one of your Friends family members it could be a Facebook friend that you don't even know But you're friends with the person

Somebody is looking for a legitimate Work from home job I see scams posted on Facebook all day every day and there'll Be a lot of people responding in the Comments to these scammers so make sure You guys are sharing we're trying to get This information out to the masses and We also are trying to get to 100 000 Subscribers so that we can bless 10 of Our subscribers with brand new laptop Computers we will also be giving away Other things work from home related and Anytime we do a giveaway guys it is Never via email we keep getting emails From people asking for laptops no ma'am No sir we will not send you a laptop That way everything that we do and Everything that we give away it is Always always done via live stream so Keep that in mind please do not email us Asking and begging for a laptop computer I am here to tell you it is not going to Happen behind the scenes because we have To make it fair for the other people That have been sharing our information And if you are new here it is not too Late guys you still can get in on the Giveaway and we have four giveaways Going on with this platform the next Giveaway is over on Facebook join the Group it is kiss daycubica goodbye make Sure you invite your people to the group We are trying to build it up to 250 000 members also guys don't forget to

Follow us on our Facebook business page It is two chicks with a side hustle and We will be giving away something two Additional laptops and some other items Guys once we reach a hundred thousand Followers on that platform so we're Giving away a total of 12 laptops Combined with this channel the YouTube Channel and also the Facebook business Page now on Instagram we're giving away Something I have no idea what we're Gonna give away we just did a giveaway a Couple of weeks ago we gave away two Hundred dollars worth of gift cards so Be sure to follow us on Instagram it is Two chicks with the side hustle and We're trying to get to 10 000 followers We are so close guys so make sure you Come on over there and you follow us tag A friend tell a friend create a story Put us in your story I can guarantee you One of your Instagram friends is looking For a legitimate work from home job or They might be looking for a side hustle My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye YouTube

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