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Hey hey two chicks bam it is me Carl and I am back with a high paying non-phone No experience work from home job but Before I jump into this awesome video Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share because on this YouTube channel Not only do we post legit work from home Jobs side gigs our hustles but guys we Will be coming on the live stream later On today so let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys think we should talk About don't forget guys to take the Video share it because we are giving Away 10 brand new laptop computers Absolutely free so take the video share It with a friend post it on Facebook Tick Tock Twitter Instagram don't forget To come back though and leave us a Comment and make sure you invite your Friends and family members over here on This YouTube channel later on this Evening we have been dropping a ton of Work when you want videos make sure you Guys scroll back and check those out Also don't forget to hop over to the two Chicks blog look on the home page make Sure you guys apply for a Telus International and make sure you sign up For Branded surveys the link is down Below in the comment section let's jump Into this awesome awesome video so the Company is invitate Or in Vitae so guys they are looking to

Feel this data processing associate work From home job so it says here the Schedule is Tuesday through Saturday From 8 A.M to 5 30 p.m Pacific Standard Time our data processing team plays an Integral part in the laboratory and Customer support phase the team is Responsible for accurate specimen Verification and Order information entry While working cross-functionally with Multiple departments the data processing Team members will contribute to a Culture in which direct and consistent Feedback can be given and taken we Encourage honest and open communication And constructive feedback they rely on Team members to work with a sense of Urgency and with a goal of putting Patients First in the team above the Individual we prioritize transparency And continuous process Improvement to Contribute towards the highest level of Patient care so I do see here guys this Role is essential and required being Available to support the laboratory Um Assessioning hours which follow a Monday Through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday schedule flexibility and the Ability to work overtime is required When needed by the team and they do have Some other things listed here on what You guys will do assist quality control Of patient specimen specimens and orders

Thorough review of new orders for Accuracy also participate in new product Um Essay lunches and provide input on Process improvements now for this one it Says high school diploma now that is Required no degree previous experience In health care if you guys have previous Experience in healthcare science data Processing or any other related field That is related to this job that is okay But as you guys can see but not required Entry level no minimum requirement some College education in science or related Field it is just preferred but if you Don't have that this is an entry level Position guys you don't need experience As you guys can see the pay is 17 to 22 Dollars an hour so you guys better hurry Up and apply for this one and Vitae is The company go over to Google do some Research about the company just in case You guys get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprised now I will be Sure to leave a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Share the video somebody out there guys Looking for a legit work from home job And you just may be the person to help Them out don't forget to hop over to Facebook join us we are doing a laptop Giveaway in our Facebook group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye don't forget

To also guys Follow the two chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook business page to Twitter and the Instagram two chicks With a side hustle follow like subscribe Share make sure you guys leave us a Comment somewhere create some videos Create some stories create some reals Tag Us in those videos those stories and Those reels and your name will go on the Giveaway list we are trying to push this Information out there to the masses in All of 2023 we will be doing a lot of Giveaways so make sure if you guys want To participate it is absolutely free Doesn't cost you anything to share this Good information my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful beautiful Lovely people in the next video bye YouTube

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