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Hey hey hey this is Tangy with two Chicks with a side hustle coming at you With another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor hit That red subscribe button also hit that Bell notification button so you can be Notified whenever we post a new video or Do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so if you take One of our YouTube videos share with Your friends family anyone who is Looking to work from home and come back Under the video and type I shared you Will be entered into a drawing to win a Free laptop computer so make sure you're Sharing make sure you're telling your Friends and family about our YouTube Channel about our blogs and you can win Prizes on this channel thank you so much For those of you who shared well today Guys our position comes from and this is Really not a position it is more like a Side hustle one of those eggs you need To have in your basket and I'm gonna Tell you a little bit about mturk gonna Tell you my story with mturk and we are Going to get at it well guys mturk is a Amazon based company it is owned by Amazon and what mturk is is it it deals With artificial intelligence Intelligence also it allows companies to Put small tasks that they need done for Their business on this platform and to Be able to pay what they call Micro

Workers and you will be the micro Workers to perform these tasks based uh Uh things so they have various tasks That you can do it ranges from video Recordings Um you can do surveys you can Um do all types of small little tasks Maybe Research things Um All types of tasks you can do you can Transcribe audio recordings you can Maybe enter things into Excel sheets They're all type of little micro tasks You can perform on mtart and what you do Is you sign up and they will have to Approve your account and you can go in And look at these different type of Micro tasks that are available so you Can filter on the tasks that pay the Most you can filter on different type of Tasks if you only want to look at survey Type tasks you can filter on that you Can filter by job tasks that pay the Least and you can also filter if you're Looking for transcription and you can Filter out many other things but it is a Great platform I'll tell you a little Bit about my story I worked on mtech I Think they have been in business maybe a Couple of years and I was looking for Something to do on the side to create a Stream of income I was working from home But I really wanted to do something else

And someone told me about mturk so I Went on and I start looking and I start Looking for things that I can do I Started out doing surveys and one thing About mturk is you will have to get Approved to do certain tasks so if like You want to do a survey you'll have to Get an approval weight and then you are You know approved to take the uh Uh to take the filter for the survey Meaning you have to take a pre fill out A preform to see if you qualify Um so I was doing those well I was Reading a forum on mturk and someone Said well it is a task where you keep Receipts where people have scanned in Receipts and you keep the information Off of them well I said you know I'm a Fast typist I think I can do that so I I Started looking and I found those type Tasks on there now these tasks paid Anywhere from one cent to I think at the Time thirteen fourteen Cent per receipt Keep in mind that the more they paid the More you had to keep so I started doing Maybe the one cent getting a feel for The information that was on the receipt That I needed to key and I got good at It I was a fast typist but the more I Learned how a Groove that I got into the More I could type so I started off my Goal was making ten dollars a day so I Started keying up to ten dollars a day Now I didn't keep that ten dollars all

In one sitting I may keep 20 here 30 Here you know Um I got myself into a Groove and that Ten dollars grew into twenty dollars a Day and that twenty Zone grew to 30 and 40 and so on and so I was able to at one Point make sixty dollars a day off of Mturking those receipts so it was one Point I was making the sixty dollars Every day for like three months so that Was a great side hustle and it maybe Took me maybe three or four hours a day To key those receipts but that was still A good twenty dollars an hour and I was Sitting at home doing it in my own time Now this there are other things you can Do besides those receipts on mturf to Create income that is just my story and I I found a saying from a good friend he Said inch by inch it is a cinch yard by Yard it is hard so take it an inch at a Time make sure you just keep working at It because eventually you will get Faster eventually you will make the Money but you have to con make the Commitment to try and to be consistent With it so it takes consistency in Patience and the money will come thank You for joining apply for mturk scroll Down click the apply here button they Will approve your account put in all Your information and the good thing is It is daily pay once they approve your Work have a great day bye-bye

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