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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another non-phone work at home job 2023 this company is hiring immediately And we're going to go ahead and dive Right into it so we're going to be Talking about the company as you can see On the screen Carecentric they're currently seeking Document management coordinators to work Remotely as you can see the pay is Between 16.35 to 20 an hour now when you scroll Down the only requirement is a high School diploma or equivalent okay now This company do offer full range of Benefits including Health dental and Vision with HSA employee contribute Independent care FSA employee match they Do offer Advanced opportunity Professional skills training and tuition Reimbursements they will train you too As well and that's where I get that Information from and it is a great Culture with sense of community now We're going to go more into details About this role what you're going to be On this position ensures the accurate Accurate and timely preparation of Correspondence appropriate to contract And service types prepare and proofread Correspondence work under moderate Supervision the schedules are Mondays Through Friday from 11 30 to 8 PM so 11 30 a.m to 8 p.m and your responsibility

In this role is again you're going to Process manual and approve and deny Letters as appropriate under the Requirements you're going to proof each Letter to ensure the quality and Accuracy of each letter prior to Printing and processes of delivering you Can also assist in audit process as Requests are required and then at the Direction of management assist Departments and Associates with project Support and then you're going to review And add here to all company policies and Procedures in the employee handbook and Then you're going to participate in Special projects and perform other Duties as assigned now the qualification That they would like for you to have is At least a minimal of one year work Experience in clerical support in a Healthcare related organization Experience in a large Insurance Organization is a strong plus they also Want you to have effective word Processing with proficiency using Microsoft Word and data entry skills is Required now speaking about dating entry Microsoft Word there is a free place That you can go and practice your daily Entry in Microsoft 365 and I'm going to Show you right now now if you're Interested in learning how to type do Data entry you can go to where you can

Practice your typing test as well as Your 10 key test if I want to do my 10 Key tests all I have to do is hit start And I have a choice to do numbers and Symbols and numbers and onlys so make Sure you go ahead and practice your Typing skills so you can get them where They need to be and then also I talk About Microsoft 365. if you want to know Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft teams Access this is a free place where you Can go and learn word at least within Five or ten minutes so if I'm interested In learning Excel all I have to do is Click on Excel it will take me to this Excel video training and then I can Choose if I want to know how to do rows And columns I can click on this video And it will show me everything I need to Do in order to understand Excel so I can Go ahead and get this job okay now back To the job here Now when you go down here they're Looking for someone that has Organization listening and communication Skills attention to detail and Proofreading skills are required now in Your resume under the skill section make For sure you list organization listening Skills communication skills attention to Details and proofreading skills those Need to go into your skills you need to Implement these skills into your resume

That is how you are tailoring or Optimizing your resume to pass the Applicant tracker system and that is What you're trying to do is get your Resume passed to Africa tracking system So it can get in the hand of hiring Manager or recruiter so if you're Interested in applying all you need to Do is Click right here where it says Apply for this job online now if this Video has been helpful so far and you Want to see more non-phone work at home Jobs 2023 are also jobs that are hiring Immediately make sure you subscribe to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all of your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified plus when I go YouTube live you will also be notified And be able to attend the live stream And speaking about YouTube live stream I Will be going live on March the 7th 2021 At 7 00 p.m Central Standard Time Um this is a great opportunity this is Going to be a work from home q a Whatever courses you have about working From home and then also I want to build A community where we can encourage and Uplift one another on our job search and Everyday life with inspiration quotes So Make for sure you join this live stream On March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time that is on a

Tuesday I look forward in chatting with You whatever courses you need to have Make for sure you bring that to the Table okay now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you it's to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but everything starts in the mind If you just tell your mind and that you Can bleed if you believe in yourself Then everything is going to go to Fruition you have to stop talking Negative and start talking positive Surround yourself around people that Have your best interests everybody do Not have your best interest everybody is Not for you it's people out there love To see you live and paycheck to paycheck When they decide they see you want to Move up and find a better job they're Like cockroaches they come out and you Never knew that you had that many until You start want to better yourself so Surround yourself around people that are Doing things when you around people that Are getting jobs of people that are Being successful in their business it Can't help but to rub off of you and Make you want to be successful so what I've learned in life the older that I Get like I always say my circle of Friends are very few because everybody Is not happy for you that's including Family friends people you know and

People you don't know what I've learned In life is people that you don't know do More for you than people you do know Okay so put yourself around and stop Surrounding yourself around people that Is about something that is going to do Something that is going to push you That's going to uplift you and that's Going to encourage you and that is what I'm trying to do is build a community Where we can uplift and encourage one Another in our job search in everyday Life because people going through things Even though you may have a job you got To deal with your supervisor you got to Deal with co-workers you got to deal With drama so people need an escape Place to come in to take off of that Stress and that is what I want to build On my YouTube live streams so make sure You join me on this coming Tuesday Um this Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at Seven o'clock P.M all you have to do is Be subscribed to the channel turn on Your notification and when I go live you Will see it okay so again keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I always talk about Having multiple strains of income I Believe in not seven but I believe in Eight multiple strains of M con you

Should always have a backup plan too Many times people get a job they'd be Complacent they don't want to look for Another job even though you have a job You should always be looking you should Never stop because you never know what Can happen and with bookboat if you do Your research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and it Can happen to you but again you got to Put in the work there is a saying what Come easy won't last and what last one Come easy and to give you information About book vote for those who don't know What book vote is these are low content Books that are behind me as you can see On the screen low content books or Journals Diaries law books recipes books Coloring pages puzzle books activity Books and there are too many to name There are so many that you can do okay Now the great thing about this platform Is you can always research the product Before you actually make it to see People sell as well as you can spy on Your competitors and see what kind of Keywords they're using and you can Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not the copy but to be Expired when you scroll down a little Bit further bookboat Studio has upgraded They have cover craters interior designs Drag and drop editors complete

Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free fonts more than one Million royalties free image pattern Scalable designs filter and much more And yes people buy these books every Single day is people that are making Passive income okay now again you're Able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match materials to create unique books For your audience and they have a big Tutorial if you spin once you sign up if You spend an hour a day on a tutorials In your dashboard you will come familiar With everything you need to know in Order to get you started and make that Passive mcom now the interior is already Made for you so you can go to Resource And I can go to Interior wizard okay now If you are able to make your own Interior that is great but it's already Made for you when you go down here They have Bill trackers music sheets Online shopping tracking mood tracker Monthly to-do list You get to pitch a birthday reminder Recipe books Um day planner Um Fitness calendar fishing log and then You have a choice to either do paperback Or you could do both hardcover all of my Low content books are paperback which is Eight by five eleven and for the sake of

The video I am going to choose this Recipe book and I'm going to put 120 Pages and I'm gonna hit download once You hit that download this is your Interior right here if I am pleased with This which I will put more designs I Will put more things going on in here in Order for it to sell but if I was Pleased with this this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb or you can sell It on Etsy you can sell it on send now You can sell it sell it on pay hip there Are free social media platforms that you Can promote it on if you have your Website you can sell on your website you Can promote it on other people's website Too as well now I tell you all the time I am not a graphic designer and you Don't have to be a graphic designer to Do this you can go on Fiverr and pay Somebody to design your covering and Make it stand out so it can sell okay I Do that all the time I do not make my Covering for my puzzle books nor my Coloring books I pay somebody on Fiverr Anywhere between five and twenty dollars To make my cover and it and they do an Awesome job and you could do the same Thing okay now when you go back into Um bookboat a lot of y'all might want to Understand or see what is the price and Anytime you're talking about a business There is going to be some pricing you Cannot complain about the situation if

You don't take action what I've learned In life people that are Risk Takers they Are the one moving up on moving up and Down the ladder they're going forward I Used to be the same way that I did not Want to invest in myself when people Used to talk about money I used to turn The other ear out oh okay I'm tired but I was always at level eight and Everybody else was moving to level Z so You have to invest in yourself in order To grow if you want to grow you gotta go Okay so the pricing plan And I think it's very affordable and she Could do the Newbie which is 9.99 per Month and you can do the pro which is 19.99 per month but if you use my coupon Code which is the rest of sweat all in Lower case don't worry that information Is in the YouTube description bar you Will get 20 off the 9.99 per month that Is Lifetime that is forever or if you Choose the 1999 per month you will get 20 off of that and again that is Lifetime forever and the great thing About this is you could try it out for Three days for free and see if you like It and I guarantee you're gonna like it Now the only difference is with the pro You're getting the puzzle creation Software included So make for sure you go ahead and sign Up today once you sign up today you can Go ahead and start creating your first

Low content books download it on Amazon Kdb and possibly make your first sale But you got to take action faith without Works is dead too many times people sit Back and they procrastinate and say I'm Gonna start this but I would do this but I'm gonna wait next week life is too Short you gotta take action today you Have to have a plan you have to prepare A plan and have something to fall back On in case your permanent job falls Through the cracks you have Book boat to Come in and fill in those cracks and you Can make anywhere between a thousand to Ten thousand a month I do book well I'm Not just talking I'm walking the walk I'm doing book broke too as well and I've like I said I've been doing it for Like eight months nine months now and I Am making my thing is I do puzzle books And I also do Um proposal books in journals and that Is what I enjoy doing and as well as Coloring books too as well and this Could be a passive income you have to Put in the work again what come easy Won't last and what last won't come easy So go out there and sign up today once You sign up you can start today going Through the tutorials you can go Starting today and make this passive Income okay and just remember my channel Is all about non-phone work at home jobs 2023 companies that are hiring

Immediately companies that are hiring Now companies that will train you and Some of the jobs you can start working Today so make sure you subscribe to the Channel by clicking that red button Don't forget to click on your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified and never give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they go Like this these jobs move quickly don't Forget to join me on March the 7th 2023 That is Tuesday tomorrow Where I would go YouTube live this is a Work from home q a whatever courses you Have in regards to working from home and Also like I always say is I want to Build a community where we can Inspire One another encourage one another uplift Everyone on our job search in everyday Life okay so make sure you join me again On March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward In chatting with you if you would like To support the channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click the join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the Channel All members I would love to meet with You in Zoom I make for sure you um Respond I have sent out a message in

YouTube so make for sure that you um let Me know when is a good day and a time For us to be in Zoom okay and then again Check out your community tab that is Where I engage with you when I upload New videos I post it in there when I do Posts when I do quotes I post it in There and make sure that you're watching The videos I believe that I'm bringing a Lot of valuable information to you to Help you get closer to Landing your First second third job and also make for Sure that you check out the next video That is appearing on the screen either At the top or at the bottom there are More work from home job leads on that of Those videos and those companies are Still hiring right now and then just Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs there Is a job out there being made for you But again you gotta believe thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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