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Okay okay welcome back to the channel Welcome back to the video if it's your First time here welcome I'm so pleased To have you here specifically so if it's Your first time I'ma hit you with the Drill click that red subscribe button Right below this video that way you Never miss an upload you get these jobs First you get to be a part of the early Squad we love to see it so this is a Fully remote customer Advocate job Through living proof in this role living Proof is Seeking a motivated team player To support the customer service function As well as the e-commerce team your Responsibilities but not limited to Customer service management order Management administrative report or Support and digital Ops Team support so We're going to get to all that in the Responsibilities the responsibilities Are as follows respond to all inbound Customer service inquiries through the Cloud-based customer service platform Manage and develop the automated Customer support system provide product Info become knowledgeable on product Message points use usage results Recommendations document all the product And customer issues report all customer Issues and leads during the quarterly Service cross-functional meeting and Work closely with the finance supply Chain and packaging teams this sounds

Like it's all chat based and email Response not on the phone so no phone Needed Hallelujah blessed be this is for Those of you who want to work in Customer service but you don't want to Be talking on the phone I got you this Is great the requirements here the Qualifications two to four years Experience contributing to office Environments strong interpersonal skills Verbal and written communication skills You're organized attention to detail Social media Savvy resourceful and Finding answers you can adapt quickly You're interested in a community Fostering social platforms like Tick Tock Instagram red Etc you have a Passion for the Cosmetic industry and Proven capability to quickly learn new Innovative projects you don't need a Bachelor's degree so that is great just A high school diploma GED I assume the Compensation in 24 to 29 per hour y'all This job is sweet I might even apply for This to be honest with you I usually Don't try to apply to any jobs that I Share with you guys but this one's Tempting so y'all better hit this one up Before I do if you want the link for This application page it'll be on my Website work from home with That's in the description box below you Already know let's go if this one was Not for you on the screen are two other

Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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