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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I'm back with another video But I wanted to share this word from Home jobs because when I came across it I was super excited so if you are you Know tuning in then awesome so I'm just Going to jump right into it this is Coming from a company called MCI and I Shared work from home position from this Company in the past so they have Positions currently available now if you Are someone who's in the military or you Are a military you know Personnel then They do have military jobs available on Their site as well and you can search do Job searches on their site so I was just You know browsing through their website And I saw this opportunity so I wanted To just share it with you because I Don't know this job can close and I Don't want to wait till Monday to share It with you it may not be available so If you are able to catch this video then That would be awesome because you might Have a great chance of you know hearing Back from the company so let's jump into This position this is coming from MCI They are looking for Agents to work across the US okay so This is a U.S Canada I believe people Who reside in Canada you might be able To apply for this position because it

Does State this in the job listing so as I read through some of the information Then you can decide on whether or not You would like to apply for this job so This was posted three days ago so it's Still fresh and hot again I had to you Know jump on tonight and just put this Out there for those who may be Interested so they currently have 10 000 Openings currently available and these Are entry level position you don't need To have a bachelor's degree or master's Degree Just simply have a high school diploma Or a GED okay and this is Statewide work At home positions and it is available Remotely so this is coming this is Posted from their La location in the US But they're not just hiring La they're Hiring all over the U.S all right so We're hiring 1 000 working home staff to Support federal states and Commercial Clients MCI is looking for Nationwide Work at home customer service help desk Technical support and sales Representatives to support call demand In these roles you will handle inbound Customer inquiries or troubleshoot basic Technical issues and assist customers in Adding or removing products and services There are full-time as well as part-time Positions available for almost any Schedule day nights evening seven days a Week in a lot of cases you can make your

Own schedule the position offer Competitive base pay commensurate with Experienced role schedule level Plus Benefits for full-time paid vacation and Variable bonus and contests incentives All it takes to get started is for you To complete an easy online application And in an informal interview with a Talent acquisition specialist if you do Not have your equipment MCI will provide It for you so no excuses okay you will Need a home broadband connection in Order to start working for this company Now their entry-level contract sense of Representatives are responsible for the Following tasks listen to customers Understand or need and resolve customer Issues pretty simple utilize Systems and Technology to complete account Management tasks and processes with Customers appropriately escalate Customer to satisfaction with managerial Team in short first call resolution and So on so on okay standard qualification For this job MCI provides all new Employees with world class training so All positive driven and confident I made A YouTube short video talking about the Number one thing that you have to have When you apply for any position or Considering a position is to have Confidence okay so they're looking for Someone who's driven and confident And they encourage you to apply if you

Have those specific characteristics okay Ideal candidates for this position are Highly motivated energetic and dedicated Now the basic qualifications include 18 Years of age or older high school Diploma excellent organization Organizational skills ability to type Swiftly and accurately basic knowledge Of Microsoft Office tools such as Excel PowerPoint word Outlook Etc basic understanding of Windows Operating system highly reliable with The ability to maintain regular Attendance and punctuality and so on Okay so just read the entire Qualifications that they have listed Here Now you must be authorized to work in Your country of residence which includes United States or Canada must be willing To submit up to a level two background Or security investigation with Fingerprints job offers are contingents On background security investigation Results so this is a legitimate Opportunity from a legitimate company That you can trust okay you can always Do your own little investigation in Regards to this company yourself they Are a legitimate company and they have Tons of reviews online that you can find Up to four star rating reviews about This company so they are legitimate so You can do your own little investigation

About this company I always encourage You to do that not many out there Encourage you to do your own Investigation and research on companies Or any opportunities that they share Must be willing to submit to drug Screening job offers are contingent on Drug screening results so in terms of The work from home requirements they Require that you have a quiet workspace Of course private area acceptable for Webcam use wired high-speed internet Connection personal desktop or laptop Computer they have specifics here so They give you all the information so That you can evaluate whether or not Your equipment meets their standard in Order to perform their job okay so you Need a headset approved corded USB noise Canceling if you need work from home Equipments check out Link in my Description section you can check out The link below this video where I share Equipment that you will need to get Started working from home that link will Take you to my personal Amazon Storefront and a list or from Home Products and equipments that you need Suggested equipments to get started in Working from home okay so I list the top Products that are used top computers Headset head cancellation headsets for Working from home okay so make sure you Check out my Amazon store for for

Equipment and of course they will Provide you with a computer so you don't Necessarily need to purchase a computer For this position with MCI okay all Right so if you are ready to get started And you've fully read all the Information that is in this application Make sure you thoroughly read all the Information so you don't miss anything So that you can apply correctly and you Your application don't get rejected or Overlooked or ignored so once you're Ready to apply just scroll to the top of The job listing and you're gonna go to Your right and click where it says apply Now or you can email this job and share It with someone you know who may be Looking for a position okay so just Click where it says apply now and I have The most intelligence and awesome Audience and viewers so how to follow Steps in applying for these positions Okay so for this job you will need to Enter your email and it will take you From there okay so if you for whatever Reason encounter some issues with Applying for this position in as you're Going through the application process Then I highly say suggest that you can Contact MCI you can they have a phone Number there that you can call them and I believe that maybe I believe that you Can also email them as well ask about This position and the issues that you're

Having with applying for the for the job Okay so that's basically what you can do So that's it for this video thank you so Much for joining me have a safe Halloween weekend and happy work from Home bye

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