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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this is Going to be another part-time job and This one is going to be with the company Nick's college student athlete and They're looking for a part-time member Support coordinator I do believe that This is a weekend job this job is not Going to pay much it's going to be 15 an Hour but as I state with these part-time Jobs they're not meant to be careers They're just meant to put extra money in Your pocket help with the bills or Whatever else you're trying to do okay So let's go ahead and get into the Details of this job right here you will Be managing all forms of inbound contact That's going to be phone calls emails And texts and it's going to be coming From members of the NCSA Network you're Going to provide a world-class customer Experience to ncsa's clients and you're Going to critically evaluate the status Of every client with whom one interacts And provide direction to ensure the Member stays on a path towards success With his or her membership you will Provide Outreach to clients who are not Progressing and need direction to ensure Each member stays on path towards Success and you will help clients

Understand the steps they need to take To maximize their recruiting potential And their membership at NCSA you do need To have an associate's degree or Customer service experience great Customer service skills be organized and Detail-oriented professional friendly Phone demeanor excellent writing skills Proficiency with Microsoft Word Excel And Outlook and also you do need to be Passionate about College athletics and Have the ability to work weekends it's Saying that you must be available on Saturday and Sunday between 8 30 a.m and 5 30 p.m they're not specifying what Time zone but you will be working up to 29 hours per week and again it's 15 an Hour okay of course if you guys are Interested in applying you already know Check out that link in the description Bar make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and you guys already know I appreciate you so much for watching I'll see you in my next video and good Luck to everyone who applies for the job

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