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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from Melissa at home and Welcome back to another video good Morning good afternoon good evening Whichever time of the day that you find This video I hope you're doing well so We're gonna get started in presenting Another company with an amazing Opportunity on today's video so if You're not subscribed make sure you Subscribe hit that subscribe button and Make sure you tap that notification Bell So that you are able to receive Notifications for videos of job leads Because these job leads can go fast and You do not want to miss out on the Opportunity to apply for a position that Just might be your dream opportunity to Get started in working from home so make Sure to hit that subscribe button again And hit that notification Bell also Check out my resources and services as Well as tools that are available in the Description section below this video if You're International asking about International jobs I have a playlist That I put together link is in Description section below this video Alright so let's get started so you are Looking at a company by the name of Dow Jones you I'm sure no matter where you Are in the world you are familiar with Dow Jones I'm just going to give you a

Quick background about this company Dow Jones is a worldwide news news and Information Powerhouse with prestigious Brands which includes the Wall Street Journal Dow Jones news wires factiva Baron's market watch and financial news Dow Jones and Company is one of the Largest business in financial news Company in the world additional Information that you'll find on their Website if you go to Dow you Can always browse their main page to Learn more about this company as well as Use a Search tool popular Search tool Google to learn more about Dow Jones all Right so let's jump into the Opportunities that they have available To find remote-based opportunity these You can go to their careers section Which is right here click on careers and Then once you are taken to their careers Page what you want to click where it Says view all jobs now they do have Multiple positions available in Different locations in the US as well as Other parts of the world which include Hong Kong and Romania now it's a fine Remote base opportunity I highly suggest That you enter virtual jobs because I Did put remote to find remote based jobs On their website when I was searching For jobs and it did not populate Anything so I typed in Virtual instead Of remotes and was able to find multiple

Positions that are available virtually So these are the jobs that are available Virtually so if any of these jobs look Interesting to you then you could go Ahead and click on the job title to Learn more about the position now in This video there is one particular Opportunity I wanted to highlight that I Found on their website that I feel would Be a good fit for majority of you Especially if you're someone who's Interested in working for Dow Jones in An entry-level position they are looking For billing analysts and this is an Entry level this is only available in The US if you're International you can Try to find a remote basis or virtual Jobs on their website in other countries But they're not hiring every country it Looks like they are mostly hiring in the US Romania and Hong Kong so Dow Jones Company is seeking an exceptional Individual to join their order Management team in this role you will Perform a daily invoicing for both the Opus and access business lines Monitoring action on items in a shared Billing mailbox research and resolve all Errors and discrepancies run reports and Troubleshoot as needed comply with Billing internal controls and Participate in Special Projects Establish and maintain positive business Relationships both internally and

Externally to promote company goals Compliance with standard procedures and Or written instructions to perform job Duties so that is a summary of basically The responsibilities that will be Involved in this role not to break it Down you will basically perform billing Research and customer service related Activities supporting a company's Business operations ensure billing Cycles are handled efficiently and Accurately work in a team environments Learn systems in a timely manner and Adapt to changing processes and Procedures comply with company and Departmental policies analyze and answer Inquiries from internal and external Customers now it did not mention the Type of Channel or the method of Communicating with customers it could be Via chats via email Or more than likely via phone so that is Not specified in a job description but In some way shape fashion form you will Be communicating with customers okay Utilize systems and tools in order to Achieve Department objectives address And resolve escalations this role is Required to work U.S hours 9 A.M to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time shift allowance Will be provided so the requiring skills Include understanding of the billing and Customer service activities generally Accepted accounting principles

Demonstrate strong organizational and Interpersonal communication skills General understanding of Microsoft Office of products including but not Limited to Excel and ability to work in A deadline oriented environments adapt To constant change excellent Communication skills demonstrate ability To interact effectively Interpret and follow oral and written Instructions must be able to work Independently effective research and Problem solving skills so these are the Required skills that they're looking for And as you can see nothing mentioned no Mentioning of Prior working experience Okay most important thing that they do Require that you have is understanding Of billing and customer service Activities but you don't need to have Previous working experience in a role Previous working experience but if you Have all these demonstrated skills and Abilities in understanding then you Basically qualify for this position and That is why I wanted to highlight this Particular job on their website because I feel majority of you will meet the Qualifications okay so if you are Interested in learning about the pay They have it listed on their website the Pay range is between forty thousand Dollars to a hundred and sixty thousand Dollars of course the pay range is based

On your skill level your years of Experience as well as other factors Sometimes location can also affect your Pay okay so it's between forty thousand To a hundred and sixty thousand dollars So they do offer competitive Compensation to ensure that they're able To attract the best candidates the Quoted salary range represents their Good faith estimates as to what their Ideal candidates are likely to expect so If you're their ideal candidates and to Know if you are you would meet all these Skills like you have all these skills Okay if you have all these skills and Let's say you have five years of Experience in all these areas then yeah Definitely you would be an ideal Candidate and making close to 160 000 Per year so again it's based on your Skill level your experience years of Experience as well as your knowledge Base And that you're hitting all those key Responsibilities and requirements and And as I mentioned to you which is Stated here location Technical and Communication skills and other factors That may prove relevant during the Interviewing process will determine how Much you get paid for the position okay So your specific amounts for each Individual so the specific amount for Each individual in addition to cash

Compensation the company provides a Comprehensive and highly competitive Benefits package with a variety of Physical health retirement and savings Caregiving emotional well-being Transportation and other benefits Including elective benefits employees May select to best fit the needs in Personal situations of their diverse Workforce so that is the gist of the Opportunity you can go through the job Listing yourself and read over all this Information so that you have a full Understanding one about the company what They're looking for the roles and Responsibilities and see if yours your Skill and experience matches up with What they're asking for so again you Don't need to have previous experience In this field but they do require that You have some understanding as well as Some skills that I went over with you in The video okay so Dow Jones is hiring For billing analysts it is an entry Level position and this is only Available for U.S residents and it is a Full-time job click the link in the Description section to get started in Applying for this job it is still Available you will have to create an Account so you just click on it says Create accounts to start that process And create an account your email address Or your password verify your new

Password so then you'll be all set to Move further in the application process And submitting your resume as well as Your cover letter of course before you Even get started make sure you check out My resume revamping Services as well as My resume templates if you have any Issue if you have purchased my resume Templates and you have and you are Having any problems or issues make sure You email melissia at home so That I can assist you whatever with Whatever issues that you are having I May ask you for a screenshot or a screen Recording to get a better understanding Of what issues you're running into with The resume templates but for the most Part fairly simple and easy to use and They come with full instructions as well As a guide to guide you in writing your Own resume okay so make sure you check Out my resume templates in the Description section below this video and The rest of this video If you are looking to get started in Working from home of course the first Thing that you need to have is a resume A remote ready resume is the key to Landing a remote-based position the First thing an employee sees is your Resume and that introduces you so it's Very important that you have an Outstanding professionally done resume That stands out from all other

Candidates so to assist you in putting An amazing resume together I created my ATS remote ready resume template bundle This bundle comes with two resumes as Well as a bonus resume two cover letters And two thank you notes this resume Bundle include all the necessary Components needed for you to create an Outstanding resume to include in your Application this is one sample of what You will receive in that bundle a Straightforward very simple basic resume You want something that's very Straightforward nothing too fancy or too Confusing it gets right to the point it Lists your professional skills where it Needs to be and then go into your Experience your work history and your Experience with companies that you've Worked for so ATS friendly resumes are Structured to make sure that the Important things that you need to have On your resume is at the Forefront so That when an employee looks at your Resume they see exactly what it is that They need to see okay so make sure you Check out my resume template and it also Comes with the cover letter and as you Can see it details what you can put on Your cover letter how to construct your Cover letter to make you stand out as a Candidate as well as a thank you note Which is important to follow up with Employees about your application if you

Are interested in my no experience Template this is a sample of my no Experience template for those who have Absolutely no experience if you've been Out of work for over two years or so Maybe your Homemaker or stay-at-home mom Or even a student who have been in College majority of your life right so If you are someone who has no experience Of very little to no experience based on Those factors maybe you've worked a Bunch of gigs done doordash for a while And you haven't been in the workforce And you're looking to make a transition This would be a perfect template for This because it highlights those Professional soft skills that you've Gained by just life experience okay so There's a way in which you can Incorporate things that you have learned In your life doing side gigs or just Being a stay-at-home mom if you're a Stay-at-home mom you've gained those Soft skills that you can integrate into Any position that you're applying for so This resume template help you to Structure your resume and highlight Those skills as a homemaker stay-at-home Mom or as a student maybe you worked on Projects in school in a team Dynamic on Certain creative projects you can Actually utilize the skills that you Gain from those things and integrate it In your resume to stand out as a

Candidate so make sure you check out my No experience resume template if this is Your situation it also comes with a Cover letter a reference page you can List a professional reference or Personal references and also a thank you Note to follow up with employees and it Comes with a guide as you can see words Are written on there which is to guide You on what exactly to write on your Cover letter all the templates that are Available do require that you have word In order to make edits to the templates Okay so if you have any issues with the Templates make sure you email Melissiathome if you need any Tips and suggestions or if you run into Any issues with downloading your Templates

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