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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday It's me Carl I am back with a easy Higher work from home job now if you Guys are looking for those non-phone Jobs make sure you check them out over On the blog Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and make Sure you share now let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for Be sure to leave us a comment down below Also guys hop on over to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you apply for Omni Interactions and don't forget to sign up For Branded surveys the link is down Below in the comment section And don't forget to share the video we Have 10 brand new laptop computers that We are trying to give away before the End of the year so help us get to a Hundred thousand subscribers and thank You guys so much the people that have Already been sharing us but it is not Too late for those of you that have not Be sure to come back leave us a comment Down below let's jump into the video the Company is American specialty Health We've talked about this company before And some people that follow this YouTube Channel have been hired with this Company so guys they are looking to feel

This easy verification examiner position So this is what you'll be doing American Specialty health is Seeking a Verification examiner to complete Verification of practitioner credentials This is so easy guys according to Department standards accredation Standards regulatory requirements and Health Plan expectations so basically You are verifying the doctors or Physicians or the therapist their Credentials that's basically what you're Doing with this position so you will be Trained remotely and you must be able to Work from home in a designated work area With the company provided technology Equipment so the company guys they are Providing equipment for this job this is A remote work from home position Requires that you have a stable Connection to your internet service Provider and the ability to participate In by video so you will have to be on Video for the online meetings over a Reliable and consistent Network and they Do have the internet download and upload Speeds listed here Responsibilities you will perform Verification and updates on promise According to standards and Health Plan Expectations you will verify with the Appropriate agencies that the applicant Has a current and valid license you Would check with the appropriate

Agencies to determine whether the Applicant has had any sanctions against His or her life license you would Determine whether the applicant has had Any Medicare or Medicaid sanctions using The latest cumulative sanctions report Released by the Department of Health and Human Services you will obtain Verification of current professional Liability insurance and malpractice Claim history for each client you will Verify education through State Licensing Agencies or appropriate schools colleges Or universities you will communicate With the practitioners by mail fax or Phone to answer their questions and Obtain information you will verify Whether an applicant has full or limited Partial clinical privileges by Contacting the facility you will Maintain confidentiality of all Practitioner Data and related issues you Will completely assigned work within Predetermined timelines you will enter Data into promise to complete each Portion of the credentialing process Within predetermined timelines you will Provide the teamwork and assistance to All Department staff including Participating in special projects and Related credentialing assignments now For this one guys you will need a high School diploma in experience this is Just preferred it is not required if you

Have one year computer experience Including word processing and Spreadsheet applications and proficient In MS office now if you don't have this Here which this is easy and it is very Obtainable you can go to YouTube or Google to figure out where processing And and this um Excuse me and the spreadsheet Applications now This one guys it is posted on our work From home the two chicks blog there will Be a link posted right below this video In the description box so you guys can Check out this company and I do believe That the pay for this one is 14 per hour Make sure you guys do your own research Know something about the company just in Case you get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprised you also want To make sure you share my video on your Social media platforms help us get to a Hundred thousand subscribers before the End of the year So that we can bless 10 people with Brand new laptop computers and then you Want to hop on over guys to Facebook and Join the group the name of the group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure You follow us on our Facebook business Page we're giving away two additional Brand new laptop computers absolutely Free go over there follow us help us get To a hundred thousand followers on that

Platform as well be sure to tag someone On the post on the content that we have Posted over there Make sure guys that you follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram now On Instagram we're doing a pop-up Giveaway so this means that we're gonna Just pop up on a live stream between now And the end of the year and give away Something it could be a hundred dollar Cash app we have been known to give away Money it could also be guys a ring light It could be a keyboard a mouse pad it Could be a brand new laptop computer you Just never know what we're going to pull Out of our hats so Place us in your Stories create some reels about what we Do on this channel help us get to ten Thousand over on their platform but We're still gonna do the giveaway Regardless my name is Carol I'll catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye Hi YouTube

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