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Hello YouTube family I am back today With more um side hustle side gigs Opportunity 1099 jobs where you can pick And choose when you want to work you can Make 120 to 160 dollars per day Um working for instacart Um again before I give you that Information make for sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information To help you get closer to Landing a Remote job and again this is a new year 2023 I am trying to bring to you more Multiple strains the income to help you Whether if you're looking for a full or Part-time job you know to have that Multiple strains of income just in case If something goes wrong with your Um primary job you have some money to go Um to make until you find what you're Looking for and let's just dive right Into it we're talking about instacart Instacart is a great way to earn extra Money shopping for others and instacart Make it easy to order from your favorite Stores the instacart marketplace offer More than 900 real tailors are and Trusted local groceries that customers Love instacart is a grocery delivery That employs Personnel Shoppers to shop For you and then deliver the groceries To your home it partners with several Large grocery stores change and offer Same-day delivery in a number of cities

Shoppers get paid by per pack batch that They complete and support provide Estimated estimation for your earnings On every order as well as total earnings For a week The amount you earn per batch of orders Depends on the number of items type of Items driving distance and effort Involved in shopping and again you can Make a hundred and twenty to 160 per day Day depending on how much you shop okay So we're gonna go into more details About this all you need to do is put Your zip code and you can start finding Out if there are shops located in your Area when you have your phone you can Pull this up on your phone you can Download the app so you can go and start Finding shops that you can do this is Great to put fit in maybe on your lunch Break when you're working Um even if you have a full-time job some People scree squeeze this in into their Lunch break Um this is perfect to do on the weekends Um Saturdays and Sundays if you are Looking to make extra cash Um you can earn extra money shopping for Others as a shopper you'll go to the Grocery store like normal except you're Getting paid to shop for others okay so It's really simple you can work whenever It works for you with no set hours or Days you can shop as much or as little

You want anytime you want again this is A 1099 job okay this is where you set Your own hours maybe you are a Stay-at-home mom and you need to make a Little extra cash you can do this um now I've seen I have some friends that are Stay-at-home moms and their kids are Homeschooled so they when they want to Do this shop they they take their child With them and go grocery shopping Um and then when they deliver the Groceries to Um the customers they're in the car but They're constantly looking at the kid And watching the kid and they all you're Doing is just putting the groceries Um on their doorstep ring the doorbell And that's it and a lot of times they Will tip you Um I have a friend of mine again she Goes into a good area and they tipped Her like 200 that day and she was just Really happy and she's you know this is Her side hustle side gig opportunity And then how to shop and earn you'll get Approved to shop download The Shopper App and complete a quick setup process On which type of role is for you this is No interview skip the interview you Don't have to go through any interviews No background check Um or anything they may do a little Background check because they want to Know who their drivers are but you have

A um You can do shop and delivery now if you Do this this is a full service shopping Is a contract row it requires a car Delivered to the customer's door work Whenever you want so you go into the Store and get things and you deliver That okay but again you have to have a Car in order to deliver that now they do Have a shop only where you prepare Artists as an instacart employee no Cards required you repair orders at one Store schedule ships up to 29 hours a Week and these are some of the common Common courses that people ask again I Went over what is instacart Um how do I sign up to become an Instacart Shopper in the US Um all you have to do is just create an Account at Shoppers and Just download The Shopper app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to Complete the sign up process when you Approve the shop you can sign up to shop And make money on your own schedule and Then it tells you how you get paid Um it goes over that information Um what are the requirements in order to Be eligible to become an instacart Shopper in the United States you must be At least 18 years of age have legal Authorization to work in the United States be able to lift up to 40 pounds Without accommodation have a regular

Access to a reliable car and have Regular access to smartphone capable of Running the instacart Shopper now this Is something that you can be done with Your phone okay a lot of people said That I need a job where I can do with my Phone this is a side hustle this is a Job that you can do on your phone and What documents do I need to sign up the First thing You need to have on hand is your contact Information the details on your driver's License should cover this step you also Need to have a Social Security number Reliable or available the sign up Process will then ask you to set up Direct deposit so you can get paid you Need your bank and information to Complete this step okay and uh one of The courses people want to ask is do I Have to pay for the groceries myself Know at all insta card Shoppers you'll Get a payment card from instacart and Use it at the check out registration or Register at every store you shop getting A payment card is simple new Shoppers Used to receive their payment card in The mail five to seven business days After completing the sign up process Okay now again I am telling you Um about side hustle side gigs Opportunities that you can do to make a Passive income 2023 is here and I don't Like to see people struggling I've run

Across a lot of people all the time they Don't have money to get their car fixed And they don't have no way of getting Around when you ride the DART bus in Brown front it costs money and that adds Up so when you pick up a side hustle Opportunity you can always stay above The water you don't want to drown in the Water so you this year I'm not only just Giving you all none from work at home Job leads but I'm also giving you more 1099 jobs where you can go out there and Make a passive income okay so if you're Interested in applying for the job make Sure you go ahead and sign up today you Can download this app for free on your Phone and you can do this job on your Phone now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there for you but you Got to believe Again it starts with your mind if you Believe in yourself then that's great But if you don't if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will this is a new Year 2023 Um have your mind set right and go in And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs pick up some side hustles Some 1099 jobs to make the extra cash I Pick up a lot of side hustle jobs that I Do like I said my favorite is apartment Mystery shoppers I love to go into

Apartment Mister Shoppers and do shops And make money Um you know you just pick and choose Which one you want to do and be able to Deliver it to um if you choose to do the Delivery where you deliver to my Customers home because some of them will Give you some good tips Um again like I was saying um a friend Of mine does this and she got 200 tip This this person tipped her 200 and she Became a Believer and this can happen to You again it starts with you you got to Keep applying you got to keep pushing Don't give up don't get disencouraged You got this go out there and sign up Today and you can do this okay now I am Going to talk about a platform Um where I'm not going to go more into Details about this because I already did An Intel video by course careers Um this is what I'm gonna say here is That again this is a new year and it's a Lot of people need Um a change you know they've been Sitting on a job for maybe two years one Year six months or longer than that and They are stuck in the Rut they making The same amount of money that they made When they started and here it is some People that's coming in Um and making more money than you Text sales in information technology is High in demand they have these positions

Open a lot of these positions opens why They don't have enough people that are Trained right uh for these positions so Majority of these Fortune 500 companies Have partnered with course careers to Hire of course careers graduates into an Entry-level positions dropping the Experience or degree required and they Get in there and then they allow them to Do a internship for three months making Between fifteen and twenty dollars an Hour getting paid to learn what they Need to know versus you know that when You go to college you come out with a Degree and you go and apply for a job And you get rejection because you only Have that degree but you don't have the Experience hearing course careers you're Getting the experience as well as it Takes some people a week to three months To complete this course versus you go to A college it takes two years three years Four years five years or longer and with Course careers you're not taking out any Longs versus Um College you're taking out loans and It's people that I know they've been out Of college for 12 years and still Applying or paying for these loans and With course careers you do not have to Take it out okay now I suggest you to go In and check out Um the testimonies that a lot of people Are speaking good about course careers

Um how it works again Um text sales is you're on the phone You're reaching out to potential buyers That want to buy your product for the Company that you're working for Information technology is more of a chat Job where you're responding to emails Dealing with tickets cues all of that And how it works is that you start their Free intro course all you have to do is Sign up for free and um basically They'll go over text sales and Information technology and tells you What you all be doing and at that time If you say this is for me stop Procrastinating take action okay it is 2023 it's people have been talking for Years two years and I'm gonna do this But I would do this but but they let Their fears get in the way uh for them To accomplish the goals that God have For them okay you got to conquer that Fear because God do not give you a Spirit of fear you know so you got to Step out and take take the action where If you want to better yourself or better Yourself for you and your family is to Roll in this course here once you enroll In the course you can complete the Course in a few weeks to a couple months Again it depends on how much time you Commit you will learn everything Required to land your first position You'll start applying the skills you

Acquire from the course in a new career That teach you exactly how to land an Entry level position or internship by Giving you an Insider knowledge of how To apply to the companies what they look For in resumes applications how to Prepare for interviews and so much more Again they have partner directory Companies that want to hire their Students into an entry-level position And internship dropping their degree Experience requirement for course Careers graduates okay now if I go in Here this is the pricing right here if You scroll down Is a single payment of 499 dollars how Many times you can go to a trade school Or community college or university or Graduate school and all you come out is Paying 499 dollars okay sometimes for Especially for a community college it Can be for your books costs 499 but this Is a single payment of 499 dollars but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of 50 you will receive 50 off of That or you can choose the four payment Plan where you could pay every two weeks A hundred and fifty dollars okay on an Average you'll make over a hundred over Eight hundred a week as a help desk Professional which is a it so basically The course paid for yourself during just The first four days on the job they do Have a 14 day money back guarantee where

The course is fully refundable within 14 Days of purchase no courses ads all you Do is simply content contact them and They will refund your money back but Again this is a Grace great and Assessment for you that if you want to Get into it or text cells again you Gotta you know step out on faith and Take action people that are Risk Takers Are the ones that are moving up so you Cannot complain about the situation if You don't take action take action today Sign up and go ahead and get started With course careers I guarantee you're Going to enjoy understanding and Learning about it and text sales that Information again is in my YouTube Description bar okay and remember to Make for sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing A work from home job and consider Subscribing to the channel I would love For you to be a part of the family by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on All notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of opportunity To go ahead and apply for these jobs Don't forget to check out your community Tab that is where I engage with you when I upload new videos I post it in there

When I do post I post sitting there when I do quotes I post it in there and if You would like to support the Channel All you have to do is click the join Button you can become a member of the YouTube channel check out the video There is a um in the video I'm giving You information about what is the Benefits of becoming a member of the Channel again keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Been made for you but you gotta believe Go out there and grab what is yours Today by applying for these jobs thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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