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Hello YouTube family I am back with Another work from home job where you can Set your own schedule this is a 1099 job Um you can make anywhere around 1 280 Per week or more and according to Glassdoor is 32 000 hour but again you Can set your own uh money or your pay And we're going to go ahead and dab Right dive right into it and remember This channel is all about none phone Work at home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make sure you're watching the Videos all the way through okay now We're talking about the company heavily They're currently seeking interior Design design designer to work from home Now this is a contract position and the Good thing about it is you can work from Wherever you choose you can set your own Hours and basically what you'll be doing Is you will help clients from across the Country transform their rooms into Incredible living space so again for Those who don't know what a 1099 job is A job where safe example you have be Nine to five job and you're looking to Come home and make some extra cash or Maybe you're looking for a part-time job To do why the kids are in school or Whatever the case may be this is Something great for you for the year of 2023 I am bringing more Um 1099 jobs where you can set your own

Hours I believe in multiple strains of Income I believe in eight so I'm trying To help you get that eight streams of Income and one of them is a 1099 job Now to go more into details you will Have the opportunity to build your own Design business in your personal brand On the largest online residential Designs from firm in the country and Then earn commissions on sales that you Make by creating designs that your Clients love and will purchase and as a Contractor you will be paid for complete Projects and commission for sales that You prefer and the design of work is 100 Remotely and they are currently looking For designers in most areas of the US Canada Mexico Central America and South America so they can you can apply for it I got that information here and they Give you information about Heavenly it Is the online interior design company Intended to make it easy for homeowners And renters to connect with interior Designers and decorate their home Beautifully so I'm going to go more into Details and basically dissect the job so You can understand what it else is going To be going on on the job here you Excited about this opportunity because You will work with your own clients Without spending money on sales and Marketing and without having to commute For meetings and appointments you will

Source Furnishing in deck Decor from Heavenly's amazing network of retail and Wholesale Partners you will build trust Relationship with clients by Communicating through multiple media's Video calls phone calls email and and In-app message and then you will have to Achieved the flexibility and control Over your schedule keep your clients Happy while working where you want and When you work want to work and it is a Win-win situation okay now they're Talking about Um what they're looking for is someone That has professional experience and Interior designs are comparable designs Experience if you design your home when I say decorate know how to put Furniture Match furniture with wall pictures you Are capable of doing this job okay I Love to decorate my home and remodel I Love going into Model Homes just to look And get an ideal and I go home and I Kind of you know go look at Furnitures To kind of you know make that decision On how I want my home to be if you if You have the eye for that then this is a Great you know side hustle sidekick Opportunity 1099 job that you can do They're looking for someone that have a Strong preference to embrace new Technology and a high level of Proficiency working online with various Software technology and then you have to

Have that self-motivated mindset and Excitement to work to grow your design Business and profile so if you're Interested in applying the application Process is basically initial Registration application Pro provide Them with the information about you a Video submission complete a brief video Recording complete their case study Assessment project learn more about the Opportunity and ask questions onboarding Scheduling your own boarding to begin Your journey designed on the heavily Platform so you can also check out the Instagram for more designs by following Them here and if you have any questions You could definitely email them right Here and to apply for the job here's the Application you want to fill out Everything to the best of your ability Make for sure everything is filled out Completely and then once everything is Going to feel that complete you just Keep scrolling and you will hit submit Application I do want to leave some Encouragement words to you I'm again Happy New Year is 2023 you want to go Into a new year with a different mindset That you had in 2022 all that negativity That you had or all that negativity Um thought or being around negative People don't bring it until the year of 2023 you want to have a good start art You have to keep pushing keep applying

Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it a lot of people Think things are a scam if they apply For jobs and they don't hear back they Think it automatically think it's a scam It's not a scam okay you have to realize With everything that went on within two And a half years a lot of people was Working from home and more and more People work from home and they begin to Fall in love with the remote life and a Lot of people do not want to go back Working on site or in person they choose To work from home so the competition of Remote jobs have increased and just Because the competition of remote jobs Have increased that doesn't mean you Cannot find a job you will have to do Things different to set yourself apart From anybody so you can be above the Crowd and not be drowned in the crowd so With that you what you have to do is Make for sure that your resume is Tailored to each job that you're Applying for you cannot send a One-size-fit-all resume meaning that if I apply for a daily entry job I'm Sending that same resume if I was Applying for accounting job or customer Service jobs it is not going to work Like that you have to spend time to Research the job dissect the job take The keywords out and put implement it Into your resume if you have the

Experience not to lie but let it flow Naturally you have to do that and Another thing too and I keep telling you Because I have reached out to many Hiring managers and asked them what are Some of the reasons why you will not Hire a lot of people because a lot of Folks are saying that they have are Qualified they're applying for a lot of Jobs and they're not getting hired and One that stood out is that when a hiring Manager a recruiter is interested in Hiring you they would go and look at Your social media presence okay believe It or not a lot of people will you know Are going to be down and say no that's Not true when a hiring manager is Interested in hiring you they would go To your social media platform and see Whether you're posting every day a what Pictures you posting your language what Language you're using and if it's not Lined up with the comment company value They would not hire you they don't care If you have the experience all the Experience are all the degree they would Not hire you if you're not lined up with The company value so you have to be very Very careful of what you post on Different social media platform because If they want to hire you They will check out your social media Platforms there's a lot of people that Have reached out to me that have

Recently got jobs I offers and they said The rest of your right their hire Manager say look you know we went on Your social media platforms wherever you At and we saw what you were posting and We feel like you would be a good fit for Our company and that was one of the Reasons why we hired you so make for Sure that your social media present is Very um right because if it's not lined Up with the company value that could be Some of the reason why you're not Getting a job okay but in the meantime You still have to keep applying for Multiple positions rejections is a part Of life you cannot give up no don't mean No it means next opportunity you just Gotta keep pushing keep applying don't Give up believe in yourself because if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go into 2023 with that Mindset that I got this I can do all Things through Christ Jesus that Strengthen me so go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs today day because there is a job Out there especially being made for you Okay now you know that I am always Talking about having a multiple strains Of income is very important because There's a lot of people that are saying That Um the you know the job that they're Currently working on they don't it's not

Making enough money and they barely have A hundred dollars to last them until They get paid the next following month Or every two weeks here in 2023 you need To have a business entrepreneuric Spirit Mindset you need to think about starting A business where you can leave a legacy For your children in your children's Children and one of them is bookboat for Those who don't know what bookboat is is Creating low content books and low Content books are diaries journals uh Recipe books coloring books different Things that you see on the screen right Here flight information family freezers And people buy these books okay and if You do your research people or make it Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books and yes you can do the same thing But you got to put in the work what come Easy won't last and what lasts won't Come easy okay now the great thing about This platform Is that you can always research the Product before you actually make it to See if it's selling as well as you can Spy on your competitors and see what Kind of keywords that they're using and Implement those in your titles and Descriptions again not to copy but to be Expired now bookboat has upgraded they Have a new studio where they have cover Craters interior designs drag and drop

Editors complete customization over a Thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalties free Image and pattern scalable designs Filter and much more okay now again You're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and what you can do is You can go to the interior wizard again You do not have to make the interior is Already made for you as you can see on The screen now if you choose to make it Then that's great I don't make my cover I pay somebody on Fiverr to make my book Cover so it can stand out but you have a Choice to either do paperback or hard Cup where all you can do both but I Always do mine paperback at eight by Five by eleven and I choose 120 Pages That's why it's very best to go and look At the tutorials once you sign up if you Spend an hour a day on those tutorials You will understand everything you need To go out and have a driving business in Creating low content books and for the Sake of the video again you can see so Many Um interiors that you can choose from so For the sake of the video I'm going to Choose the scuba diver journal and then I'm gonna hit download This is your interior I'm going to make

It a little bit bigger I'm gonna this is Your interior right here this is what I Would download to Amazon kdb if I was Pleased with it I would do a little bit More but for the sake of the video I'm Just trying to give you an idea on how I Would look this is the interior and this Is what again I would download to Amazon Kdb and people will pay you for this Okay people will actually pay you for This but again you have to put in the Work here so when you go through here is Is pricing because it is a business but I feel it's very affordable you cannot Complain about the situation if you Don't invest you cannot be jealous of Somebody else that's moving up because a Lot of times when people are really Moving up they have they're investing in Theirself and they're Risk Takers only Risk Takers are going to be doing really Well I used to be the type of person Where when people talk about money I Turn another ear but I was always at a Level eight but when I started investing In things I start seeing growth and That's what you got to do is you got to Take the job that you're currently Working at now and invest in your Business use that job as a crutch to Invest in starting a business where you Can leave a legacy for your children Children and I believe it's very Affordable 9.99 per month for newbie in

1999 per month for pro and if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat All in lower case the information is in The YouTube description bar you will Receive 20 off the 9.99 per month and That's lifetime or if you choose the 19.99 per month you will also receive 20 Off of that and that is Lifetime okay And the great thing about the platform Is you can try it out for three days for Free and see if you like it I guarantee You're gonna like it the only difference Is with the pro you're getting the Puzzle creation software included but Once you sign up today you can start Creating low content books upload them On Amazon kdb Etsy Different websites different free social Media platforms that you can go ahead And promote this again I am all about Having a multiple strains of mcom and I'm trying to share this information With you I'm also doing Book boat too as Well creating low content books I'm not Just talking I'm walking the walk too so Make sure you join me in this thriving Business and creating low content books Sign up today and start creating low Content books today and remember my Channel is all about none phone work at Home job leads that go out every single Day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make For sure that you're watching the videos

All the way through because there are Valuable information in all of my videos To help you get closer to learning your First second third job even a sign Hustle this channel is all about none Fun work at home job leads consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all your Notifications why number one when I Upload new videos that will give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they no Longer available two when I go YouTube Live that is your opportunity that you Can chat with me on Real Time make for Sure if you would like to support this Channel or become a member of the YouTube channel all you have to do is Click on this button that says join There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the YouTube Channel I really appreciate you also Check out the community tab that is Where I engage with you every single day When I upload new videos I post it in There when I do post I post it in there As well as any important things just Trying to get a chance to know my Audience and remember to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it so go

Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for the job thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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