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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video And this is a part-time position but Before I jump in make sure you guys Subscribe like and share on this channel Guys we talk about legit work from home Jobs part-time full-time non-phone data Entry all types of jobs we also talk About side gigs and hustles and we give Away free laptops so if you want to win Take the video put it on your social Media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock share it with a friend but be sure To come back and leave us a comment down Below don't forget to go back check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel today and also yesterday make Sure you guys hop over to the other blog Two chicks with the side look On the home page apply for Omni Interactions and also apply for tell us And let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job you're Looking for and don't sleep on branded Surveys the link is in the comment Section let's get into the video so the Company is called belay and be late guys Is looking to feel their virtual Executive assistant work from home job And it is part time so if you live in California Montana New Jersey New York And Pennsylvania Unfortunately they are Not accepting applications from these States so let's jump right on into this

So it says that you will maintain Executives appointments and calendars Email management and organization Prepare presentations and or Spreadsheets social media management Creates structure workflow processes Research Technologies and make Recommendations CRM Administration Updates and data entry make travel Arrangements such as booking flights and Cars and make hotel and restaurant Reservations project assistance Coordination event planning and Coordination assist with personal tasks As needed the key attributes you are Someone that is detail-oriented Organized and efficient extremely Self-motivated with strong time Management proactive Pragmatic and resourceful Problem Solver You're someone that is trustworthy and Reliable you're friendly and your Professional Communicator ability to Manage multiple priorities and meet or Beat deadlines with no errors your tech Savvy and quick to learn new Concepts Ability to anticipate the needs of Others coupled with a strong desire to Serve and you are someone that is Adaptable now for this one it says Bachelor's degree in experience working Remotely however guys it is just Preferred it is not required available Daily Monday through Friday during the

Business hours and able to dedicate at Least 15 hours a week experience in an Administrative support role in-home Office setup including Mac or PC Computer including with the webcam Minimum 1.0 gigahertz dual core Processor 8 gigabytes and the most Recent version of the MS office Installed all programs word excel Outlook and also PowerPoint you are a Fast and reliable internet connection Where that's what you have a smartphone With email capabilities designated Professional quiet space now this is a Part-time fraction of 1099 contractor Road the pay range is 18 to 21 dollars Per hour you must be available during Regular business hours this is not a job That can be partnered with other Full-time jobs no evening hours all Extended contracts may be contingent on Background checks and belay participates In e-verify so guys the company is belay Solutions and they are looking to fill This work from home virtual executive Assistant part-time job that pays 18 to 21 dollars per hour with a minimum of 15 Hours per week worked so the information Is posted on the non-phone blog there Will be a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company make sure you Guys go over to Google it takes one or Two minutes to type in be late see what

Comes up about company jot down that Information just in case you guys want To apply and you get an interview you Want to be prepared and not surprised Make sure you take the video put it on Your social media platform somebody out There is looking for a position such as This one and you just might be that Person to help them out so make sure you Share come back leave us a comment down Below Hop over to Facebook guys and join kiss That cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Are also following us on our other Social media platforms because we got a Lot of giveaways going on with this Brand so two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page and also on Twitter and on Instagram we are so close To 10 000 followers on Instagram and I Think we will get there probably in Another week or so we need about 125 People so make sure you guys pop over to Instagram follow us two chicks with a Side hustle share share share invite Your people your friends your family Members over to Instagram and also over Here to this platform as well my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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