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What's up two chicks fam TGIF and I am Back with another part-time work from Home job and this one guys you can use Your cell phones now if you are new to Our Channel welcome make sure you smash That red subscribe button turn on that Bell notification thumbs up these videos And make sure you share because it's Free sharing is caring on this channel We're trying to give away these 10 Laptop computers and they are absolutely Free to you guys so make sure you go Tell a friend spread the word come back Leave us a comment don't forget to check Out all those skip the interview videos That I dropped on the channel yesterday We're trying to help you guys fill up Your baskets for the month of December So make sure you guys go back check out All four videos and make sure you apply And then you want to hop over here to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section Omni is a skip the Interview company make sure you guys Apply let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job you guys are Looking for and be sure to check those Non-phone jobs out over on the blog and make Sure you guys get branded surveys in Your baskets the link is down below in The comments let's get into the video so The company guys is called indoor media And they are looking for appointment

Setters it says that indomedia is Seeking a virtual appointment setter to Join our team we are looking for Experienced appointment Setters to join Our inside Salesforce and focus on new Business development this position is Part-time and it is remote you will need One year prior experience in cold Calling this is required so if you are Not someone that likes outbound calls or You're someone that does not like the Sales type of jobs then this is not the Position for you how ever please share The video or share the link because Somebody out there likes cold calling I Don't personally but it can be a Lucrative business now it says as an Appointment setter you will be partnered With a seasoned outside sales closer so You don't have to close the sales you're The one that just has to get the person To agree to the sale minimum Requirements experience in B2B or Business to business appointment setting Telemarketing and or a cold calling this Is a must excellent communication skills Experience with getting past The Gatekeepers your comfortable cold Calling prospective clients 100 plus Outbound calls a day perseverance and The ability to push past that no the Benefits for this one though 16 to 30 Dollars per hour with bonuses a training Program they're going to teach you guys

How to Prospect and supply you with the Tools that you need to be successful the Qualifications are as follows one year Of outbound cold calling appointment Setting experience high school diploma Or equivalent proficient in Microsoft Office Google Apps and general computer Skills you must have your own computer Cell phone with unlimited minutes High-speed internet and a printer and if You are not familiar with indoor media Indoor media is the national leader in The creation and distribution of the Register tape so the tape that you see The receipts that you see at the Krogers The payways the public grocery stores And you see the advertisement on the Back that is indoor media it says these Hours are part-time 29 hours per week so This information guys it is on our two Chicks blog again the company is indoor Media they are looking to feel their Virtual appointment setter position the Pay is 16 to 30 dollars an hour and you Guys can use your cell phone with this Job so make sure you do some research Know something about the company I just Gave you guys a tip of who indoor media Is so be sure to jot this down if you Decide to apply for this job make sure You share my video leave me a comment Down below help us get to a hundred Thousand subscribers so that we can give Away these new laptops we've already

Obtained them so we have them in our Possession guys so make sure you share Tell a friend all of that good stuff but Be sure to come back and leave us that Comment then hop over to Facebook join Our group KISS that cubicle goodbye make Sure you guys follow us on our Facebook Business page and it is two chicks with The side hustle make sure you guys hop Over there and follow us because we are Giving away two additional laptop Computers over on their platform form so Be sure to share tell a friend you can Tag people over there as well that is a Form of sharing the information and then Follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle on Instagram guys we are doing a Pop-up giveaway so make sure you hop on Over there and you follow us it is two Chicks with the side hustle I posted Some stuff over there so go on over There and tag a friend my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video bye YouTube

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