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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead for you this one is In the healthcare field the company is LHH they have 855 reviews on Glassdoor With a 3.4 out of 5 star rating as Always this glass door page will be Linked down in the YouTube description Box below if you want to do some Research on the company and read some Reviews the overview tab does give their Main website and of course the job will Be linked down below as well but LHH is Hiring a Healthcare Credit balance Specialist now this is a contract Attempt to hire position so you'll start Out as a temporary position and then it Has a potential to be hired as a Permanent employee they are looking for Somebody to be a refunds and recruitment Specialist to be responsible for Researching initiating follow-up and Resolving all Health Care Ensure claims Accounts that have credit balances this Was going to include initiating refunds Retractions and adjustments to claims You'll have to navigate through various Payer websites and systems and multiple Internal systems to make sure that you Have timely and accurate resolution of Claims so you'll research and follow up On all the insurance claims you use Critical and analytical problem solving Skills to resolve any issues you'll use

Strong organizational skills to manage Large amounts of a detailed information And of course you'll use excellent Communication skills to collaborate with Positive working relationships with Peers leaders clinical Personnel Etc so credit of balances is either when The account is in the negative and has a Credit balance this can be because the Insurance paid and the patient also paid And so payments were more than the total Charges or it could be that some kind of Adjustment was on the account like it Was written off and then the insurance Come back and paid but when you have Situations like that you have to do the Research and figure out who should have Paid and who is due their money back so In a case where the insurance and the Patient paid you'll have to figure out Who was really responsible for paying And the other one gets refunded their Money now this is says it's open to U.S Candidates only so it does not state That it has any state restrictions pay For this position is anywhere from 19 an Hour all the way up to twenty seven Dollars an hour and of course they are Not requiring any kind of a college Degree just somebody who has five years Experience in some kind of accounting Transactions or medical billing systems Is a plus but it doesn't say it's Required somebody is preferred who has

Some kind of Health Care Medical Billing Collections a background but again a Prefer not required they do need you to Have computer efficiency and know how to Use Microsoft Office including word Excel Outlook all of those things all Right if this job lead was not for you That's absolutely okay please feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for I do Read those and keep that in mind thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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