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Hey hey hey two chicks bam it is me Carl And I am back with another work from Home video and this one guys you don't Need experience make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home jobs side Gigs and side hustles but guys we also Do live streams and we do real giveaways On this channel so make sure you take my Video if you want to win one of these Laptop computers they are brand new and Absolutely free share the video tell a Friend tag a friend don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment now make Sure you guys go come over here to the Two chicks blog on the home page Telus Is hiring for their Raider position this Is a non-phone no interview no Experience opportunity for you guys let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Are looking for and be sure guys to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments let's jump in so the Company has called me do it and I have Talked about this company before they Are on a hiring spree guys and this is An easy one so they are looking to feel Their entry level medical call center Specialist work from home position so it Says here you will analyze accounts for Proper billing procedures and take Necessary action to rebuild resolve as

Necessary determines whether patient or Insurance should be contacted for Payment by reviewing account history and Notes on me do its Health Services Inventory management system as well as The client system you will contact the Patient by telephone to help the Patients customers with current balances On their accounts and also to follow Through with the payments until the Account is paid in full utilizes tools Including computer programs when Indicated provides excellent customer Service and timely response to questions And issues related to benefits dealing Claim payments Etc inputs retrieves and Modifies info and data stored to Computerized systems and programs also Generates reports using computer Software explains charges answers Questions and communicates a variety of Requirements policies and procedures Regarding patient financial care Services and resources to patients staff Payers and agencies now the preferred Qualifications and guys this is just Preferred demonstrated organizational Skills excellent verbal and written Communication and also interpersonal Skills ability to work independently With minimum supervision within a team Setting and be supportive of team Members proficient with Microsoft Office Ability to analyze issues and make

Judgments about appropriate steps Towards Solutions they're looking for People that are self-motivated creative And likes the challenge to solve a Situation and bring it to a resolution Your goal-oriented ability to Communicate with the patients and Families under sometimes stressful Stressful circumstances strong and Professional telephone communication Skills and they are looking for people With a high school diploma or better so Guys this one is on the two chicks blog I will be sure to leave a link right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Now on their website I did see the Hourly rate as being 15 an hour But I think it might depend on where you Live you may be able to get 15 to 17 an Hour so again the company is me do it Health Services be sure to go over to Google and do some research just in case You guys get an interview you would want To be prepared and not surprised now We've posted this job before on the Channel I believe two or three times and Some people did get hired with the Company from my understanding their Interview is super duper easy so make Sure you guys check this one out they do Provide equipment we did find that out As well so they will provide you guys With all of the equipment to do this job

Make sure you share my video somebody Out there is looking for a no experience Entry level work from home position so Make sure you guys share the video don't Forget to come back leave us a comment Hop over to Facebook make sure you join Us the name of our group it is kiss that Q because goodbye make sure you guys are Following us on on our other social Media platforms and we do have guys a Facebook business page it is two chicks With the side hustle be sure to follow Us on that platform we are giving away Two additional laptops brand new and Absolutely free and also don't forget to Follow us on Instagram and Twitter two Chicks with the side hustle we will be Doing another giveaway guys on Instagram Once we reach 10 000 followers my name Is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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