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What is going on you fantastic lovely Amazing people it is me curl and I am Back with another work from home video And this one guys pay 17 to 20 dollars Per hour no experience but before I get Into it if you are looking for non-phone Jobs make sure you hop on over to the Non blog what you want To do next is smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up these Videos and share because on this channel We do real giveaways and we are giving Away 10 more laptop computers they are Absolutely free to you guys just make Sure you share go spread the word tell a Friend come back leave us a comment Don't forget to go back and check out All the videos that were posted here on The channel today and also yesterday and Make sure you guys let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Side gig or hustle you guys are looking For be sure to sign sign up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comment section and don't forget to sign Up for tell us and Omni interactions They are posted over here on the two Chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Let's go ahead and get into it so this Company guys it is called one Inc they Are looking for customer service reps I

Do see here anywhere in the US salary Range 17 to 20 dollars per hour now It says here that we're looking for Friendly customer service reps to handle Customer questions escalations and be Able to walk customers through basic Troubleshooting or set up processes this Is an entry-level role for customer Service and tech support focused Individuals you will have to maintain a Positive empathetic and professional Attitude toward the customers at all Times and sometimes some of these Customers can be irate but you guys Should know how to handle these types of Calls here at one Inc I also see you Will be responding promptly to customer Inquiries communicate with customers Through various channels phone email Chat Etc resolve customer complaints and De-escalate the situations or escalate To a team lead or manager and or other Internal resources necessary you're Knowledgeable in our products and Services you keep records of customer Interactions transactions come comments And complaints communicate and Coordinating with colleagues as Necessary providing feedback on the Efficiency of the customer service Process ensure customer satisfaction and Also you will provide professional Support now for this one I do see some Skills listed here guys but you really

Don't need experience to apply for this Job so Strong interpersonal skills and the Ability to adapt excellent verbal and Written communication skills thrive in a Fast-paced environment maintain a high Level of professionalism must be team Oriented with the ability to work Independently you are described as a Problem solver and not easily flustered You are detailed oriented and are able To follow instructions accurately you Must be a fast learner enthusiastic and Adaptable now they do have education and Experience listed but all of these guys Are just I see preferred associate's Degree or two plus years of relevant Experience if you have it great if you Don't that is fine too you still can Apply for this job proven remote work Experience required insurance experience Required experience with MS Office Google Suite CRM applications now for These guys you can always YouTube or Google those are your best friends if You're not if you are not sure about how To work MS Office Google Suites and CRM Applications you can find lots of videos On them to where you will be an expert Call center or customer service Experience this is a plus if you have it Great if you don't you don't have to Have it in order to apply bilingual is a Plus as well so if you are bilingual or

You know someone that's bilingual that Is looking for a legitimate work from Home job be sure to share the video or Share the link to the blog post with That person Now the information it is on the two Chicks blog there will be a link posted Right below the video in the description Box guys so you can check out this Company make sure you do your own Research make sure you share my video With others because there are lots of People out there looking for legitimate Work from home jobs inside hustles so Make sure you guys share and then what You want to do is leave us a comment Down below so that we can put your name On that giveaway list and that is a long List but your name will go on the Giveaway list then hop over to Facebook Join the group KISS that cubicle goodbye Make sure you guys follow us on our Other social media platforms Tick Tock Twitter Instagram we also have a Facebook business page where we are Going to give away two more laptop Computers and we might give away some Other things work from home related it Is under the name of two chicks with the Side hustle go over there follow us guys We're trying to get to a hundred Thousand followers on that platform and Once we do do we will have that giveaway And it is easier for you guys to share

From over there because if you already Have a Facebook account then you can Just start sharing the post or tagging Your friends and family members on the Post that is a form of sharing and make Sure you come in I shared or I'm sharing This post with my family members so that Your name can go on that giveaway list And then follow us over on the other Social media platforms because we are Going to do a pop-up giveaway on our Instagram page so it is two chicks with A side hustle hop on over there and hit That button to follow us because you Never know when we're gonna do it it Should be between now and I would say Before the end of the year so don't know What day what time none of that it's a Surprise so make sure you guys are Following us and tag your people over There as well my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye You too

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