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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead for you this one is a Little bit different and way out of what I normally share but I'm trying to shake Things up and share a little bit of Everything on this channel this one is Not going to take much of your time During the week The week part-time side hustle that you Can work in between anything else and Make a little bit of side money on the Side of course the links to everything I Share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video now Today's job lead is a little bit crazy The company e cyrino is hiring people to Write dating profiles for other people Now if you're not very good with dating You might not know what to say and how To get out there and meet people so People are hiring this company to draft Their dating profiles for them and That's where you come in they are Looking for writers to write these Dating profiles now as far as a pagos it Says a fees range anywhere from 78 Dollars to a hundred and twenty dollars Per profile that you write most writers Take on one to two clients per week so This is like another if you're getting Paid 128 dollars per profile another Under 250 dollars a week that doesn't Take up very much of your time now the

Chances of getting accepted are very Good it says historically for every 15 People who apply to this job they take On one new writer so that sounds like Very good odds they're hiring multiple People to do this so the way you're Going to apply there is no interview for This you are going to mock up a dating Profile that you would write and turn it In and so they are going to gauge your Writing skills so they're asking you to Interview a friend take notes and write About 200 word essay 200 words is not Much more than a paragraph or two and The essay will be about the person You're interviewing and the other will Be about his or her ideal mate the Complete instructions are on this a page They say the secret to a great profile Is tell unique stories and illustrate Your clients best qualities to make him Or her very appealing to the opposite Sex and so what you'll do is your Interview your friend you'll upload your Profile essay that you wrote and you'll Give them your basic information now you Know I try to research all the companies That I share to verify their validity I Couldn't find much on this company as Far as people who had worked for them But I did find an article written by Someone about what they learned from Writing other people's online dating Profiles for this company this article

Was published back September 27th of 2014. so this company has been around For quite a while I will have this Entire article listed below so that you Can go read it if you're interested but They said that they spent 30 to 60 Minutes talking with the client so I I Don't know if that's going to be through Email or over the phone just know that If you're writing someone's dating Profile you are going to have to speak To them in some manner that says focus On important things like any writing Don't show detail the more specific the Better don't use adjectives right 200 Words or less double check that your Profiles are appealing it goes through All kinds of different tips all right if You had enjoyed this a little change of Job leads please let me know down in the Comments below or if there's anything Specific that you're looking for feel Free to leave them too thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and Of course I'll be back really really Soon with the regular scheduled work From home job leads just for you

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