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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is coming From the company Ria Health okay and They're currently looking for an Insurance Verification Specialist to Work remotely in the U.S let's go ahead And get into the details starting off With the estimated pay and according to Glassdoor this job does have an Estimated pay of 42k to 45k a year so The pay should fall within that range of Course this is an estimate you'll have To get the exact pay from the company But getting into the details with this Job right here you will be verifying Insurance information for new patients And referrals and you're going to update Insurance information and charts and Ria's EMR you're going to also call to Obtain eligibility and benefit estimates For recommended services and procedures And document financial responsibilities In the system you will answer questions Related to billing and insurance and be A point of contact for the enrollment Center team regarding Insurance Eligibility you will help with the Enrollment team with Prospect calls when The call volume spikes and with this job Right here they'd like for you to be

Able to quickly build rapport and trust With potential patients through Conference call assessments and program Education have one to three years of Experience in customer service Health Care Patient Care customer engagement Potential customer and or program Evaluation or enrollment or in the General care of support of helping People to improve their quality of life Be familiar with addiction treatment Programs from Community meetings to Rehab and Polished and professional Experience working with various Computer Applications and be flexible okay so the Application for this job isn't too long At all and they are asking if you're Going to be available to work Monday Through Friday from 7 A.M to 4 pm Central Standard time you would need to Adjust that to your time zone but it's Great that this is a Monday through Friday job so of course if you guys are Interested in applying for this job you Can find the link in the description bar If you guys have any questions or any Comments feel free to leave those below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to those who apply For the job

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