My Growing Onions from seed mistake | Growing more Walla Onions

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Africa at work and grow off grid control Your own workday control your own food Become self-sustaining prepping for Off-grid living the easiest way to Control a population as to control the Food source work from home grow your own Foods medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About my growing onions from seed Mistake growing more Walla onions Video about three days ago and some of Them are coming up however when I did This video I actually sprinkled them on The top and I didn't put them in the Soil and I realized from watching a Video by What's his name us Gardner Scott Who actually showed you how to plant Onions from seed and he said they should Go in the ground at least one fourth of An inch or you could use Um stir them up and use some vermicular Light and put on the top and so because I didn't put them down I think there's a Lot of them that probably will not Germinate so we're going to do this all Over again these are my Walla Walla Onions uh I actually went to Lowe's and I bought some trays Like real darkness do And so I'm going to use these these were Only about three dollars and fifty cents So I'm just gonna have to replant these

So I'm Gonna Fill each of these up with Soil And this soil is more soiled but it's Not too wet Foreign We use a lot of onions so I want to make Sure that um I plant enough onions Enough to store And I need to also Look up a good video on how to store These onions after you harvest them So if anyone had any information on that You can leave it in the comments it Would be greatly appreciated This is just my second year blowing I Tried growing onions last year but I Used bulbs and that still did not work Out very well so I said I'm going to try The seeds even though they say the seeds Are Much more difficult and I also learned From him that these onions right here Should have been planted at least 12 Weeks before the um before you plant Them outside So I'm running a little bit high with These But he also said that you could unpause Them Before time you could Harvest them when They're green So we're gonna get this done I've got This soil

In all the corners here Okay So I'm going to take these seeds To mix them so you can see what I'm Doing sorry about that See I'm gonna put Maybe Four or five in each of the trays Sprinkle it around here And I don't have my glasses so I'm gonna Have to uh definitely stir the soil up To make sure It's down in there at least What was it a quarter of an inch Okay so I'm going to use These scissors here and I'm going to Stir them up in here and try and make Sure that they're down in that soil Really good You need to have the best germination Possible Next year I'll try it using the Vermiculite on top of it to see how it Does Make sure they're all covered Okay So now we're going to spray it You can see what I'm doing just spray it Here Okay And then I'm going to label this Foreign This will keep the humidity in Foreign

Okay so there we have it These or the Walla Walla onions please Like And subscribe thank you

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