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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great back with another job for you guys Of course and this job right here is Coming from the company true link Financial okay I'm gonna go ahead and Get into the details of their customer Support associate and I really like this Job right here because it's available Anywhere in the U.S so if you're in New York California the DMV any of those Areas that sometimes get left out of the Jobs definitely check this one out so Let's go ahead and get straight into it They're looking for someone who can work A 40 hour per week schedule beginning at Either 6 a.m Pacific time which will be 9 A.M Eastern or 9 A.M Pacific time Which will be 12 p.m Eastern again it is Remote and you're welcome to work from Anywhere in the US you will be assisting Customers via phone and email and you Will learn and embody the true link Voice which is their unique way of Communicating with customers you will Help individuals with unique financial Needs navigate important life situations And also help with operational tasks and Projects you're going to also share Customer feedback and experiences with The team and represent their company and They just want you to be a strong

Communicator have a high degree of Personal responsibility also be Ambitious and they would love if you had Previous professional experience working In customer service or personal or Professional experience working with People with disabilities vulnerable Older adults or people in recovery from Addiction and special consideration will Be given to applicants with one or more Of the following weekend availability Experience working as a health care Coordinator also experience working as a Trust coordinator or similar role and if You have Spanish language skills and the Pay for this shop is going to be between 18 and 20 an hour of course if you're Interested in applying you can find the Link in the description bar you guys Know that I wish you the best of luck Make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and as usual thank you Guys so much for watching and I'll see You in my next video

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