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Foreign It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back again Okay because I came across another night Time work from home job and y'all ask me On a daily basis Delilah where are the Night jobs we need them and I said if I Come across anything decent I will share Now this job is awesome but there's a Catch it's only available in nine states So up front I'm so sorry if your state Is not listed but just keep in mind Whenever I see these leads regardless I Will share them so if this one doesn't Work for you make sure your Notifications are on and I'll try and Get you next time and then of course Share this with someone who could use it Because you know you'll have your lead You'll have your time all right so no Time to delay we're gonna get into all The details make sure you hit that Subscribe button and tap the Notification Bell I share hot leads Every single weekday and you know if I Go MIA for a little bit I'm gonna be Back and I'm trying makeup for all the Time that I was gone alright so let's go Ahead and jump in All right so today's hot lead comes from A company called public storage and I Want to say I've shared them at least Once on my channel but we all know who Public Storage is you see these storage

Facilities all over and this is where You can store all of your stuff okay They are voted best place to work They've won a lot of awards we know Public Storage okay so going on over to Their careers page I'm going to show you How to find their remote opportunities And before I get into exactly how to do This I'm going to let y'all know who is Eligible to do these jobs because like I Said they're only available in nine States so right now they're hiring for The states of Nevada Texas Colorado Kansas South Carolina Arizona Utah Florida and Georgia okay they have Remote evening positions for just those Nine states that I listed now to find These roles the easiest way is just to Go up here to keyword and type in remote And then when you hit search you're Going to see the remote evening Opportunities now these are going to go Quickly because I was just looking at This page they had a whole different set Of opportunities I refreshed it and then It turned into evening opportunities so Make sure if these work for you you come Here find your state and apply to that Lead now they have customer service Specialist positions and inbound sales Agent positions the customer service Roles pay about 15 or so per hour and I Can actually open up one just so we can See what it looks like okay scroll down

Here and you can see it starts off at 15 Per hour and this rule starts between 11AM and 2 p.m and it's an 8 hour shift So you'll start sometime around lunch or After lunch and then it'll go into the Night now this one's for Vegas remember You want to find the lead in your Location they also have the inbound Position and this one pays a little bit More I can open this one up as well and This one for Vegas starts off at 17.70 per hour you also get a guaranteed Bonus and then you get uncapped bonus Potential and the shift starts in the Same time frame and goes into the night So again just make sure you go here find Your state there's two pages of these And the pay May differentiate just a Little bit per location like for example The Augusta Georgia one and as long as You're in Georgia you're good this one Starts off at 16.70 per hour with the Uncapped bonus potential and guaranteed Bonus but this one also starts later so You know just keep in mind with the time Zones since we're in Georgia the start Time is between two and five PM eastern Time so if you're someone who already Has a job but you're looking for Something that you can do on top of that As long as you can be in place and clock In by 5 PM you could do this and and the and the training classes start April 7th okay so it gives you all the

Details here I just wanted to go over it Really briefly so you can see like what The pay is and the hours because I know That's the most important part when Y'all are looking for evening and then Of course this is going to get started Next month and as far as all the Qualifications go you only need one year Of sales experience if you've ever done Call center or phone cells work that's a Major plus but you don't have to have it And then if you can speak like Spanish For example that's a major plus but you Don't have to have that and they're also Gonna hook you up with all of the Necessary equipment however you need to Show up with the internet speed and the Quiet place to work okay and this is a Contact center that's open seven days a Week from three a.m to 10 p.m Pacific Standard time so they have a lot of Hours available if you want it to work Even more and just let y'all know I'm Always telling y'all but nighttime jobs Are not plentiful and this is a really Good one so again just gotta let y'all Know make sure you find the lead for Your stay and apply to that one so that Your lead can be pushed through the Right funnel and of course share this on Your social media with someone if you Know that they're looking for an evening Job because this is a really good one Now last but certainly not least okay I

Don't want to leave you guys with just a Little bit I gotta leave y'all with a Lot check out my website I have something on Here called the mega list of jobs and There are 485 companies on this list that will Hire you to work from home so on this List you can actually search it so maybe You're interested in more customer Service roles you can type in customer Service or CSR and you see we've got Over 161 companies that offer work from Home customer service jobs their little Experience just like this one you can go Directly to the careers pages of these Companies and apply for what they have Available people land interviews and Jobs all the time from the mega list of Jobs this is my favorite resource that I Offer y'all next to my YouTube channel Okay so make sure you come here bookmark It put this into your work from home job Search rotation And then of course this position does Provide you equipment but you always Want to have your own okay that will Give you more options in my Amazon Storefront I have computer packages that Are the most economical you will find Okay for 154 dollars you will get a 19 Inch monitor a CPU tower that runs Windows 10 Pro in a wired keyboard and Mouse these are these specs that 99 of

Companies are looking for most companies Are looking for Windows 10 minimum this Runs Windows 10 Pro and if you need dual Monitors then I have a package for that For 255 bucks all of these are sold Through Amazon they will be to you by Next week so if you do find a different Job that doesn't provide equipment That's okay because within your first Week of working you are going to make All this money back and then some but Remember you can't work from home if you Don't have your computer which is what I Like to call your money machine okay you Can't make the money from home if you Don't have the computer so make sure you Are set up for Success you don't have to Get ready if you stay ready and the link To my Amazon store where you can find These computers is in the description Box below along with the link to the Mega list of jobs on my website and of course I will Put the link to this page here where I Searched for the remote evening Opportunities on public storage's Website and I'll make it simple for Y'all to come here and find the lead in Your state so thank you guys so much for Watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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