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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work when you want Part-time work from home job but before I jump into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home jobs but guys We give away laptop computers and we are Giving away 10 more brand new beautiful Computers absolutely free so if you want One make sure you take my video go post It on Facebook Snapchat Instagram don't Forget to come back though and leave us A comment now I have been dropping these Work when you want videos like crazy Yesterday make sure you guys go back Check out those videos I dropped one Last night so make sure you guys check It out don't forget to hop over to the Two chicks with the side blog Look on the home page for Telus International the Raider position which Pays 14 an hour work when you want it is Now open be sure to apply let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For and be sure while you're in the Comments click on that link and sign up Today for Branded surveys this is just Another easy peasy survey site for you Guys to get in your basket let's jump Into the video so guys this is Marco Learning and they are looking for Graders this is an easy peasy one and it

Is non-phone so no talking you may have To talk to the teachers but guess what It is not on the phone it is all done Through messaging so it says here if you Are passionate about helping students Learn a strong writer in excellent Communications with excellent Communication skills and you are someone That is highly Dependable then you Should apply to work for Marco learner So it says we love to meet you read on To learn more about this unique 100 Remote opportunity this is a great match For undergraduate and graduate students Looking for flexible part-time work so This one guys it is work whenever you Want I don't think it's an interview I Didn't see where you will interview for This company they do have step by step And I did not see any interview listed On the steps I think it's like four or Five steps that you guys will have to go Through from applying for the job and Then you would have to do like a demo so That is not really considered an Interview you're just doing a demo Probably with a teacher or it could be a Fake student or somebody pretending to Be a student because basically you're Just grading paper so you're a grader so Guys this is easy non-phone no talking Like I stated you may have to speak with The teachers but from what I read on the Website it is all done through some type

Of messaging or messenger system the pay Is twelve to fourteen dollars per hour And you can work when you want to work And I believe you can live anywhere for This particular position so again the Company is Marco learning be sure to go Over to Google do some research about The company before you apply for this Job I'm not certain if you need a degree For this one I don't remember seeing That on the website but make sure you Guys read through the FAQ section and Make sure you just read about the Company itself in general make sure that You share this video somebody out there Guys is looking for a job such as this One and you just might be that person to Help them out don't forget to come back Though and leave us a comment down below Also I will be sure to post the link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check it out and Apply make sure you hop over to Facebook Join kiss that cubicle goodbye follow The two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page and don't forget About Instagram and Twitter two chicks With the side hustle we are doing a ton Of giveaways this year so you guys want To stay connected did my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful beautiful People on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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