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Hello and welcome we are back on the Netflix website of course their job Board and careers I wanted to share with You their 80 work from home remote jobs Kind of skim through them with you give You a little background and send you on Your way majority of the jobs on the Netflix remote site are over the hundred Thousand dollar per year range ranging All the way up to two hundred thousand Dollars per year if you get into the More senior rolls so Netflix does have a Lot of work from home positions open I Highly suggest that you guys will get This link from my website go to their Job board and start applying and Bookmarking roles that really really Suit your needs so you can apply to them As well as bookmarking this site in General that way anytime new things are Added you are able to get those Notifications ASAP so here we have all Different types of tech jobs software Engineer a manager of content demand Unity game engineering lead analytics And engineer software engineer security Product manager it goes on and on this Is Page four that I am on so let's back It up a little bit we have a product Manager product Ops lead more software Engineers a live service analyst games Editorial strategist Etc so one thing You can see here that I did is I did Type remote in the search bar anytime

You are looking at any websites job Board you want to make sure remote is a Keyword in the search bar and that will Filter everything that is remote okay I'm just going to send you on your way I Don't want to waste too much of your Time to this job board so the link to This job board can be found on my Website and that will be accessible in The description box below for you now if This job was not for you or this job Board was not for you on your screen are Going to be two other great videos that I've posted check those out because you Might find a better match to apply to There as well as more jobs to diversify Your application process there click my Face to subscribe tribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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