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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this Is going to be a good one because this One right here doesn't require any Experience okay so this job right here Is coming from the company management Science associates and they're currently Looking for a data processor as I always Say check the company career section see If there's another job that may interest You but I thought this was a really good One to bring to you guys today so let's Get into the details right here with This job you're going to be verifying And validating reports and data Familiarity working with names addresses And product identification such as upcs And or skus is a plus you will operate Interactive matching programs and you Will perform miscellaneous tasks such as Editing coding researching and Validating data you will independently Complete routine assignments and you Will recognize problems and notify Appropriate parties and insist in Solution you're going to gain industry And client specific knowledge to perform Quality control and you will attend Ongoing training to Achieve Personal Professional and Technical Improvement You will take ownership and

Accountability for your work and this Shop is full time and you do need to Have a high school diploma or GED PC Familiarity including basic PC software Skills working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer basic internet navigation Experience is required you must be able To work 40 hours per week plus overtime When required and you must apply an Organized approach to performing tasks Night and weekend hours may be required They're not mentioning any state hiring Restrictions with this job it just says Remote United States so as far as pay at The time of me doing this video I do not Know what the pay is for this job if I Find the pay later on before editing I Will put it right here on the screen or You will see it in the thumbnail if you Don't see it I don't know it but of Course if you guys are interested in Applying for the shop you already know You can check out that link in the Description bar if if you guys have any Questions or any comments leave those Below and as usual I thank you guys so Much for watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to everyone who Applies for the job

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