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[Music] Foreign Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is coming From the company Envision Pharma group And they're currently looking for Contracts data coordinator okay so I Wasn't able to find the pay for this job Hopefully it is decent but this is going To be you know a data entry type job no Customer service or anything like that With this job and with this job you're Going to be performing administrative Activities to support the contracts and Proposals teams in their efforts to be Excellent business partners to internal Stakeholders you will be reporting to The director of contracts and proposals And working closely with various Cross-functional groups we'll be working Independently on assigned tasks and Routinely interface with principals Business unit managers and sales people To understand business needs set Priorities and meet deadlines so as far As the skills and expertise that they're Looking for they want you to have post Signature contract data entry that's Going to be what you're going to be Doing 80 percent of the time transposing And QC applicable Contracting and Financial data from fully executed

Agreements into the applicable Business Systems whether that's Salesforce or Contracts life cycle management software You got to be confirming presence of Signatures key Clauses and dates and Assigning appropriate products to Salesforce opportunities based on Contract content you will build fee Schedules for assigned products based on Contract content and ensure accurate Record keeping and filing of signed Agreements you will perform other Related projects delegated by the Director of contracts and you will need To create and perform initial uploads of Requested projects and RFI response Software and administratively support RFI response software Library build out And review Cycles so they want you to Have zero to two plus years of Experience providing administrative Support in a business setting a Bachelor's degree from a four-year College or university or an equivalent Combination of education and experience So you will get benefits with this job They have a long list of benefits there That you will be eligible for of course If you're interested in applying you'll Find the link in the description bar Make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and as usual I appreciate You guys so much for watching I'll see You in my next video and good luck to

Those who apply for the job

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