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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with an 18 an hour work from home Job but before I jump into the video if You are new here make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this Channel we talk about legit work from Home jobs the side gigs the side hustles And we also give away free laptop Computers so make sure you take my video Put it on Facebook put it on Tick Tock Be sure to come back and leave us a Comment don't forget to go back check Out all the videos that were posted on The channel yesterday make sure you guys Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look on the home page look for Omni Interactions and also look for tell us Both of these guys are skip the Interview work whenever you want and I Know a lot of people here are looking For those types of jobs so make sure you Guys check those out let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure guys to sign up for Brandon Surveys don't sleep on branded because We got some people here that make 15 to 50 dollars in a day the link is in the Comments let's get into it so this Company here It's called Speak Easy marketing and They are looking to fear their customer Service work from home position this is A 1099 home-based independent contractor

Wanted to handle customer service for Our fast growing marketing company so It stays here guys does this describe You you have a great track record of Success you have the ability to keep Your own files scheduled and Records Well organized and easily retrievable When needed strong attention to detail You want to be part of a high energy Fast growing team that provides quality Products and services that people Actually want you are a hard worker and You are willing to put in the time Effort and energy that it takes to make Your projects a success you're coachable You're willing to learn and you want to Grow in a position as well as taking Direction with a positive attitude you Bring ideas to the table you are not you Not only follow plans follow plans Currently in place but you can also Provide some new ideas and Outlook and You are someone that is disciplined Enough to work out of your own home so It saves here the opportunity to provide Personalized phone and email based Customer service for our clients located Throughout the U.S the starting pay Again eighteen dollars per hour however Guys after 90 days your performance will Be reviewed and if you pass the review They will give you two dollars more Bringing that to twenty dollars an hour Which is a great thing now the

Qualifications you must have your own Computer internet access phone in a Quiet place to make calls experience With the ring central this is a call-in App and also um a call app and also Zoho CRM is a plus but it is not required now It must be available part-time to Provide customer support around 20 hours A week this is not bad for those of you That are looking for part-time hours now It says that nights and weekends are not Required nor anticipated so that's Perfect for somebody between the hours Of 9am to 5 p.m Central Standard Time Now again guys 20 hours a week is very Very doable Responsibilities it says on board new Clients intake process be the primary Account manager for customers and Prospects assist new clients with Providing us access to Google Maps and Social media platforms establish client Goals and go over services in contract That they can expect to receive contact Customers following new sales to ensure Ongoing customer satisfaction go over The client's marketing results from all Of their marketing channels and show Trends suggests additional service Offerings to help them improve their Marketing forward any support requests Complaints items needing attention so Our support team can resolve these as Quickly as possible

Also use a series of voicemails and Emails to maximize the chances that your Clients will engage in a monthly Overview call develop and maintain Strong relationships with the clients to Ensure continued Customer Loyalty be on The lookout for ways to improve our Products and services answer and return Client phone inquiries update multiple Spreadsheets and email threads to keep The team informed of any client issues Situations billing problems and Etc so Again Speak Easy marketing guys this is A part-time work from home job that pays 18 to 20 dollars an hour based on your Reviews and they're looking to feel this Customer service work from home position And it is a 1099 independent contractor So if this is for you guys make sure to Go over to Google do some research about The company just in case you guys get an Interview you would want to be prepared And surprised make sure you take the Video guys share it with a friend put it On Facebook put it in the Facebook group Let your friends and family members know That we post the real work from home Jobs the side gigs and the side hustles And that we also give away free laptops On this channel so who doesn't want a Free laptop if you do make sure you Share the video with somebody someone Somewhere somehow and be sure to come Back and leave us a comment and thank

You thank you thank you so much to the Ones that have been sharing our Information and our content we greatly Greatly appreciate each and every single One of you make sure you guys hop on Over to Facebook we're doing a giveaway In the group once we hit 250 000 members so hop on over there invite Invite invite make sure you guys follow Us on the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page we are Giving away two additional laptop Computers on that page all so last but Not least Twitter and Instagram now On Instagram guys I think we are like a 120 or maybe 125 people away from the 10K so that is very doable we can get Those 125 people in no time be sure to Hop over to Instagram if you don't have An Instagram make sure you guys go and Create an Instagram page it is free 99 Doesn't cost you guys anything be sure To follow the one and only two chicks With the side hustle and then you guys Can share or you can tag your friends Over to our page you can create a story Or a real I see people creating these Reels and these stories all the time so You guys can jump on in the fun Create a story create a real tag Us in The story tag us in the real and we will See if somebody did create a real about Us not too long ago and they tagged us And I was able to see the real so make

Sure you guys tell a friend tag a friend However you guys want to share the Content or the information you can even Call somebody on the phone and tell them Are you looking for a work from home job Or a side hustle and let them know that Two chicks with the side hustle we have All of that good stuff and make sure you Guys don't forget to leave us a comment Because a lot of people share the Information but sometimes you guys Forget to leave us the comment how else Will we know that you shared if you Don't leave that comment so make sure You leave us that comment on one of These platforms we will write your name Down and as soon as we get to that day Somebody's going to win these prizes my Name is Carl I'll catch you wonderful Lovely amazing fantastic people in the Next video [Music] YouTube

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