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If you're the type of person that Doesn't like talking on the phone and You are pretty good at searching things Up on the internet and you're able to Work from home today's job might be Right for you hey guys it's Suzanne Today I have a fully remote job for you It is an ads quality Raider you do have To be able to speak English in this job It's with the company we localize and a Little bit about this job are you a Search engine Guru meaning can you Search things up well on the internet Can you find what you're looking for With just a few keywords we have a Unique opportunity for you to put your Skills to the test we localize needs English speakers in the U.S to help Support their clients project as an ads Quality reader you will use a unique Web-based tool to evaluate search engine Advertisements based on Project Guidelines so you're going to do some Search queries and then you're going to Evaluate how those search queries panned Out for you so please note they are Currently hiring in the following states Only the project details this is a fully Remote position you must be based in the U.S minimum five hours per week up to 25 Hours per week and you can set your own Schedule you need to expect educational Peaks and dips and work so if you're Looking for a part-time opportunity that

Maybe Works around your current schedule Your kids or your job this one may work For you so the start date is as soon as Possible you will be a W-2 part-time Employee there's a little bit about the I-9 process and taxes I'll let you read Through that here are the main Requirements you need to be able to Speak English fluently have a strong Understanding of pop culture in the U.S You need to be web Savvy and able to Work in a fast-paced environment of Course because you're going to need to Be able to do search queries and be Totally comfortable doing searches on The internet excellent online research Skills reliable computer system and Internet connection reliable anti-soft Antivirus software ability to follow Instructions in English according to the Rules expected by the client you will Have to sign a non-disclosure agreement To protect client confidentiality that Means you're going to sign an agreement That says that you're not going to tell Anybody else about this special position You must pass a learning program and a Rigorous quality test designed by the Client before starting work now when You're ready to apply you're going to Hit apply for this job and then you're Going to go ahead and fill out the Application as requested all right guys So the estimated salaries on the

Internet most of them were around 21 per Hour average salary now it could be more It could be less you always want to Check with the hiring manager but that's Just a good ballpark estimate so if you Are interested in this job and put the Instructions to apply down in the Description and I wish you all the best Of luck

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