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Hey everyone it's Suzanne today I have a Brand new work from home job opportunity I have never shared this with you before It is with the company task verse and With task verse you can complete tasks From anywhere in the world and you can Get paid to complete those tasks so a Little bit about task verse in their own Words they're an open platform that Connects the global community of Freelancers called taskers that would be You to a variety of tasks to help power The world's most disruptive companies as A tasker you can complete paid tasks on Your own schedule from anywhere in the World so I get a lot of comments from People asking if these jobs are Available internationally this one might Be so you're definitely going to want to Give it a shot so why task verse they're Ridiculously good culture has led to the Success of the world's most Innovative Brands they are a people first company Always putting the well-being of their People first to ensure higher Productivity and better quality results So they're going to offer you flexible Ability and a hundred percent remote you Can pick up and complete tasks anytime Anywhere choose what you want to do After being accepted into the task force They're going to give you fair pay They're going to get you paid on time Per task you complete payments will be

Automatically added to your task first Account and I believe they do pay you Via Paypal people first you're going to Be a part of a supportive Global Community get trained and be upskilled As part of your professional development And they're going to give you meaningful Projects experience working with Innovative companies from various Industries from self-driving cars to Food delivery services so this sounds Kind of like a pretty cool job how it Works you're going to sign up for Available tasks and get paid you're Going to sign up for a taskbarse account Then you have to qualify for the test You're going to fill out your profile They're going to use that profile to Decide which projects they're going to Send to you so make sure you fill out That profile honestly and only try to go For tasks that really you think that Would be a a good fit for you then you Can start tasking you can pick up and Complete tasks once you've been accepted And they're going to get you're going to Get paid for each completed and approved Task so when you go to sign up for Taskbars you're going to either continue With your Google Gmail account or you Could also use your email address create A password and then you're going to Agree to their terms of service privacy Statement and cookie policy then you're

Going to hit that sign up button and It's going to take you to the next Screen where you're probably going to Fill out your profile so how much can You earn well according to estimated Surveys on the internet you can earn Anywhere between 10 to 50 dollars per Task offered to you not too bad of Course you can expect that the higher Paying tests are a bit more complicated Require a bit more effort but the amount You will earn is actually quite good and This is a recent review back right from October of 22 so not that long ago All right if you want to give this one a Shot see how it goes I'm going to put The instructions to apply down in the Description for you otherwise I hope you All have a great day and I'll see you in The next video

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