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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this One right here is coming from the Company Fresco I featured them on the Channel probably once okay and currently They're looking for an administrative Data entry assignment coordinator let's Get into the estimated pay according to Glassdoor this job has an estimated pay Between 16 and 17 an hour so it's not Going to be a whole lot of money but you Know it's an entry level job you know Use it to get your foot in the door and Keep it moving okay so let's go ahead And talk about this full-time position You must be able to work 8 A.M to 5 p.m Pacific time and with this job right Here you will be assessing referrals Inputs data and assigning appropriate Service to management in an accurate Efficient and timely manner you're going To work with other team members and Managers and sales staff to accurately Dissect referrals and understand client Needs and you will need to ensure Confidentiality and security of Sensitive data and reports and any Productivity and error rate criteria After a successful probationary period So in terms of the skills that you need You just need attention to detail Excellent organizational skills

Excellent reading comprehension critical Thinking and problem solving also be Able to extract necessary information For case setup and database input from Reading through various types of Documents you must also be able to work Independently and be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite you only need a High school diploma or GED so no data Entry skills or administrative skills Are required for this position which is Great you will get benefits as well and This is a Paylocity application these Applications can get kind of long so of Course if you're interested in applying For this job you can find the link in The description bar if you guys have any Questions or any comments feel free to Leave those below and as usual thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video and good luck to Everyone who applies for the job

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