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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another work from home job that's coming They will train you no degree is Required unless you can start Immediately so if you're interested in Looking and getting more information About this job then make sure you join Me on the computer so let's go ahead and Dive right into the job okay now we're Talking about Um this company here Um it's called pa Um they're currently seeking actually PA Clerks to work remotely this is a Full-time position here as you can see On the screen the page is between 33 400 And 400 to actually 50 to 160 which Comes out to between 16 and 24 per hour Okay and when you scroll down this job Only requires a high school diploma or General education diploma or GED is Equivalent okay so that is Um what they require not a degree here And then also when you go down here they Are looking for Um in intermediate knowledge and Microsoft Office Word Excel and Outlook And aptitude for new programs and Experience with rental space database Program is also required now you Remember in all my videos I was talking About that if you don't understand Microsoft Word excelling PowerPoint here Is a place that you can go and learn it

It is called Microsoft 365 as you can See on the top you can learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft team and assets all For free so make sure you jump on that Wagon and go ahead and learn these Tunes Today in order to get you to the next Level okay now when we go in here a Little bit deeper here Um the name of the company is be an Impact I do apologize mid impact is Currently high right now okay so um give You a little bit information about Mid-pack they deliver Leading Edge Pharmaceutical and technology related Solution that Um improve the value of healthcare so That is basically about the company Because every time I want to know what Who I'm working for now what are you Going to be doing okay it's digging Entry of incoming MERS Elves are required you're going to be Doing that you're going to maintain Archived files of process MERS and Response letters in central location You're going to do Distribute or distribute PA reports Daily weekly and monthly to appropriate Personnel You're going to support customer service Department with administrative duties Such as copying filing fasting and Interoffice mail delivery as needed and

Then you're going to attend and Participate in monthly staff meetings Okay now when you go down here Um when they say preferred I wouldn't Even worry about it because preferred Means if you have it it's great if you Don't then don't worry about it so I'm Not going to stress about that because You do not have to have that Um so and also again when you go here Prefer means if you have it that's great If you don't then don't worry about it They're going to still hire you and Consider you anyway Um it talks about here and a lot of People gonna be asking questions about This position does not require traveling However tenants may require a various Local training session in a meeting I Reached out to hire manager if they're Going to do training a meeting it's Going to be virtual okay and then the Great thing about this company they do Offer medical dental vision which is a W-2 job as well as tuition reimbursement Where they will send you back to school And pay for some of your schooling they Do offer employee referral bonus so if You do refer people to their company you Would get some kind of money that's how I make my money back in the day uh when I was working in the corporate world Um in the office is through referral Programs I refer like 10 to 20 people to

The company and I got paid pretty good Money every time you look around when I Referred somebody so that is something That you can do so if you feel like a Good fit all you have to do is Click Write your words says apply for the job And then it will walk you through on Everything you need to go ahead and fill Out your application submit your resume Now I want to say if this video has been Helpful thus far Memphis you hit that Red button that says subscribe and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on All notifications so every time I upload New videos you'll be notified and then We give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs where They go just like this these type of Jobs move very quickly Get on board and make for sure that this Is something that you want to do or even If you don't want to do it you need to Go ahead and apply immediately now I'm Going to leave some encouraging words With you like I always do is to keep Pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but You've got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will nobody is going to Encourage you nobody's going to lift you Up you got to live your own self up I Know that it's tough life is like a

Roller coaster warming you up and that's Been you down and sometimes we just Don't understand why bad things happen To good people there is a reason for Everything there is a season for Everything there is a time for Everything your time is coming up you Don't Focus yourself on looking at what Other people are doing you focus on what Is in front of you you got to keep Applying for these jobs I know that a Lot of you say well look I'm tired I've Been rejected from this job so we all Looking at this job now I'm saying look I don't know if I have any experience You never know what's going to happen Until you apply for the job again this Company is willing to train you and They're going to train you anyway on how They want you to do the job but you got To go in there with Will in mind and Willing heart in a willing Spirit in Order to get this job okay so you got to Speak life over your stuff because the Power of the tongue determines life and Death if I can do it you can do it but You got to put in the work and what you Got to realize is what comes easy won't Last and what last will come easy so You're going to have to put in It is a job founding a job what if it's A side hustle a full-time job part-time Job it is a job looking for a job but Again you got to believe in yourself

Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today Not next week not next to um tomorrow But today and apply for this job this Job has your name on it but again you Got to believe if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will and stop Disqualifying yourself before you apply For these jobs let the company do it you Never know what a company is going to do If you don't apply for the job so go out There and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs again there is a job out There with your name on it I believe in You you got this just keep pushing okay Everybody know that I always talk about Um having a multiple strands of income Just in case you gotta prepare and plan It's not being greedy it is about Preparing and playing a lot of people Fall short is because they do not plan And repair Um they sit on a job they hear the boss Get ready to let them go instead of them Trying to make a move they wait until They let them go and then when they try To find a job They're about to lose their they they're Pulling their head because they're hair Because they don't know what to do and You don't want to be in that predicament You want to always have a backup plan Use the job that you have as a crutch And invest in yourself by hitting with

Book quote football is a easy side Hustle also a business opportunity where If you do your research people are Making anywhere between a thousand to Ten thousand a month creating low Content books and as you can see behind Me these are some of the low content Books low content books or journals Diaries law books recipe books puzzle Books in it the list goes on and on and People are making passive income no Experiences required no degree is Required skip the interview you can work Anywhere in the world and create this You could be in the United States out of The country and create this and it is Very easy now I'm not talking to talk I Am doing Um Book 2 as well I'm creating low Content books as well I need to get back into creating more Books because I'm doing other things Both of other things so I am during Bookboat I have made a couple sales and I'm here to share this with you so you Can make sales and you continue to grow And provide for yourself or provide for You and your family okay again low Content books or journals law books Virus and more and the great thing about Bookboat is that you can always research The product before you actually make it To see if it's still plus you can spot On your computer and see what kind of

Keywords they're using not to copy but To be expired okay now bookboat has Upgraded they have a new studio with Cover craters interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalty free image Powder scalables designs splitter and Much more okay and people buy these Books every single day again you're able To make also blows activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience now if I go here into the Interior wizard I want to get I want to Show you how easy it is the interior is Already made for you so you do not have To make it yourself as you can see There's music sheets there's career plan There's online Shopper tracker resale Planner you get the picture it's a whole Bunch of stuff that you can mix and Match and put it together and come make A creative low content book and upload It to Amazon kdb you can sell them all Different platforms like Etsy send out Pay here Um different free social media platforms That you can go on but for the sake of The video I am going to choose recipe Book also you have a choice to do Paperback or hardcover or you can do Both I always do paperback eight by five

Eleven and I choose 120 and I'm going to Choose right here recipe book and I'm Gonna hit download right here Okay so this is my interior right here If I was pleased with this then this is What I would download to Amazon KDP That's how easy it is and people are Making passive income and people buy These every single day okay now when I Go back here I know you want to know What is the pricing I believe the Pricing is very affordable you cannot Complain about the situation if you do Not invest in yourself people that are Risk Takers are the ones that are moving Up and you want to be a risk taker so The price is 9.99 per month for a new Beat in 1999 per month for pro but if You use my coupon code which is the rest Is wet and lowercase that information is In the YouTube description bar you Receive 20 off the 9.99 per month and That is Lifetime or if you choose the 1999 per month you'll get 20 off of that And that is Lifetime the only difference Is with the pro you're getting the Closer creation software included but The great thing about this you can try It out for three days for free and see If you like it I guarantee you're gonna Like it this is a easy opportunity to do A Elementary student can do this as well As a Middle School a high school anybody Can do this so go ahead and sign up

Today as soon as you sign up today you Can start creating your low content Books and downloading uploading to Amazon KDP so go ahead and check that Out that information is under my YouTube Description bar okay and remember make Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through and make sure you Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn your notifications so Every time I upload new videos you will Be notified and that will give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they go just Like this these jobs are moving very Quickly because there are a lot of People applying for remote jobs but just Because there are a lot of people Applying for remote jobs that doesn't Mean that you're not going to be chosen But you got to keep pushing you have to Keep applying don't give up there is a Job being made out there for you but you Got to believe if you don't believe Nobody else will also go out there today And ground with insurance by applying For these jobs and remember to go ahead And check out the next video that is Appearing on the screen either at the Top at the bottom there are more work From home job needs to help you increase Your chances of filing a work from home

Job thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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