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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with another skip the interview Work whenever you want guys part-time Work from home job but before I jump Into the video if you are new here Welcome make sure you subscribe like and Share on this channel we do real Giveaways and we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers and they are Absolutely free and these laptops guys They are very very nice make sure you Subscribe make sure you share this video And make sure you come back though and Leave us a comment down below don't Forget to go back and check out all the Videos that were dropped on the channel Yesterday we did drop some bangers for You guys to go back and check out make Sure you share as well hop over to the Two chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Guys apply for Omni interactions scroll Down to the recruiter reached out Section and apply for tell us tell us Has some non-phone opportunity is just Waiting for you guys make sure you guys Sign up for Branded surveys the link is Down below in the comment section and Also let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for let's Get into the video so the company guys It is tell us and this is another Position that they have posted we've

Talked about this position before this Is for their part-time U.S online task Contributor now with this one there is No exam I know a lot of people are Having trouble passing the assessment or Exam for Telus but with this particular Position there is no exam so let's jump In as an online task contributor your Ultimate goal will be to contribute Towards evaluating websites and products Over time and making internet search More exciting relevant and interesting For all end users in the US in this job You will be assessing tasks from your Laptop or desktop PC at home you will be Evaluating online search results in Order to improve their content and Quality you will be required to provide Feedback on content found in new Products and search engine results you Will play a part in improving the Quality of one of the largest search Engines in the world using both your Laptop slash desktop PC and Android or IPhone mobile devices who is suitable For this job we are currently seeking Highly tech savvy highly tech savvy Dynamic and creative internet users who Have a familiarity with a wide variety Of apps and have a strong interest in All forms of social media specifically Those who are an active daily user of Their Gmail accounts we require suitable Candidates to own and use a desktop

Laptop as well as an Android or iPhone Mobile phone preferably running the Latest OS version you must be familiar With downloading apps on your phone and You should also be willing to download Certain required apps now the hours for This role are up to 10 hours per week Depending on the task availability but Will not be more than 10 hours per week So guys this is very very part-time and Very flexible you should be flexible Reliable in an avid internet user in This role you will have the freedom to Complete the task from your own home Scheduling your own hours this Opportunity should not be considered as A primary or guaranteed source of income But it is designed to supplement your Own income the volume of available task Can vary on a weekly basis you will Receive push notifications when tasks Are available through the custom app That you will be required to download we Are seeking people who specifically have A desktop PC and an Android or iPhone Mobile phone running the latest OS Version and the Google Search app Installed to complete the task now it Says here what are the main requirements For the job you must have full Professional Proficiency in written in Verbal English you must be living in the U.S for the last three consecutive years You must own a desktop or a laptop PC so

Either one guys if you have both that's Fine but you can just have either or so If you have a desktop fine if you have a Laptop that is fine you must own an Android or iPhone so either or with this As well if you are an Android User such As myself or if you have an iPhone such As tan then either or will work email Account and use frequently active daily User of Gmail and all forms of social Media some tasks may be social media Based the latest version of the Google Search app installed on your mobile Device you must be highly tech savvy and Familiar with a variety of apps Willingness to download apps as well and You must have a familiarity with current And historical Business Media Sports News social media and cultural Affairs In the US now with this company guys you Really don't have to have experience to Apply for this job it's not like you Need customer service experience if you Are someone that knows how to I would Say navigate or research online you know How to go to Google type on Your browser from your cell phone then I Would say anybody really can apply for This job now they are stay specific the Pay it is 11.50 per hour and again you Can log in and out with this company Whenever you get ready so again the Company is tell us and they're looking To feel this U.S online task contributor

Work from home position it is very Part-time up to 10 hours per week if They have tasks available so let me say This if they have tasks available then Yes you can meet the the minimum but if Not then don't worry about it they know What they're doing behind the scenes so If they don't have enough tasks Available you're not able to complete The minimum and that is okay now we know Some people that work for tell us and Did this particular project here and was Making amounts around four to five Hundred dollars a month just from doing This little easy peasy part-time work From home job so keep that in mind guys It won't make you rich however it will Put some money in your pocket maybe help You pay a light bill a phone bill a car Note some car insurance get your hair And your nails done make sure you guys Do some research about the company go Over to Google type in tell us they are Formally known as Lion Bridge so if you Don't find any information under tell us You can always search for lionbridge Also guys don't forget to share the Video help us get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of the month And make sure you come back and leave us A comment because we're going to give Away those 10 laptops we already have Them in our possession so we're just Waiting to get to a hundred thousand so

That we can bless 10 people we also will Be giving away some other things work From home related as well make sure you Guys hop on over to Facebook we have Another giveaway going on in the group 250 000 people is what we're trying to get To so we can give away something to a Member or two or three you never know What we're gonna pull out of our hat so Just make sure you come over there the Name of the group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye also guys while you're On Facebook we have another giveaway Going on with the two chicks with the Side hustle Facebook business page come Over there to the Facebook page make Sure you are following us also on our Business page and all you have to do Guys is tag or share whatever you see Posted we already have some of our Members over there now sharing our Content each and every single day it is Not too late we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers on that Platform so come on over there guys make Sure you share or tell tag a friend or a Family member on the post and this is a Form of sharing and last but not least Instagram and Twitter follow us two Chicks with the side hustle on Instagram Guys we did a pop-up giveaway a few Weeks ago we gave away 200 worth of gift Cards so we are going to turn around and

Do another giveaway so make sure guys That you are following us on Instagram Again it is two chicks with the side Hustle make sure you create a story put Us in your story I can almost but Guarantee you guys somebody out there is Looking for a legit work from home job Full-time part-time legit side hustles Inside gigs make sure you guys create a Story or a real and put us in it This is another way to share or you can Tag a friend tell a friend invite your People over to the Instagram page help Us get to 10 000 followers and we are so Close I think we have around maybe 9 696 or something like that or 9700 by Now so we probably need around maybe 300 Or less more people to follow us on Instagram so we can do that giveaway as Well so again we have a lot of giveaways Going on with this brand two chicks with The side hustle so make sure guys number One you subscribe to this channel number Two you go over to Facebook if you don't Have a Facebook page create one and then You want to join the group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye and make sure guys That you follow us on the Facebook Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle and then you want to go and Create Instagram if you don't already Have Instagram just create one guys and Then then click that follow button and Follow us on Instagram and start tagging

And sharing the content that is all you Guys have to do but make sure that you Leave us a comment so that we can put Your name on this growing long giveaway List again my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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