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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with More work from home job that this Company they will train you so you need To get on the wagon and go ahead and Grab these jobs that they would train You on and remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up but don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs to let the company do it you Have to believe in yourself because if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there and grab what Is yours by applying for the job now We're going to be talking about again Companies that will train you I'm Talking about one job it is with the Coming Institute of reading development They're currently High remote summer Reading teacher this is a great side Hustle side gig opportunity it can be a Full-time job as well so to go in more Details they're now accepting Application for summer 2023 so if you Know a teacher this will be interested In it or maybe you don't have to be a Teacher to do this this is something That you can do in the summer to make Extra cash The Institute solution of Reading development is now hiring summer Teachers for their reading programs for Students of all ages in these programs They would combine skills instruction With the experience of reading and Discussing really good books they help

Their students develop strong fluency And comprehensive skills their mission Is to inspire a lifelong love of reading Okay now when you go down here our Online teachers earn between 600 to 700 Per week you will receive comprehensive Paid training on Gordon's ongoing Supporting that's why I say that they Will train you you will gain over 250 Hours of experience teaching their own Virtual class to students from four Years olds to adults and the good thing About this is your work from home in This complete virtual positions which is Great Now the scheduled details and commitment You have 10 work weeks seasonal Commitments three weeks of paid training Followed by six seven weeks of teaching 37 to 40 hours per week schedule Consists of five days of teaching per Week including both weekdays flexible Start days throughout May and June so They're going to be getting ready to Start in May and June so please see the Application for more details entry level Position with opportunities for continue Employment with the institution after The summer so this is a great Opportunity so be to be self successful As a teacher here you have to have Strong reading skills and read fiction For pleasure responsible for hard Working with strong communication

Organization skills comfortable and Confident with technology have a Bachelor's degree or higher or an active Patient and supportive with students and Parents so if this sounds like something That you're able to do then you need to Go ahead and apply today don't delay by Clicking here where says apply now we're Going to go into more details about some Of the skills that you need to have if You're interested in becoming a remote Summer teacher reading teacher you need To have strong reading and communication Skills a creative mind to come up with Reading activities and the ability to Work with students and their parents and Then they say what makes an effective Reading teacher good teachers believe in Their students good teachers are about Teaching good teachers are constantly Monitor students responds to their Instruction good teachers develop good Relationship with students and parents And good teachers are good Learners so That is something that you know you know To give you more information about the Job what you need to have for yourself In order to be a good fit for this Position okay now I am going to go into Course careers this is a great Opportunity for anyone whether if you've Been at a job for 20 something years and You're not seeing any growth or maybe Your high school school student like a

Junior senior and you're uncertain about What you want to major in after you Graduate or maybe you just you know want A change it's course careers Has partnered with many Fortune to 500 Companies to hire and train People into it or text cells this is a Great opportunity for someone and you Can make 60k to 100K a year and the Great thing about this platform is that It only takes three months to complete Some people have completed this within a Week yes if you go and look at the Testimony some people have completed it Within a week and you could do the same Thing so again no experience or degree Is required now tech tech sales or Technology sales you're going to be on The phone you'll reach out to potential Buyers that are looking to buy a product From your company say for example if You're working from Google you're going To be reaching out to potential buyers That want to buy products and then they Also added on digital marketing to now Um as well and then information Technology is more of a chat job where You're dealing with cues and you're not On the phone on that particular job so They did add in digital marketing so you Can choose what you want to do Tech Sales there are more than three hundred Thousand opening jobs average starting Salary is six between 60 to 80k a year

Digital marketing more than 200 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 40 and 60k a year and then Information technology is more than 200 000 open jobs average starting salary of 40 to 60k a year and you may be asking Why do you have that many openings is Because they they have a lot of openings Because they don't have a lot of people That are trained properly to do this job So that's why many of these Fortune 500 Companies have partnered with course Careers to use the students that once They graduate you're guarantee a job And to get in here the great thing about It these are testimonies right these are People that uh actually went through the Course and you can watch their full Video where they go into details about You know experience with course careers So that is where I suggest you to do now I can give you a brief summary of the Girl her last name is Alexander she Worked at Starbucks and again like I Always say it's nothing wrong with Working at Starbucks bucks but I don't Think it's meant to stay somewhere for The rest of your life forever and she Got to the point where she was tired so She ran across course careers and now as Of this video she is the youngest person That's making between 60 000 a year Working from home and this is something That you can do too so take advantage of

Looking at Um the testimony so you can get an Understanding of what are people saying About course careers and how it works Is the first thing is that you have to Start a free intro course Um what it does you explore the course Offer and sign up for their one of their Free introduction course you will learn About what Information Technology text Sales digital marketing what it entails And at that time you can decide if it's A good fit if it's a good fit then don't Procrastinate a lot of people Procrastinate too much and say I'ma Start next week next week in here and They don't start and right before you Know it two years have passed and you Still sitting at the same place so you Gotta take action faith without works is Dead so you got to get out there and Take action by enrolling in their online Course then when you enroll in the Course it's a self-paced course to begin Learning you complete the course in a Few weeks to a couple months depending On how much time you commit you will Learn everything required to land your First position and then you start your Career so you'll start applying the Skills you acquire from the course in a New career they will teach you exactly How the landing entry level position Through Insider knowledge of how to

Apply to companies what they look for in Resumes applications how to interview And so much more again they partner Directly with companies that want to Hire their students dropping a degree in Experience a requirement for their Graduation or graduate students here And these are some of the things that You can do now when I go back into the Course like say for example if I want to Learn more about text sales it tells you You know the course time how long it Take eight weeks job opens average Salary this is what you can make here Okay And then it goes in a little bit deeper Um about the day in the life of a tech Sales you know you arriving office and Get your coffee eight to non-responding Emails checking calendars research Companies adding new prospects making Phone calls to people in your Outreach And lunchtime that is for text sales Again text sales issue more on the phone Okay and then you go down a little bit Further it talks about Um your education flexible education and Then it talks about the qualification For this course you know you have to Have a desire to learn and prove verbal And written written in English Communication enjoy helping people and Have great interpersonal skills and have A strong work ethnic grad and desire to

Be judged and paid based on your Performance authorization to work in the U.S or Canada you can live in any city In the United States and it talks about Um all of this here and again these are More interviews that you can look at now The cost you want to know how much it's Going to cost you're going to need to do A payment plan a four payment plan of 150 no contract or hidden fees along With a 14-day money-back guarantee again The one price is 499 is a one-time Payment free uh one-time payment it's 499 and when you go to a trade school Community College You added more money than 499 dollars There's people that been to a community College University and they've been out Of school for 12 years and they still Making payments on their loans here you Do not have to take out any loans okay It's just a simple one-time payment of 499 dollars you save 101 dollars if you Use my coupon code you'll get uh 50 50 Off for the 499 dollars again that Information is in the YouTube Description bar and if you feel like Okay you need your money back they have A 14 day money back guarantee that you Can go ahead and get that back but again This is a great opportunity if you are a High school student you have a high School student a solid dollar that is Uncertain about what they want to do

When they graduate how multiple strains Of income get into text sales get into Digital marketing or get into Information Technology have a plan a all The way to Z because these jobs are not Promised today you could be at this job Today in in 20 minutes later they let You go you know you know they these days They can fire you because they don't Like you at all but this is a great Opportunity go ahead and sign up you Will learn sales basis sales process Sales skills interview prep sales Technology go ahead and get started Again this is with text sales everything Else is totally different if you were Doing a totally different Um job opening if I go back and I go Into Information Technology again it's Going to be totally different Of what they'd be going over but take Advantage of this okay I'm gonna tell You this keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with You you have to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will I get it it's a lot of People that don't have people to Encourage them unfortunately that's life For those who have it you know the many Blessings to you but some people don't Have people that's going to support what They do you know but you got to keep

Pushing keep applying there is a job out There Um in the past videos I've been doing Resume demos to help you get closer to Lending your jobs take advantage of Those uh make sure you subscribe to the Channel again this channel is all about None for working home job leads that go Out every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time share these videos with Everyone you know that could benefit a Non-farm work at home job lead thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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