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Hello YouTube family welcome back to my Channel my name is Theresa swag in Today's video we're going to be talking About work from home jobs that companies Are hiring that no degree is required so Let's go ahead and dive right into the Job okay now we're going to be talking About the company a quaint Talent They're currently seeking samples Scholars one to work from home don't Worry about this state right here yeah It's just where the company is located You can work anywhere in the United States and the pay the salary is between 34.38 cents an hour this is a great Opportunity here and what they want you To have is a background you must be a Fluent English speaker must have it Demonstrate passion for music expert Ability to identify samples Reasoning attention to details problem Solving possess a familiar with music Streaming products and service and in The skills that they want you to have is Proficiency at Excel are numbers ability To edit audit using tools like Logic Pro X sound Forge wavelab a plus detail Order ability to focus for long periods Of time can work in a team and they're Looking to hire someone as soon as Possible so this company will hire Neatly and again you can work remotely And capable of working under pressure And under tight deadlines familiar with

Streaming music using various platforms Flexible and willing to learn about new Tools and different procedures okay this Is a really really easy job you know now When I go back to some of the things up Here in the skills if you don't Understand something make for sure you Google it things Um like Excel there are free training That you can go like 360 Microsoft 365 I'm I spoke about this in my other Videos where you can go and learn Excel PowerPoint all of those Microsoft Office Suite for free so if you don't Understand these little software here All you have to do is copy and paste This into Google one but where one line By line and you will understand Um what uh editing audit software that They use so you can be familiar with it And you can go ahead and get this job Here now when you go down a little bit Further here the great thing about this Company is you get paid weekly and then Also dental benefits after your first Four weeks of work average at least 20 Hours a week you also have direct Deposit for your paycheck they offer Access to their talent Rewards program So when you're for refer people sorry About that to this company you will get Paid for referring to other people in Here they do offer free online courses Um to help you better understand your

Job or to help you develop your skills You'll go here you'll have access to Free online courses so this company also Will train you too as well okay so if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then make sure you go ahead And apply today because these type of Jobs will not last that long and all you Need to do is Click right here you Scroll down and click right here where It says apply if this video has been Helpful so far make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking On that red button that says subscribe And don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you'll be notified it Never give you plenty of opportunities To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they go just like this okay now I Want to leave some encouragement words With you because I know a lot of people Are looking at this job wreck and a lot Of people may say well I don't have that Experience when you look at the job rig It really didn't say that you have to Have a lot of experience okay basically This job is saying that you have to have A willing heart a willing mind and a Willing Spirit in order to get this job Here this job doesn't require any degree This job do offer training they will Train you so you need to take advantage Of these type of jobs and you have to

Learn to speak life over yourself Because the power of the time determines Life and death If you say you can't get something Eventually it's going to come to Fruition you need to always say look Even though I don't have the experience I'm going to use Google as my friend and I'm going to Google these terms that I Don't understand because a lot of times They use terms that you may not Understand but when you copy and paste That into Google and you see what the Meaning of that word you'll be like okay I understand the job so I can go ahead And apply you know so don't get Disencouraged y'all Be encouraged I want to say this before I move on to the next thing is that I Tell a lot of people what if you are a Stay-at-home mom A housewife you have a full-time a Part-time job always have a backup plan It all means necessary okay so Especially like if you're a stay-at-home Mom I was a stay-at-home mom for a Couple years and if it's I'm gonna be Honest with you it feels good where you Staying at home and you do not have to Worry about you know paying bills at That particular time what I'm going to Tell you in the midst of staying home at Home whether if you're a stay-at-home Mom a housewife or even if you have a

Full-time a part-time job always have a Backup plan get your side hustle whether It's mystery shoppers daily entry do Something because I'm on different Platforms and I run across this lady She's uh She was saying that she has been a Stay-at-home mom for 11 years and her Husband decided that you know either She's gonna go back to work or he was Going to basically kick her out of the House and she said she's been at home For 11 years so she don't know what She's gonna do so I'm not saying that It's it's not okay to stay at home but Again people tastes change people Sometimes people like to see you not Working because they like that control Think of it as if you are working Um in on-site or if you have a remote Job supervisors love that control if you Don't do what they ask you to do they Will fire you for no reason at all just To get rid of you they like to use that Title and that's what people like to do Is regardless if it's the spouse or Whatever the case may be they like to Use their title just to control you and They can determine how much money you Can spend when it's been spend and how To spend and depending on a feeling of What you made in that day and you're Going to ask them for money and they may Not give it to you so you always have to

Make your own money you know my Grandmother used to say you know you Always have to have a spare change Because you just never know what can Happen people are in abusive Relationships I you know not only just Women men too are in abusive Relationships and they don't have the Funds to get out and they stand and Hoping that somebody leave or something Go down where they can free them and it Shouldn't be like that that's not living You know so always have a backup plan Again it's nothing wrong with staying at Home taking care of kids because I get It I was there you can't trust everybody With your child people not gonna do uh Right which is what's with your child Um so but in the midst of staying home Or being a housewife or even if you have A full-time a part-time job have a side Hustle just in case something go down You will be able to take care of Yourself as well as your child okay so Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you but You gotta believe everything starts in The mind Everything starts in the mind if you say That you can guess what you're gonna do Great you're going to reap the benefits But always have a willing mind a willing Heart and a willing spirit and go out There and grab what is yours today by

Applying for these jobs don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it okay now go again And apply for this job here now you know That I'm always talking about ways of Bettering yourself and that is with Course careers you don't have to have a Degree you don't have to have experience Course careers have partnered with Different Fortune 500 companies that are Willing to hire you into an entry level Position as a tax sales or information Technology or digital marketing and this Is a great opportunity you don't have to Take out any loans we all know that when You go to college University trade Schools graduate schools you got to take Out loans and it's a lot of people that Have been out of school for 12 years and They still hand for it with course Careers you do not have to take out any Loans and unfortunately it's people in High schools like if you know a high School student junior or senior year in High school and they uncertain about uh What they're going to do with their life You need to tell them about course Careers or maybe you've been sitting on A job for five to 20 years and there's No change you're still making the same Salary you've been there for a long time And you cannot have weekends off this is For you or maybe you just need a Different scenery and you want a

Different career this is for you you got To realize that scholarships everybody Is not going to get a scholarship some People are going to get a full ride some People are not going to get a Scholarship and if they do get a Scholarship it is not going to be enough To pay for college but with course Careers it will be Um this is a very affordable Self-paced online course great Opportunity they are like you can choose Text cells text sales is basically You're on the phone Um there are over more than 300 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is 60 to 80k a year digital marketing There's more than 200 opening jobs Average starting salary is 40 to 60k a Year that is more if you're not on the Phone Um you basically dealing with seos Or paid campaign they go over all of That that is something that I'm Interested in and I'm thinking about Taking that course um this summer where I have more time Information Technology Again you're not on the for on the phone There's more than 200 opening jobs Average starting salary is between 40 And 60k a year okay so you got to stop Procrastinate and you got to take action Faith without works is dead There's a lot of y'all have been saying

I want to get into textiles I want to Get into information technology I want To get into digital marketing and we Just have been putting it off because You may not have the funds are you just Scared to step out and be a risk taker You know Risk Takers are the ones that Are doing really well on this channel I Am trying to help you push you to get Out there and invest in yourself so you Can make the money that you deserve to Support either yourself or yourself and Your family now if I go in here to text Sales I'm going to click on text sales Here and I want to explain the reason Why they have a lot of openings is not Because it's a turnaround a lot of People look at it because well maybe This is a turnaround that's the reason Why they have a lot of openness that's Not true the reason why they have a lot Of openness is because they don't have The right person that is trained to do The job or know how to do the job Correctly so that's why they have Partner with course careers okay to get You into the course train you the way You need to be trained so when you come Out it's people that are getting jobs Before they complete this course if you Look at their testimonies there's a lot Of people that have been in the course For one week or even two weeks they Start applying for jobs and they're

Getting jobs before they complete this Course and it can happen to you now this Is a testimony right here with uh Nala Alexander just to go into the little Brief she was working at Starbucks and Like I said there's nothing wrong with Starting somewhere okay but I don't Think it's meant to stay at a company Forever especially if you're not moving Up you're not growing or you're not Getting paid the salary that you deserve She ran across course careers and now She's making over 60 000 a year working From home in the text sales World Um she has a lot of interviews where They have interview with her and you Need to watch the full testimony and not Only her is a lot of other testimonies Again the course time is eight weeks Third 300K openings and the average Salary is 70k the best companies that Are higher for text sales are the other Course the names are appearing on the Screen that are looking for you to start Working for them to make passive income And then it talks about What is text sales you go down a little Bit further it tells you the day in the Life of a text cell so if you want to Know what you're going to be doing Um you arrive at the office again they It's people they have work from home Jobs you're going to be responding to Emails and checking calendars you're

Going to research companies and adding And you press clients you're going to be Making phone calls to people in Outrage Lunchtime sending out emails and linking Messages to people in your Outreach and Then you take a break and get ready to Finish off your day and then you make Your schedule Discovery calls don't Don't that is the day in the life of a Text sale okay now when you go down a Little bit further they do offer Flexible education again it is a Self-paced course some people have Completed it within a week or two weeks But the expectants take around three Months at 10 hours learning per week or Around one month at 40 hours of learning Per week and you can do this and be very Successful it's talks about the Qualification that you need to have in Tech sales your background really you do Not have to have any experience or no Degree to do this it talks about what You learn you'll go over sales bases Sales skills sales technology sales Process interview prep That's what you would go over and again Here are more people testimonies that Who have graduated and they're giving You saying hey you need to go ahead and Enroll in course careers this is for you Now how much will it cost I know that a Lot of people are saying the cost is a One-time fee of 499 very affordable how

Many times have you went to a community College a trade school even a university Or graduate and you pay only 499 dollars Total for the course you cannot found it When you go to a community college it's Very expensive some people are out of Ten thousand dollars you go to a University it could be fifty thousand to A hundred K of going to college and what People do is they go get that degree but They don't have the experience and they Go and apply for jobs and they come Um when they can't get are they getting Rejected because they don't have the Experience they go back to school change Their career here at course careers you Can do an internship ship a paid Internship where you can work for a Company for like three months and you Can gain that experience and once that Three months is over with you can choose To work for that company or you can Choose one of the companies that other Companies they have partnered with so it Is a win-win but again it is a one-time Fee of 499 dollars if you use my coupon Code which is the rest of 50 and caps All in caps you would get fifty dollars Off of this they do have a 14 day money Back guarantee there's no contracts or Hitting fees or you can do the four Payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars where you would pay bi-weekly Until you get get the get it paid off

And again no contracts or hidden fees You can get your money a refund back in 14 days the free introduction course is Free all you do is click on it to get Started you'll watch videos that will Tell you about text sales they will tell You about Information Technology as well As digital marketing at that time you Will know if it's a good fit for you and If it's a good fit for you Don't procrastinate take action faith Without works is dead be a risk taker This is a life changer for so many People a lot of people are able to Provide for their family a lot of people Are able to provide for their self so Stop second second guessing yourself and Take the step and go ahead and sign up With course careers today okay that Information is in my YouTube description Bar and remember like for sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through this channel is all about none Phone work and home job needs to go out Every single day at 7am such a standard Time and I'm here to help you get closer To letting your first second third job Even a side hustle remember consider Subscribing to the channel if this video Has been helpful and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on your Notifications so you'll be notified Every time when I upload these videos Because these jobs move just like this

Very quickly and if you would like to Support the Channel all you have are Become a member of the Channel all you Have to do is click the join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel don't forget to check Out your community tablet it's where I Engage with you every single day when I Upload new videos I posted in there as Well as when I do polls if people have Complete course careers or if people Have gotten a job offer I posted in There again keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With you but again it starts with your Mind you gotta have your mind straight And say look I can do all things to Christ Jesus that strengthen me so go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs you got this And don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It thank you so much for watching and Don't forget to check out my other Videos that are appearing on the screen Right now to give you more work from Home job leads bye have a great day

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