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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back and I'm super excited to Share another amazing work from home Opportunity from a company that is Familiar to you majority of you should Be familiar with this one the company is Called GoFundMe and they have been Around for a very very long time and They have gained so much popularity for Those who are looking to raise money for Multiple things that they may be Struggling with or for charity etc etc So it's a great site that has definitely Blessed so many people in getting the Funds that they need from generous Donators so there are billion good Intentions tucked inside each and every One of us at GoFundMe they believe that The impulse to help a person fix a Neighborhood or change a nation should Never be ignored in fact it should be Shared with the entire world so you can Check out their job openings join their Team and be a parts of the change so GoFundMe is a company that you can feel Proud to work for when people ask you What do you do from home and who do you Work for GoFundMe stating that you work For an amazing company such as GoFundMe Would definitely make you feel very Proud right and it's an excellent Company to add to your repertoire to

Your resume for other future Opportunities with other companies so GoFundMe is a platform that exists to Serve people from all backgrounds it's Very important that you understand who GoFundMe is and what service they Provide and if you're not familiar with GoFundMe definitely visit their websites And get familiar so that you understand What it is that they do it's very Important before you apply for positions They have their core values listed here On their career section so I'm currently On GoFundMe career section just going Through their page and I'm just going to Scroll down to the current job openings Because that's what we're here for we're Here to find out if GoFundMe have Remote-based positions and they Definitely have remote-based jobs they Have multiple jobs that are currently Open and in different categories so as You can see they have business Developments category and for that they Have a senior director of business Developments position that is a remote Base notice that it stays just remote There's no State restrictions in the U.S And also notice it does not indicate That they're only hiring in the US so These are the current categories that They have job availability and all of Their jobs are remote okay they have one Here that is specific for Chicago

Illinois and that seems to be the only One that does not State remotes now I Want to highlight one of the positions I Have currently available in this video And that is their trust and safety Specialist job does not require you to Be on the phone it is technically a Non-phone-based job because majority of The work you'll be doing does not Require you to speak on the phone to Customers Etc et cetera but there will Be some phone usage at some point while You're working okay so I want you to Keep that in mind even if you apply for Jobs that does not mention anything About being on the phone you should Always be prepared it for taking on Other tasks that may require you at some Point in that same position to be on the Phone so it's very good to be flexible And to communicate using all forms of Communication and make that known to a Company that you are flexible so even if You are applying for something that says Not phone based at some point while You're working for that company they may Require you to get on a phone at some Point but it's not majority of the time Okay so for this position you will join GoFundMe team as their next safety Specialist to serve the second shift so This is a second shift position and 2 PM PST time okay so it's 2 P.M to 11 p.m as A member of the safety team you will

Work closely with other functions of Risk and compliance customer experience And public affairs teams to protect Customers and the brand within the trust Safety one part of the team focuses on Account investigations and proactive Misuse while this role is more designed For handling content moderation review And crisis response policy escalations Helping ensure funds are safely Delivered and more this is an incredibly Fast-paced job where you are required to Consider all options so about the job The role will cover the second shift Again and provide high quality email and And occasional phone supports the Customers and other stakeholders to Ensure fundraiser authenticity and safe Delivery of funds for beneficiaries so As I mentioned earlier the position may Require you to be on the phone Occasionally but majority of the job is Not phone based so you won't be required To be on the phone for the majority of This job it's just on occasion they may Require you to get on a phone but Majority of the job is not phone based And you will be providing high quality Email support to customers and other Stakeholders you will also proactively Vet fundraisers and interpret fundraiser Content in accordance with GoFundMe Terms of service professional Development Specialists have one to two

Hours of project time each day to work On initiatives that push the team and Their careers forward legal strategy Payment processor risk teams and others To ensure fundraisers on GoFundMe are Legitimates and donations are delivered To the correct parties fail questions And vet fundraisers identify Trends Handle escalations Etc etc now about you what would make You qualify for this particular position Well if you read their list of Responsibilities right here you will Notice that you do not need to have Previous work experience no mention of a Bachelor's or master's degree or even a High school diploma so there's simply Looking for someone who's exemplified TNS core values you protect altruism Agreements in action find Solutions Together and embody company and team Culture You are a consistent High performer you Will pay strong attention to detail with A focus on quality you are an effective Problem Solver you spot issues or Efficiency gains and bring Solutions Forward exert strong leadership skills Will support and Implement efforts to Connect with Dublin team and U.S first Shift team display natural ability to Think big excited about joining a team Focused on helping others see every Interaction as a chance to build rap

Reports and strengthen the public Perception of GoFundMe why you love Working with GoFundMe while they offer Market competitive pay Rich health care Benefits 401K hybrid workplace with Fully remote flexibility for many roles Monetary supports a variety of mental And wellness programs and a list goes on So these are the benefits for working For GoFundMe okay now in terms of their Salary how much do they pay the total Annual salary for this full-time Position is 60 000 to 85 000 plus Equity Plus benefits as this is a remote Position the salary range was determined By roll level and possible location Across the U.S I noticed majority of the Job if you've been following all my Videos and watching my videos lately you Will notice the majority of the Companies I share are saying the same Thing about their salary range that it Is based on the factors and the factors Include the role the level of experience And your location in the US so if you Are located in New York and you're Getting sixty thousand dollars and Someone is located in California getting Paid eighty thousand dollars doing the Same job it could just be based on their Location okay so not everyone will get The same pay again it depends on these Various factors so your recruiter can Share more about the specific salary

Range based on your location during your Hiring process says so during the hiring Process they'll give you more Information specific amount that you can Expect to get paid for the position Depending on where you are when you're Applying for the job okay so this is Coming from GoFundMe there are currently Hiring no experiences listed here as you Can see the pay is amazing and this is a Great company to get started in working From home for and feel proud to work for If you're interested in applying for This job I highly suggest that you hop On this fast because jobs can go pretty Quickly all right this channel does get A good amount of views and when Companies get a boatload of applicants Submitting applications from my platform Or you know platforms that have so many Views then they will tend to pull the Jobs off the market and then it's no Longer available because they get so Many applicants unfortunately that's What happens okay and some of the jobs House may only be hiring for a few People so not everyone is gonna so not Everyone will get hired but for you to Get the best chance of Landing a Remote-based job on my channel Specifically definitely make sure that Your resume and your cover letter is up To par I do have resume templates that I Share in my description section below

All my videos you can check it out the Resume templates is basically ATS Friendly and this is my Pro resume ATS Friendly resume template that is Currently on sale at this time it Includes two resumes two cover letters Thank you notes okay definitely want to Follow up with a thank you note after a Certain period of time if not if you Have not heard back from a company you Can follow up with a thank you note so Again it's very important to have that And also this bundle comes with a bonus Resume template so there's an extra Template included in this package I also Went ahead and created a full resume Cover letter guide because I had so many People request to have this they wanted To learn how they can construct their Particular resume so I included a full Guide and this is the guide right here Your guide to constructing a winning Resume so everything you need to know to To structure every single section in Parts of your resume perfect it in a way That will help you to get the best Chance of Landing a remote-based job it Also comes with constructing a cover Letter how to construct a cover letter So definitely check it out this is Included in this package this is the pro Resume ATS friendly remote base job Resume templates It's a mouthful so I created this

Because you know I got requests and People who are struggling with Struggling so much with trying to figure Out how to tailor their resume and for Those who are struggling with Landing Positions or getting to the second step In the process when applying for Positions such as getting to the Interviewing process your first foot in The door is a resume so you want to make Sure that your resume is on points okay It's very important depending on how Your resume is structured it can get Tossed or it can get a second look and Gain a job recruiter or hiring managers Attention to want to interview you so Definitely want to make sure that your Resume get the attention it deserves Definitely check out my resume templates And also if you are not comfortable with The resume templates and doing it Yourself check out my services I offer Resume revamping Services where I will Take care of it for you all right so Those are the tools tools and services That are provided if you are struggling So make sure you take advantage of those And thank you so much for watching I Wish you all the best with this amazing Opportunity and I'll see you in my next Video Happy work from home bye-bye

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