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Happy Monday two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with another entry-level work From home job but before I jump in make Sure you guys hop over to the non blog if you are Looking for those non-phone jobs data Entry chat text email transcription Etc be sure to smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up these Videos and share we are trying to get to A hundred thousand subscribers before The end of the year and I know we can Get there guys but we need your help Make sure you share go tell a friend Spread the word be sure to come back and Leave us a comment we have 10 laptop Computers that we already purchased and We're just waiting to get to a hundred Thousand subscribers make sure you guys Go back check out the four videos that I Posted on the channel yesterday I did Drop an entry level non-phone job on the Channel today so be sure to go back and Check it out let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for and be Sure guys to hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Tell us and for Omni interactions and Don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comments let's get into the video the

Company is called Flora next they are Looking to fill their customer success Specialist position it says here that Floor next is the leading independent Florist software provider we offer Florist e-commerce point of sale wedding Event proposal products to flower shops The role is 100 remote but applicants Should be based in the U.S so if you Live in California New York New Jersey Sometimes Illinois Ohio Connecticut Washington if you live in these hard to Find work work from home States be sure Guys to apply for this job now it says Are you who we are looking for now It says here about the road we love our Customers and strive to provide High Touch personalized General and tech Support to our flower shop customers if You are passionate about spreading Knowledge problem solving or for our Customers this is the role for you we Are currently looking for entry-level Customer success specialist to provide High touch personalized General and Tech Support to the customers if you are Available guys to work 40 hours a week this is a full-time job Able to connect with customers via Computer headset on a stable internet Network and for this one the drawback is You must have a bachelor's degree now The key skills that they're looking for You enjoy working with people you have

Excellent communication skills verbal And written and a passion for a problem Solving and helping others also your Comfortable learning and working with Evolving Technologies able to empathize With our customers and listen patiently And attentively able to calmly diagnose A variety of tech issues and offer Technical support to the customers Experience with basic Computing printer Setup remote support this is a plus Experience or interest in the floral Industry is a plus as well so guys you Don't have to have experience only if You have like excellent communication Skills verbal and written which I think We all have those so if you want to Break into like the tech industry this Could be the position for you again and The company is called Flora next this is A 100 remote job and you can be based Anywhere in the USA so if you know Someone that lives in like California New York New Jersey all of those hard to Find States and they're looking to break Into the tech industry be sure guys to Share the video or share the link to the Blog post so they can apply for this job Be sure to do some research go over to Google type in Florida next it only Takes guys two to three minutes for you Guys to do some research jot down the Information about the company because if You get an email and they want to

Interview you you want to be already Prepared and you don't want to be Surprised if you get on that interview And they ask the question what do you Know about Flora next when was the Company founded who was the owner or the CEO of the company you're going to have That already written down on that piece Of paper Make sure you share this video come back Don't forget to come back guys and leave Us a comment down below help us get to a Hundred thousand subscribers before December 31st 2022 and then you want to Jump over to Facebook and join us kiss That cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us over on our Facebook business Page we're giving away two additional Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys you don't even have to Pay for the shipping we pay for Everything make sure you guys hop over There and start sharing the content we Already have some of our subscribers Over there right now and they are Sharing us like crazy but it is not too Late we're trying to get to a hundred Thousand on that business page so help Us guys help us help you to win these Laptop computers and then follow us on Tick Tock Twitter Instagram two chicks With the side hustle on Instagram we're Doing a pop-up giveaway so this means That we're gonna just pop up over on

Instagram guys and we're going to give Away something right now we have no idea What it could be but it could be a Laptop it could be a desktop we've never Given away a desktop before it could be An all-in-one it could be a ring light Could be a hundred dollar Walmart gift Card or even a cash app we have been Known to give away money before I gave Away five hundred dollars on my birthday This past October so we've been known to Give away money so you never know just Be sure you hop over there follow us put Us in your stories create some reels About what we do and what we're all About my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful amazing lovely people on The next video Hi YouTube

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