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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video if you Are not subscribed make sure you Subscribe to this channel if you're Interested in finding remotely Opportunities that are currently hiring Also hit that notification Bell so you Do not miss out on any of these work From home positions because they do have An expiration date so once you take care Of that we're going to get started in Today's video we're going to talk about Two work from home positions by two Separate companies and I want to share Two because they will provide you with Opportunities that require little to no Experience to get started this is a plus If you are a beginner so let's jump into The companies and the positions the First company is Foursquare and Foursquare is the leading Independence Location technology and data Cloud Platform they are dedicated to building Meaningful Bridges between digital Spaces and physical places so their Technology is created to unlock the most Accurate trustworthy location in the World which Empower businesses to Improve customer experiences and Achieve Better Business outcomes now in regards To this position Foursquare is Seeking a Communications associate to join their Communications team in this role you

Will provide administrative supports and Assist day-to-day operations of the team Such as keeping Asana tickets and Cross-company calendar days assist with Press relations and maximize media Opportunities by vetting earned Opportunities creating media lists Oversee team's quarterly PR reporting For internal and external comms project Managed a concentration and population For foursquare's blog assists with light Research for blog posts ebooks external Opds and bylines in partnership with PR Agency maintains speaking engagement Collaboration support internal comps Activities Etc etc now for this position it is Remote base also if you are in New York You can work within your New York office But it is New York or remote-based so You can work remotely from anywhere in The US you don't necessarily need to Live in New York to work remotely for This position so this is the role in a Nutshell in order for you to qualify for This position you will need to have one Plus years of experience in Communications ideally at any Enterprise Technology company or a PR agency Focused on Tech clients Self-starter attitude desire to Cultivate strong relationships Experience writing business Communications how to work

Cross-functionally in logistics content And strategy for internal or external Audiences professionalism and you seek Feedback as opportunities for growth and Developments your own unique talents so Those are the things the key things that They're looking for you to have in order For you to qualify for this position you Just need a minimum of one plus years of Experience in Communications and all the Other skills just involve having Self-starter attitude writing experience And Communications understanding how to Work cross-functional on Logistics Content Etc so those are the key skills That you want to pay attention to and if You have experience with any of these Make sure that they are the make sure That they are mentioned in your resume For this particular position now in Terms of their pay for this position They are committed to providing Competitive pay and benefits that are in Line with industry and market Standard The annual total cash compensation range Is 50k to 70k per year however actual Salaries can vary based on a candidate's Qualifications skills as well as your Location so keep that in mind but the Average for this position is between 50k To 70k per year Salary is just one component of Foursquare's total compensation package So they have some benefits here which

Includes fully flexible workplace which You get to work from home or one of Their offices or a combination of two Unlimited PTO industry-leading Healthcare savings and Investments home Office setup so you will receive all Necessary hardware and internet Reimbursements now Hardware can include A computer equipment they also will Immerse you for your internet service Which is awesome Family Planning and Fertility programs employee resource Groups are also included in their Benefits and perks okay so if you're Interested in applying for Foursquare You could scroll down to where you will See their application form at the very Bottom of the job post as you can see They do mention apply with LinkedIn so I Mentioned this in a recent video I Posted I believe it was yesterday that Is very important that you have a LinkedIn account when you're applying For positions and include it on your Resume as you can see remote-based Positions often mention having a LinkedIn profile It also makes it very easy to apply for Positions because if you have a LinkedIn Already set up it will automatically Fill in all this detailed information Which saves you time on applying for Positions okay so just fill in the Details that you see here at the bottom

Of their job post and you are all set to Go fill in the details and answer some Questions that they have listed here and Then you want to submit your application Okay so at the time of this video this Job this position was available again Jobs can expire at any time the next Work from home opportunity that I want To share with you in this video is Coming from Envision and envision is a Company that helped design teams create The world's best digital products and They currently have a remote based Position in sales developments Representative for this position they Did not list any previous experience Meaning that you don't need to have Previous experience in a related role or Have a certain amount of years of Experience so let's go into get into the Job details now make sure you read the Entire information on this job listing I Don't read every single detail for Time's sake so I'm just going to jump to What they're looking for in this Position but make sure you read their About section right here where it talks About their team so what is it that you Will do in this particular position you Will evangelize freehand to prospects And qualify them for sales team respond To requests from inbound leads in a Timely manner and conduct qualification Calls lead on outbound campaigns to find

Freehand pipeline book meetings for Qualified prospects with a sales team Collaborate and iterate an inbound Outbound emails and messaging Target and Prioritize prospects within their CRM For re-engagement use chat tools to Qualify prospects on their website so Basically that is the job Duty that You'll be performing so there's some Chat and email communication involved Which is non-phone-based and even though It's a sales position you're not selling Anything as you can see now what is it That they're looking for you to bring to This position They're looking for someone who's Comfortable working in a startup Environment you are okay with some Ambiguity and helping to solve new Problems as a team you are passionate Enthusiastic energetic have a sense of Humor and the ability to convey this Through phone and email communication so There is some phone involved you are Someone who pursue your goals your work Ethic is second to none you can be great Team player you are committed to Developing your skills so those are the Qualifications that they're looking for They're not looking for you to have Previous working experience in order to Apply for this position okay Now the benefits they offer in the US And Canada include competitive health

Plans as well as Retirement plans and if You scroll down to their job application Here you can fill out this information In regards to the position fill out the Basic information such as your name and Last name email address as well as your Phone number so they can contact you and Upload your resume or cover letter right So that's basically it and then you can Then submit your application again at The time of this video this position was Currently higher this position was Currently available and again jobs can Expire so again this is coming from Envision they are looking for sales Developments representative if you are Interested in knowing how much exactly If you're interested in finding out the Salary range for this position because They do not list it in the job post you Can always Google the company Envision Sales developments Representative salary You will see Glassdoor however reported Salary of over a hundred thousand Dollars per year so the estimated total Pay for sales development representative At Envision is a hundred thousand Dollars per year okay so that's their Their salary and of course this is a Legit company and this is a legit Opportunity and you do not need to have Experience in order to apply for this Job but if you have the related skills That are mentioned in this job listing

Then you have all then you have met the Qualifications for this job so link will Be posted in the description section for Both of these companies or the full Detail information for you to look over In regards to the positions also check Out all the other links that I've posted In the description section to help you Land these amazing opportunities so Thank you so much for watching I'll see You in my next video Happy work from Home bye

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